Sunday, December 31, 2006

Summary of the Year of 2006

Upon deciding to blog against pedophilia, I happened to meet a great many hard working people who believe in what they are doing, it is a honor to meet them and work with them.

My Top Ten Stupid Pedo List!

1. Ella the fictitious 16yr old girl ....or... man.
2. Alan LOL!
3. Rookiee ... do I ? really? LOL!!
4. Jillium because he tries so hard to 'sound intelligent'.
5. Treader: The abused pedophile who cares not to break the circle. But unlike Jillium he can atleast admit he was abused.
6. ILGO for spamming my comments.
7. glmeister because I'm scared that he is just waiting for someone willing.
8. Blueribbon for being so young and closed minded and violent to his dad.
9. Te Le Chan for being another fictitious person.
10. Wilma another fictitious persona! hrmm I wonder if they are all the same person.

These past few months I have met a few pedophiles via their blogs, and comments.
One in particular, Ella the ficticious 16yr old girl? Or a Man?

"Ella" has become inactive, unable to withstand the conflict of knowing it is in the wrong, and ashamed to admit it.

Pedos allow society to dictate to them, thinking they have to hide... to be another person, so that they can get close to a family to get to the kids. Instead of being open and honest and hated.
But ummm I do have to say that glmeister did break his wifes' heart and tell her he was a pedophile. I am so sad for her, I bet she is so very lonely.
I hope she can find love someday, soon, before its too late.

Then we have the idiots at BC. The kissers, the pervs who think boy moments are real, and the molesters.
These sexual maniacs are cowards, and the scumbag pedos cannot stand up to the pressure of the truth.

One truth is that they are controlled by society.
Another is that because we control them, they are losers, and have already lost the fight!

Because of shame, and fear and the lust of wanting more children to sexualize and molest they lie and hide in the shadows awaiting innocence, and cause much pain.

We must put them away, once they cross the line.
Before that, we must be aware of them, so we can keep our children safe!

On this New Years Eve

Let us Anti's commit to a better and even more furious fight against paedophiles (label label.. and then there is jillium).

Let us assure the perv pedo community that we WILL be watching and waiting and force ourselves into their message boards, communities, webcams and chats.

We WILL never give up pedos.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

I just can't help but wonder

How long before another pedophile activist is jailed for cp or molestation?

How long will God delay the Judgement?

How long before another child is harmed? Children are harmed every day in every way.
Yet to many pedophiles, it is the childrens fault, and they are blamed for "telling" on the perv who molested them!

How cruel is that thinking?

How sad and tormented a child feels to fall victim to that evilness!

How sad and alone holidays are to the child who knows they must 'please' this man before they can eat their candy. Knowing....the candy has a cost.
Always a cost always a bribe to consent the dirtiness of it all.
The disgusting terrible odor that lingers over above beyond the walls.

How awful to be blamed how AWFUL!


Monday, December 11, 2006

Vespucci: the pedo who steals kisses from children

How sad.. yet another little boy being victimized by a pedophile

Pedophiles: Destroyers of Good.

Pedophiles lie to themselves and others when they say they are safe around children.

In reality pedophiles (label label) are a constant danger, and when they touch the child they destroy the good that could had been incurred inside them.

Some symptoms of child sexual abuse:

Changes in behavior such as withdrawal,
crying without provocation.

Appetite disturbances.

Recurrent nightmares, disturbed sleep patterns
or fear of the dark.

Returning to more infantile behavior such as
bed-wetting, thumb sucking or excessive

Torn or stained underclothing.

Vaginal or rectal bleeding, pain, itching,
swollen genitals, vaginal discharge or sexually
transmitted diseases.

Unusual interest in or knowledge of sexual
matters, expressing affection in ways
inappropriate for a child of that age.

Fear of a person or an intense dislike at being
left somewhere or with someone.

Other behavioral signals such as aggressive or
disruptive behavior, running away, failing in
school or delinquent behavior

This is NOT the childs desire!

You are not safe around children, you are not good with or to children, and anyone who would allow a pedophile to be alone with their child is JUST as sick as the pedophile.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Monday, December 04, 2006

Why I have this blog

I have this blog because I want to speak out and let other survivors know that they are not alone and do not have to be silent anymore.

Jillium, would you rather that I shut up?

I am the result of a child being sexualized.
I learned how to be fed, how to be safe if possible.

When asked if you experienced child sexual abuse, you say that it is "personal information".
Its o.k with you... to be a minor (sexually) attracted adult ...
but refuse to divulge if you were molested .

Your hypocrisy is fruitless, your soul is void and empty.

Pedophiles have no real substance, and their only 'advancement' will be up to the nearest
sheriffs office registering on the sex offender list.

You have all sorts of labels meaning this or that.
In reality it is an addiction. It is not natural to sexualize children.
Looking at children, and masturbating caters to child molesting in some form or another.
I heard about some poor sod committing suicide because he cannot molest a kid and child pornography was not enough for him anymore.
Some have more lust and guts do it and get caught.. still others have kids to molest in the family.
Some make friends easy with the type of child they sexualize. Some have hundreds of victims.
It doesn't matter how many times you twist it to sound different, the bottom line is that Pedophiles (label label) sexualize children ... some in different ways, and most-- if given the opportunity to freely make contact with children for sex would make that trip to have sex with a child or touch or whatever.

I wish I knew the exact stats for how many sex offenders say " this is my first time....".

SilVered the groomer

Yet another pedophile who I am sure will say "I have never done anything sexually to the boys" is grooming-or already has groomed a new boy.

Another child getting set up by adults to be molested and ruined for life.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Pedophiles condemn ghostwriter, the sick ass who is in jail for molesting-raping-soliciting mexican boys.
(see news report and pics of the pedos

PPC writes a long letter stating 1 of 4 boychatters are violating the law In this post... he is holier than thou lecturing his fellow molesters....yet here again is another hyprocrite.

How frail thier memories must be-- after all PPC is quite active on BC, I have a screenshot of him admitting he wants to kiss little boys.

I guess he is 1 of the 4 then.. HMMMMM.

Yeah he tries to sound so innocent, making sure he cleans up his act in this post:
He sure is upset about ghostwriter, I am betting that ghostwriter told him about his deviance and PPC wanted to be a part of it. Who knows. All I know is that when these idiots get together they are dangerous.

Sorry PPC we know the truth. You are a pedophile.. a old one.. statistics show that you problably have molested. How many victims only God knows.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

lalala merry christmas?

Child molestation gave me so many things.
Somedays I wonder why I was chosen to receive these gifts, and why I had to have them.

Usually gifts you get from someone are genuinely given out of love and concern.
Love and concern types of gifts include hugs, but not the kind that give sexual pleasure to one person.
Caring gifts include things I need, however nothing was expected back to make it even.

But the gifts I received from my abusers--people who were supposed to love me... are too personal and painful to list. It just hurts... the terrible memories to suicide attempts... and so many others suffer from getting these gifts as well every day.

Pedophiles always claim that they are innocent, while sitting all day at Boychat/girlchat/wherever with their pedophile friends lusting after children. Proud to be a pedophile --in their sexual deviance there is no morals and no definition of 'too young'.
So many are filled with lust, they cannot do anything else.
Especially if the pedo isn't trying to change.

When they are so proud to be a pedophile, they resist change and embrace child molestation.

*gifts in this sense mean everything rotten moldy and terrible.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Honoring my fellow child sexual abuse survivors.

Survivors Unite!!

We have lived through our childhoods which were filled with turmoil. We have become stronger through our survival.

This blog post is in honor of Judy Castelli, a survivor.
These pictures I found at:

This is stained glass art by Judy Castelli.
This one she named Chaos

This one is called "big ones upfront"

This picture feels like
Mommy please love me
please keep me safe

... survivors

brothers and sisters-

apart we hurt


we are made whole.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

What kind of legacy will you leave behind?

I have the power and the goodness to overcome depression.
I have all it takes to be me and value my self.
I am valuable to myself which is all that really matters.
No one can take that away from me.

Child abuse did not steal my soul
God saved it.

They did however try to
and try to and try to and try to
All of them, who harvested the skin off my body
who stole the innocence I once was
supposed to be -as a little girl-
I was supposed to enjoy the world-and now-
my world is too young to be gray and frail and..... dying.
but it is
I can scream,
it won't stop
I can run far away,
it won't stop.

Life begins and ends.
You leave chunks behind when you die-
some bigger or smaller than others-
those chunks live on in all sorts of ways.
They can be people or a lover's memory or newspaper clippings.
Photographs, letters, an archive, or a family reunion.

Legacies of you.
Pieces of time remain- still frozen-
a laugh
a smile
a hug
a word
that you gave someone,
remains forever.

... like a scar.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

There is a point between pedophiles and their movement that we must stand up and let our voices be heard.

NO we do not want you taking pictures of/filming our children in public.

NO we will not see you as a victim of society.

The fact that pedophiles are proud about masturbating over child porn, and over pictures of kids at the local swimming pool is enough to slap the testicles off pedophiles at first offense.

We all know what the pedophiles want.

Can they have what they want?

The thing with being a pervert, is that you live your whole life being a pervert.
You hide it, and you obsess about it.

No one sane will allow these pedophiles who want to be "activists" to gain an inch towards lowering the Age of Consent.
Its a useless fight for them because we all know that at the end of the day they want to molest children, and we cannot help them do that! Fantasys involving children only work for so long.
Once stress is raised the pedophile is more likely to commit an offense against a child-therefore-even those who say they have never molested are a gamble that they will never molest.

Read around the internet: it shows you how pathethic, and how ignorant these deviants are!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pedophiles: Destroyers of Life

The destroyers of life are among us, walking beside us, living with us, lying to us, and molesting our children.
They are Pedophiles, sexually deviant child lusting perverts!

The destroyers are intent on becoming "good citizens" in our society and then
credit pedophiles (and the like) for the good doing. They want to say that their plight is likewise to that of the Feminists, Blacks, or even Homosexuals.
They wish the ACLU would pick them up and carry them across the threshold into society. Then they will be looked at as having a 'legal' sexual orientation. In other words they want our OK that they are pedophiles and that they are worthy citizens and why should we care if they are lusting after our children in public places?
They have no accountability for their lusts. There is not one good thing that comes from being molested as a child. Not one!
And if *ella* (LOL) tries to fake you out your as gullible as pedophiles want 'us' to be.

I have morals, beliefs, integrity, understanding and compassion for children.
I love children!! I want to protect them! NO way would I ever cause harm to or allow harm to come to children in my care.
This is the way society in my country as a whole believes, and the laws should uphold that belief.
I would love to see a few changes in the laws nationwide protecting our children with a ONE strike law in every State and City, courthouse, or county. One strike and you get atleast 20 yrs if you molest a child. Why not be hard on them? The child(ren) who they harm pay for his or her entire life for the pedophiles crime against them!!

Children are our resource, our future! They will run our cities and government in years to come! They will repopulate the Earth!

We do not want our children destroyed! Do we??

We must always make sure we are aware of those around us, and keep a eye on our kids who are using the internet!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pedophile accountability

There is NONE.

This sickness feeds off itself. Pedophiles feed off each other, no one is accountable for their actions, thoughts or lusts.

Here are two posts from boychat today.

I never thought shopping could be so pleasurable..
Posted by codeBLue on 2006-November-4 14:39:38, Saturday
So I did something today that I've not done in a long time... I went shopping in the morning. I work third shift, so usually I'm asleep from about 08:00 until about 15:00-16:00. Well, today I took my grandmother grocery shopping. I never realized how many cute boys accompanied their mothers shopping on Saturday mornings! I counted probably about a dozen boys that make my heart go flip-flop... from the adorable boy with freckles and tight jeans (that seemed to hug his tush in all the right ways) to the cutie with blue lips sucking on a blue lollipop (Made me just want a little taste). Never will I skip a chance to take Gram shopping... especially at Wal-Mart on a Saturday morning (so what if I've been up for about 23 hours so far?).

Oh, this name is new to you fella's (and the couple of ladies that may be reading), and I haven't posted much even with my old nick (Dinc for those who might have caught my posts before). I've lurked for a little while (maybe a couple of months) and I finally decided to pop out and try to be a productive, sharing BCer.

And as a present for your patience in reading this... here's a cute boy lipsynching... search for "kayles kasper panic" at youtube... the only result


Amen, brother
Posted by Cactus on 2006-November-4 16:59:02, Saturday
In reply to I never thought shopping could be so pleasurable.. posted by codeBLue on 2006-November-4 14:39:38, Saturday
I was inundated with amazing post-soccer cuties with their mussed hair and musky shirts flapping around wherever they went.

Shopping can be an eyeful :-)


We see here that lusting after children is supported fully and openly with no remorse between pedophiles. (no surprise)

How horrible that these people think its OK to sexualize children.



Monday, October 30, 2006

well im well

ok back home from hospital after fractoring my leg

i was in hospital for two weeks and it was fun horrid all at the same time
i made new friends and saw peeps i really didnt wanna see
but lifes like that
well have to go back in four weeks to have another scan to see if it is heeling

oh well nothing to say for now

Cool :) could ya please tell us more about the peeps you really didn't wanna see? :)
Just interested :)

peeps i didn't want to see

they where family of my so called victims
the boy in question was basically forced to give a statement by social services or he would have to be moved into care for his so called safety"


Pedos: ummmm.....H1 we have a problem!

H1: Whats that?

Pedos: We are getting shut down!

H1: Gimme 20k and I will start court procedings.

Pedos: DONATE donate!

H1: Sorry, can't help you.. we tried. Oh and NOW you owe us 20k more!

Pedos: Everyone back down to hell !!! We need to form a new plan!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

treader: The "happily-molested molester" suicidal pedophile?

BoyLovers from all over the net-- out of the depths of hell-- are roaming feverishly around the internet looking for a new home!
Now treader from the pedologues website has showed up in boychat
lending his support. AWW!

another troll sticking his head in

Posted by Treader on 2006-October-29 01:42:53, Sunday

Hi every one, I don't think I've ever posted here before. I usually hang out on smaller BL boards. I'm a boy lover(obviously) who was a loved boy.

Long story short, I've been looking to find a way to help the community in a more "pro-active" way.

We all know what PeeJ and other related organizations are doing against Epifora, Libsyn and others is wrong. Now I have no idea how to stop it, but I do know it needs to stop. If not for us, for all the BL's to come. I know finding BL boards changed my life for the better. They where the only thing that kept me from giving up and blowing my brains out.

I make financial contributions to free spirits and others when I can, but want to do more. Any suggestions?

Follow ups:
Some ideas - King of Hearts
2006-October-29 02:01:38, Sunday (2) Re: Some ideas - Treader 2006-October-29 02:20:42, Sunday (1) 'abstract psychology'? - octag0n 2006-October-29 15:12:35, Sunday (0)

Its funny when he says "I'm a boy lover(obviously) who was a loved boy."
Yet at the end of his paragraph he says
"They where the only thing that kept me from giving up and blowing my brains out."

By his own admission he is/was suicidal before he "found" boylove sites.

(((Oh noooooo it cannot be anything to do with being molested as a child.
He enjoyed that!))))

Boy and Girl Chat posters: (DEF) : an ignorant waste of human flesh who enables even baby rapers. A community that lusts after children, sexualizing them as objects.

The payoff they get from child-love sites is contacts for their choosen perversion.

Contacts online (where to go to get what) and for real life meetings.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

From nudist camps to families, the pedophile wiggles his way into a childs life.

There are no good intentions in this.

Not for a second.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Don't be fooled!

I found something and even though it happened years ago, I still feel for the victims.
I know these are older pages but I am wondering what is happening now?

Here is one from a woman, whose daughter was molested by these pedophiles at a nudist camp.

The main page:

Here is another about some sicko who not only SOLD his daughter for $100.00 for a good time with a pedophile, but also he took photos of it.

Chuck Hughes was involved in the same child prostitution ring that Tim Wilcox was in. Hughes served time in prison for selling his daughter Yvonne to Tim Wilcox, Frederick Hoston, John Duncan, and many other men, including Josephy Henry.

Anyone know if Chuck is still active in nudism?"

Now I remember a 'chuck' posting at either Boychat or Girlchat. Would it be surprising if it was him?

Not to me!

We cannot be fooled by the pedophiles who are trying to talk and fight their way out of losing to verizon/MCI in court-or-losing their precious 'child-love' web sites.
It really is the best thing for all child love web sites to be shut down.
They are not there to stop each other, or to refrain from "loving" children in a sexual way.
It is permitted to talk open about how they feel, what they have done and what they are doing now. No one tries to say anything against the others' AOA (age of attraction). Even those who are attracted to young children are welcomed.
So of course the fantasies, thoughts & urges remain and grow stronger, and stronger.

Its like a come one and all bazarr! A liberal out break in the depths of hell!

Its a no-brainer why they cannot be out in the open!

Here is some sick information for anyone tough-gutted enough to handle it. In a quote from the top of the page the author states "If you get upset over abuse and profanity you may want to skip this one, seriously. However, if you think you can take it I would suggest you attempt to get through it. It reveals a great deal about not only naturist/nudist Tim Wilcox, but pedophile's modus operandi in general.
I post these materials to make sure you have this documentation to wave in Tim Wilcox's face the next time he tries to tell you about how there's a witchhunt against him and what a big victim (whine, whine) he is.
These letters represent the most damning evidence against Wilcox and it's directly from him, in his own words. Hang onto them. You have not heard the last of this man yet." --nikki craft
In this link:

Put it all together and you get most of the boychatters and girlchatters with the same attitude and problably close to the same rap sheet.
The motive is the same, molesting children and getting away with it.

Who would will be counted among them when you stand before God?

Who among you will stand before God and confess that you stole a child's life, for your lust and greed?

Here we have Joseph Henry, he was a nudist camp manager. What a SICKCO!

Telling the truth sounds so nasty doesn't it?

Pedophiles may look like humans, but they are indeed demon possessed.
Until they shove out the demons by choosing to stop what they do--
we humans must keep them locked away and keep them from our children!

Just the fact alone that they at 'Boychat' who welcomes a few pedophiles who are attracted sexually to babies, and toddlers.
Children of any age are the target of these sick people.

Excuse me but there is no way that sexually molesting a baby has anything to do with age of consent.

In fact it blows to whole idea up in your crotch pedophiles.

History has a way of repeating itself when good men do nothing.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pedophiles cryin' a river



Pedophiles crying up a river in BC .
BOO HOOO I guess we have to live in the jungle. BOOO HOOOOOOOOO
free speech for a sick monster like me is non exsistant! BOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO WAHHHHHHHHHH!!



GET back pedophiles down in to the pits of hell where you belong!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Please light a candle!

I got this link from someone, its a site where you go in and light a candle to support getting rid of all child pornography. Its self explanitory so please go light a candle!
They have over 700,000 lit now but are aiming for a million by Dec 2006.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Here is a few posts from BC this morning.

AH no surprise---Some child molester looking for child porn!


Usnet is usually loaded with piccies

Posted by slvrspun on 2006-October-22 12:20:05, Sunday
In reply to Grr posted by The Boy on 2006-October-22 04:42:08, Sunday

Admittedly I spent a lot of time doing usenet groups in the past, but I haven't done the binary newsgroups since the start of this year. I still haven't decoded all the stuff I grabbed last year. I have several DVD's worth of undecoded files from the program I used to get the piccies (Agent), which translates to tens of thousands of pictures once decoded. Saving the mammoth task for a rainy day, so to speak.

Re: Grr...

Posted by Kalinnan on 2006-October-22 11:25:22, Sunday
In reply to Grr posted by The Boy on 2006-October-22 04:42:08, Sunday

Von Gloeden, my friend. Von Gloeden...Gods gift to BLers.

The only decent stuff I found on pedolinks

Posted by Akira Yamaoka Pwnz on 2006-October-22 08:49:29, Sunday
In reply to check out my asshole posted by the anatomical deadspace on 2006-October-22 07:35:32, Sunday

is a Russian site that hasn't updated in forever (and doesn't even have many good pictures) and Little Boys Rule (which either it's down or it just doesn't work on this computer)

I just stick to cartoon porn, because it's easier to find, generally more hardcore, and 100% legal (depending on where you live)

The Desperation for That Material

Posted by Venn on 2006-October-22 06:09:30, Sunday
In reply to Grr posted by The Boy on 2006-October-22 04:42:08, Sunday

Well, I say that this topic needs to be looked at closely by all. Even if most people are blind to one of THE MOST troubling non-spoken-about issues within the online boylove community.

A registered poster has raised the topic reguarding the desperation for material for which many of us require for sexual release. The kind of material we are imprisoned for, the kind of material that anti-pedophiles often use to fuel the hate against us for generations to come.

This, in my honest opinion, despite it never being talked about, is a major issue between all boylovers.

How does one deal with such desperation?

Re: The Desperation for That Material

Posted by Aoki on 2006-October-22 07:22:31, Sunday
In reply to Deperate for prison posted by Venn on 2006-October-22 06:09:30, Sunday

Of course it's an issue, doubly so because as a group deprived from being able to enjoy physical sexual gratification you'd expect BLs to generally therefore need artificial means far more than the slavering, over-catered for adult-attracted masses.

But, of course, as I hardly need mention it is not talked about due to its serious illegality, I imagine even admitting a desperate need for it, as you say, is probably enough to get whoever may be watching us to put your personal dossier in the priority pile. The penalties are so disproportionately large for the viewing and downloading of CP that most BLs, however desperate, i'm sure feel it's not remotely worth the risk.

I would put myself among that group (though personally I find the whole world of pornography in general rather distasteful...), as i'm sure most of us here would, but I can say with certainty that's there's no-one on this board who never feels intense urges, desire, frustration at times (unless they happen to be in a particularly, um, fortunate position...). Now those who find themselves doing long jail terms and spending their lives on SO registers have only themselves to blame...but it's the fact that there is NO legal way to achieve satisfactory gratification for those who are primarily attracted to boys is what your average judge, jury or politician is never going to understand.

Aoki (NOT endorsing the viewing of CP)

LOL don't you love it when they lie and try to look so innocent? WE KNOW BETTER!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cry for the children

Tears of sorrow dripping down
slowly falling, dropping
where there was a smile, now a frown
the child cries sobbing.
Great waves of pain splash against the soul
piercing stabbing heart
what becomes if the child told?
will Mommy and Daddy part?
he said he loved me
he said it clear
now hes gone
& I'm alone with fear
my body aches-
feels so dirty- rotten
but to him
my trauma is soon forgotten.
a child is left somewhat alive
all alone ...
to rot inside.
Tears dropping dripping fast
fears mounting high above
what I have done? the child asks
I thought he told me... this was love.

~violet leaves~

Friday, October 20, 2006

Ways to protect your children from pedophiles.

I am working on this list so its a work in progress.

1. Be observant of any one who is "overly" attentive to your child.

2. Listen to your instincts.

3. Be responsible as to what pictures you post of your child on the internet.
(Most people do NOT want to see your baby naked.)

4. Be watchful in public places like the zoo or parks or swimming pool.

5. Be responsible of how you dress your child in public.

6. Understand that most people are not pedophiles, but keep in mind that pedophiles are very good at hiding their true self.

7. Come out of your safe zone and into the real world! In the real world there are people
who want to molest your child.

8. Single women with young children need to check the sex offender registry for your new mans name before diving into a live-in relationship with this new man.

9. Never trust anyone at first meeting.

10. Educate yourself on pedophiles. Learn their traits and read the profile of a pedophile.

11. Keep informed of the sex offenders in your area. Check often for new arrivals.

12. Check into any daycare, or babysitters you are thinking about hiring for your child. Make sure there are background checks made on all who are working there.

13. Parents should keep an eye on who their children are contacting online. Pedos in Yahoo create profiles of themselves as a young boy or young girl complete with photo. They then impersonate a young child to get to know some unsuspecting kid.

14. Think about NOT having your child's computer in their bedroom. The internet can be a dangerous place, so beware!

If you can add to these please do so!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Would I be missed?

I was watching Dog the Bounty Hunter a few minutes ago, and in this episode he was telling a story about when he lost his month old baby boy years ago. The baby boy was born premature, and one night he was there with him when the nurse came in to give him a shot. He watched and he was amazed when he saw the baby smile when the nurse poked him with the needle.
He asked the nurse why?
And she told him "Dog, pain is the only thing he knows".

Every day we have to look into the mirror and ask ourselves
*is what we see -- what we want to see?
*If today is the day I die, what will my family and friends say about me?
*What would they find out about me after my death?
*Would I be missed?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Wilma" on board at pedologues.

These comment came from the pedologues website.

This wilma just showed up LOL like it is supposed to be a woman, highly unlikely that it is a woman.

First there was a perv named Treader posting comments.

Then after we stood up to him, he turned into "wilma".

I wrote him some questions in my comments that to me, are very important questions.

“So...Keeping secrets is good? No repercussions?”

Wilma responded " -- I'm not sure where your going with this?"

and then I asked " “Also... Are you still with your molester?”

Wilma responded: " -- Sorry, I don't know any."

Now in wilma's first post he claimed that he was molested as a child and liked it, and was "saved" by a pedophile. Treader also said this, and he also stated that pedophiles could love that child forever, in a relationship forever.
dimitri said the same thing.

Do you see a pattern here? Yes they are liars!
All who say they were abused also say they could be with their child lovers forever... yet NONE of them are with their molesters, who molested them as children.
None. Hmmm so how could their intentions be anything different for a child they get a hold of?
It can't.

Most all of the pedophiles we deal with online, Most or ALL say that they want a relationship with a child, and it could last a lifetime.
This is not true, again pointing out the lies they themselves say all the time.

My other question was a simple one.

Since both Treader and Wilma said that the pedophile in their childhood did nothing but good things for them, I had a question.

I asked wilma how keeping secrets is good, and is there any repercussions from keeping secrets?

See how he responds? Wilma responded " -- I'm not sure where your going with this?"


This war we are in against the pedophiles must be fought in TRUTH because TRUTH is the only way we will keep them in line.

I have another question for all the pedophiles:

Since many of you admit that you think about sex with children and yet know that you cannot molest a child... why delve into child love, boychat, or girlchat?

Why are you encouraging molestation of children instead of encouraging CHANGE of thought, since... you know you cannot and will not ever hurt a child?

I know that BoyChat and GirlChat is not there to serve the pedophile other than to encourage molestation of little boys and girls.

That is why they have a YOUTUBE list going of little children, and avatars of little children with their BC/GClogo on them.

They even lust after each others avatar. Its GROSS!

This in NO way helps the pedophile change. This in NO way is supportive of each other to change thoughts. This keeps them lusting after children and supporting each other while they do it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cat said...

Violet.... I have been trying to "change" my attraction to children since I was a teenager. I have been to 4 counsellors and am still in therapy. I don't beleive it is ever OK to be sexual with a child (even though I'm attracted). I don't have any trouble controlling myself around children. The children in my life I care about very much and I protect them from sexual preditors.

I don't think, and nor does my counsellor (after 35 years of working with guys who want to change) that change of orientation is possible. I do believe that self-control is very accievable. I am no different from a straight man in that respect. A straight man doesn't act on every desire he has for women... I don't act on the desires I have for children.

Counselling has taught me how to mangage my desires better. I don't beleive that it can change them. If it could... if there was a magic change pill. I'd take it in an instant.

Llort... if the pedo's you've studdied are the ones who've been arrested for crimes against children then you only have looked at a small section of the Pedophile community. There are uncounted numbers of pedos who don't get caught doing anything criminal with kids... BECAUSE WE DON'T DO ANYTHING CRIMINAL WITH KIDS.



You are right Cat. Like a drug addict or a alcoholic, the pedophile is addicted to lusting after children.
I am glad that your seeking counseling. This is a good post by someone who is willing to to change their thoughts. Someone who is able to see through the blinders of lust, and able to stand against temptation hopefully.

There is a medication I read about Cat, maybe your therapist knows about, and you could try it?

A comment left from Dimitri

dimiti said...

Your arguments have an assumptive attitude. They connect things that demonstrate difference as though the connection were direct and obvious. Take the assumption that a child who experiences sexual contact is molested, or that there are consequences. You assume the existence of consequences without giving supporting logic or information. The addition of some type of support to these assumptions to validate their existence would add credibility to your statements as arguments as opposed to simple rantings. Example, you say that there are consequences to a child being molested, then I say that there are no consequences to a child being molested (disregarding the definition of the term molest). You see how my statement effectively counters yours, yet provides no evidence? Thats because it mirrors your statement. It is a simple a = b scenario, and can be countered on the same grounds. Baseless claims, and insults, do not provide very persuasive reasoning.

This is I feel the crucial error in the way pedophilia is commonly perceived. It lies in the inability to draw lines, for to the average person all areas of sexual contact for children must be harmful. Taking into account the infinite variation we see in children with regards to their environment, biological capacity as far as brain development, and even a person's individual talents, the previous statement seems a little incredible. This demonstrates the second error, a lack of thought - for devoting even a minute amount of attention to the intricacies of this subject reveals many interesting quesions. Why is something that we consider joyous, given the bounds of consent, healthy, and infinitely varied, considered dangerous, traumatizing, and grossly narrow to a child? (keeping in mind the very minute difference as far as age that separates an adult from a child and that is - one day) To categorize a molester who rapes their victim, causing scarring, not only of the flesh, but of the heart, with a person who engages in a willing relationship, one that may go on for the rest of their lives, and loves that person, and is loved back, seems inaccurate at best, even to the most unscrutinizing individual. I would say that the difference between a pedophile and molester is the same difference between a rapist and lover. However, this difference is not ludicrous - why?


How many victims does the average pedophile have in a lifetime?

I read about one pedophile... who had over 1,000 victims he admitted it.

Now you would have me believe dimitri that you would love the child forever but I know
that is NOT true! Once the child is out of your age of attraction you are done with him and already found a replacement. You lust after children because they are children.

When they are out of your AOA, the victim is left...abandoned....rejected, feeling dirty and ashamed. Often Children who were sexually molested become sex or drug addicts, dying of AIDs, hepatitis, or even become pedophiles themselves.

Because victims never have a "normal life", -- too many die too young, too many try to commit suicide-- sex with minors will never be "ok". There is plently of evidence that supports what I am saying to you dimitri. Too often the child will lose their self esteem, and feel worthless because that victim loved their abuser --who abandoned them for someone else. These feelings are not good for a child. Feelings like these belong in the adult world where one lover is left for another, where one can make that choice fully as an adult to engage in a relationship. A child cannot make that decision!

A pedophile spends many hours a day pondering on his lust for children. Swiftly controlling himself deceitfully in front of others, so that he can get closer to children.

A pedophile needs control over their victim. Often times the telling the child lies about
their parents, or controlling children by shameful remarks. Forcing the child to do things and then telling the child that they asked for it, that they liked it, and wanted it. Using guilt to force the victim to submit to them.

The child is left with too much knowledge of hurt, rejection, sexual thoughts, sexual awareness, and confused by "what is love?" Certainly not the same untouched joyful child he or she was before they were molested. They are changed forever, and changed much more for the worse.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pedophiles are NOT safe!

Please keep your children smart and SAFE!

NEVER listen to pedophile lies.

They are all out to molest your children, and lie lie lie about "having no intention of having sex." I know this is a lie when it comes to Blues at BoyChat. I am positive that he is a soon to be registered sex offender. (if not already.) Here is a post he posted at BC.

Me too.

Posted by BLues. on 2006-October-11 22:37:35, Wednesday
In reply to I love boys!! posted by EyeGlasses on 2006-October-11 19:48:30, Wednesday

And stuff. =P

They can be a boon on cold nights. Little boys typically know that a BL's lap makes the best seat. Hmm...what else is good about them? Oh yeah, they greet with hugs and kisses. They sometimes have an innate desire to cuddle. They're unashamed in their most comprimising acts. They are environmentally concious, so prefer to conserve water by asking if you mind a shower buddy. They don't need cologne. They don't let their eyes tell them what feels good and what doesn't.

There's a ton more, but that's enough from me. =P

I love them, too. Especially the really cute ones.


This is a guy who claims he has never molested before.
But to read this WE KNOW BETTER.
We knew better anyways, but this just tops the cake on Blue.

How the world see's pedophiles is quite in contrast as to how the pedophiles
view themselves.

Here is a good example I found at


Here is what the artist writes about it:

Artist's Comments

The old hut in my horses paddok... it holds so many storeys. It scares the hell out of me.

The man who used to live in the hut was a pedophile. The old lady who told me about him spat his name like vermon. "he liked little boys, he wasnt a nice man at all, that hut should be pulled down"

Inside of the hut is newspapers, books, religious propoganda, an old fridge, copboards that still hjave some of his posessions there. Even his matress he used to sleep on is still there. I decided to make a pice about how scared of this hut i am. and how i fear for the things that have happened there. Taken from the inside of the hut looking out the side window.

Deliberately blurry, Deliberately simple, Deliberately ghostlike

I am scared of this photo

Photo and description by =GeeWiz

From the same collection named The Pedophile. Looks like a demon.

And lets not forget who this guy is:

Monday, October 09, 2006

Pedophiles do not think clear...No Surprise!

There's a problem with an adult (for example a 25 yo) seeing children as sexual objects.

It does not matter if a 13yo "pursues" you, (LOL) but understand that in reality a 13 yo is in no way ready for an adult relationship, so therefore- no matter how "good" it feels it cannot be right.

The consequences that a child who is sexually molested suffers-- should stop the pedophile from going any further than friendship alone in the first place, IF they really just loved children.

Firstly you would never want to offend a child you loved, and it is offensive to molest children.

Secondly you would be able to recognize that your thoughts are not healthy to children, nor yourself.

I am sickened and saddened when I see pedophiles supporting each other and encouraging each others' bad behavior.

I am a little amused when pedophiles try to separate the term "pedophilia" from child molesters.
As I think they are the same.

Just like with many mental illnesses, they inter-connect.
Starting from thoughts and then the illness goes to actions --
the pedophile becomes the molester.

I can and will try to prevent child abuse and sexual molestation of minors.
And if that means silencing you and your kind by pushing you back underground then fine so be it. Demons belong in hell.

Why do I call pedophiles demons?

Because you choose to be the way you are! You are happy about it!
You choose to use children as sexual objects, lust after children, and
eventually ruin a child's life by going too far for "the first time...".

You choose not to change your thoughts.

Some of you are proud pedophiles, like its a great 'honor' to be perverted.

Not all thoughts should be encouraged, and how you measure those thoughts is by using your morals.
If you have no morals then you must use society's morals and uphold the laws of your country,
and change your thoughts of lust toward children.

If you cannot do that then you will ultimately be unhappy and then
be in jail/prison/and on the Sex Offender List.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Advancing into the Pedo Droves...they look

like they are running scared.

Perverted Justice has again achieved another step forward in this war against pedophilia.

They have been working extra hard on this one people!

New gains worthy of mentioning!

No pedologues has not been removed by libsyn, but even better!

Verizon/MCI WorldCom has agreed to stop service for Epifora, which was created by a boy lover and maintained by pedophiles.

Earlier today, I observed a message written by "camper" at Boy Chat.
Here it is:

It's time to come out and fight

Posted by Camper on 2006-October-7 11:27:26, Saturday

Hi everybody...

I am making this post because I need the support of our community in the fight that is ahead of us.

Five years ago Epifora was created for the purpose of hosting Free Spirits resources. Before that FS was moving from ISP to ISP trying to find a stable hosting solution. No ISP would have us for long, although they always said they supported freedom of expression. We decided that we needed our own ISP that would not fold under political pressure.

And so my partners and I created Epifora, and got a hosting deal with WorldCom Canada. And for 5 years we have been a well-behaved and entirely legal ISP for Free Spirits and others.

Last Wednesday, October 4, Epifora recieved a fax from MCI Canada giving us notice of termination in 30 days, for "a breach of Verizon's AUP." Included was an URL to MCI's AUP.

Practically the message from MCI Canada is... Verizon told us to get rid of you. Obviously this is due to political pressure brought to bear on Verizon by Perverted Justice.

We have not breached Verizon's or MCI's AUP. PJ's statements regarding Epifora and the content belonging to the clients we host are lies.

We believe that we can fight this, and so we are strategizing and organizing to do that.

I don't know exactly what form our fight will take, but we are determined to do it if it is at all possible. We think we are in as good a position as anyone ever has been to fight such an action. Epifora is and always has been a responsible organization... with a 5 year record of trouble-free operation. We've never had a takedown notice from either Law Enforcement nor our host, and we've always been responsive to complaints. And I think we can prove that in Court. Not that we should have to...

And so, I am hereby outting myself as the primary at Epifora. I am a boylover, and almost 11 years ago BoyChat changed my life for the better by giving me a community to be a part of and to be responsible to. BoyChat and Free Spirits need to continue to exist.

Epifora is making an official statement today, which you can read here.

You can contact us via our feedback form, or people can email me... or .

Also I will be participating on BC as much as I can. When we created Epifora my partners and I took a step away from the community and from Free Spirits (partly to avoid conflicts of interest), but I am glad to be back now, and boy do I need it.

PJ runs on righteousness, whereas we merely have the truth on our side. I don't know what else I'd rather be doing with my life than this, and I will be devoted to the fight as long as I can. Maybe the fight with PJ will be short... maybe we won't be able to stop the November 3 termination date. If that happens I will turn my attention to seeing that especially this resource, BoyChat, stays online. Because BoyChat is what it's all about.

I will keep our community informed as I can. I believe this will be an open fight, and I am not afraid of the truth coming out. I'm looking forward to it, in fact. Because the truth is that we are a civilized and reasonable people, and that the world will be worse off without us.

My love to all...


Here is the url for Epifora and the message the pedophile wrote about this

This is great news!

Verizon MCI WorldCom actually does have morals.

Keep fighting the good fight Anti's!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

War declared on Ella the ficticious girl

I have been having a discussion with ella.... a pedophile who is posing as a 16yr old girl, advocating sexual abuse..she/it/he CLAIMS that it (sexual abuse done to a minor) is not a terrible thing, that "her" mom yelling at her is more hurtful than being sexually assaulted by a pedophile.

I have one thing to say "BULLSHIT" ella.

Here is the last comment I made to her, on her last blog entry.

This fake female, fake sexual abuse victim who "loved it", this idiot is fooling no one but other pervs!

Ella is a poser.

It mostly began when I was surfing around and caught a glimpse of a sentence having to do with child abuse or something.

When I went to this blog I was shocked! This supposed 16yr old girl who admits to being sexually molested is now claiming she-it-he is a pedophile.
OK yeah I guess.. it is the era of "be as weird as possible".

..hmmm..I just cannot imagine why I would want to advocate child abuse after suffering it as a child myself.
I remember wetting my pants in school... up even to the 3rd grade. I remember constantly feeling different, strange and guilty. I was angry and even angry still. Angry because I never got to give my virginity to my husband. I never got to feel that special love that is written in novels or as seen on Oprah. I have alot of sexual hang-ups even now, caused from my abuser.

I was angry because my childhood was stolen.

But because it was stolen I gained alot of knowledge. I also gained forgiveness, confidence, strength, and being able to stand in adversity against evil. I learned never to hurt another person on purpose and if I did, I made up for it right away. I learned that because of what I went through I surely never want another person to have to go through it!

I learned that trusting in another human is not a good thing. Words are like ice cubes in hot weather. To get something...anything... you must give something and that something was sex and yes... sex was dirty. It felt dirty. Yucky stinky ewwwy gooey... get it?

Ella told me that the only reason why I am upset that I was abused, is from society, and not because the actual abuse was that painful.

She says society makes us feel bad about the sexual abuse and that is why we are upset.

If "Ella" is a real girl then she must still be with the abuser, and possibly has stockholm syndrome.
It must be a long standing molestation, over years and years. Possibly children are involved still?
Makes me wonder about what is happening in her life.

However-- the stance this persona Ella takes is that of a pedophile over that of a 16yr old girl, which then shows that this' blog persona Ella' is a made up girl, and the real person is problably a man in his 50's.

Friday, September 29, 2006


This is so telling of how a pedophile is a hypocrite.

They say a child can consent to sex at 12, yet cannot say that a child of 12 can go to war, drive a car, or buy alcohol.

here is some comments from my comments on my "rational thought" blog entry:
**~violet leaves~** said...

Rez and llort, I think they need thier own ghettos.


Seeing children as sexual objects is not normal. Its a perversion.
You are a pervert.
I no problems if they bundled pedos all up and shipped 'em off someplace deserted..void of all human life.

Then you talk about a conversation instead of demonization.
How can that be possible with people who see children as sexual objects?

Your thinking is warped to begin with.

You demonize us in your mind, because we should agree with you!
Just like blacks..greys..yellows..
just like gays....whatelse?

So we are the bad guys because we don't want you to molest our children!

How warped is that thinking?


Rez said...

okay, ck. let's lower the AoC to twelve. what about the drinking age? do we keep that at twenty-one? or do we lower that too? and the driving age. what age should someone be able to drive?

if a child is sufficiently mature at twelve to consent to being sodomized a middle-aged man, wouldn't you agree that they're old enough to drink and drive?

anything you say will be used against you and your fellow pedophiles, ck. consider yourself informed.


Rez said...

forgot the military, ck. if they're old enough to fuck, are they old enough to fight in pointless wars?

feel free to go back to ignoring me, ck. i won't take it personally this time. i mean, you're just here to point out the "hypocrisy", right? don't pay any attention to me if my questions make you uncomfortable. wouldn't want any of that nasty reality to disturb your delusions.


ck said...

violet leaves:

If pedophiles cannot change their way of thinking we must start with some sort of brain shock treatments, and of course castration, lower sex drives, digging eyes out.

All seem like good things to keep our children safe.

Also not 1000ft from school more like 40000ft from a school or more.

Seeing children as sexual objects is not normal. Its a perversion.
You are a pervert.
I no problems if they bundled pedos all up and shipped 'em off someplace deserted..void of all human life.

Then you talk about a conversation instead of demonization.
How can that be possible with people who see children as sexual objects?

Your thinking is warped to begin with.

You demonize us in your mind, because we should agree with you!
Just like blacks..greys..yellows..
just like gays....whatelse?

So we are the bad guys because we don't want you to molest our children!

How warped is that thinking?

It's obvious you don't listen to a thing I say and don't take any of this seriously.

I am no longer taking anything you say seriously from now on. I refuse to waste my time on people who don't feel like taking the time to form an intelligent thought.

okay, ck. let's lower the AoC to twelve. what about the drinking age? do we keep that at twenty-one? or do we lower that too? and the driving age. what age should someone be able to drive?

if a child is sufficiently mature at twelve to consent to being sodomized a middle-aged man, wouldn't you agree that they're old enough to drink and drive?

anything you say will be used against you and your fellow pedophiles, ck. consider yourself informed.

You haven't informed me of anything. I am aware that although my posts are reflective of myself you will attempt to say they represent all pedophiles.

I am not going to get into en huge debate about the exact "age" at which people can do everything.

forgot the military, ck. if they're old enough to fuck, are they old enough to fight in pointless wars?

feel free to go back to ignoring me, ck. i won't take it personally this time. i mean, you're just here to point out the "hypocrisy", right? don't pay any attention to me if my questions make you uncomfortable. wouldn't want any of that nasty reality to disturb your delusions.

Think of me what you want. It's obvious you take none of this seriously either. I'm not going to waste my time making logical arguments with someone who's only interested in personal attacks.


**~violet leaves~** said...

Thats good ck!

Proves our point.

No YOU cannot discuss these things of importance!

You say a child can consent to sex at 12 but you cannot say he/she is old enough then to fight in a war or drive a car or drink in a bar.




Thursday, September 28, 2006


Again we talk about morals.

If you have any you know what I am talking about.

Pedophiles hate to talk about morals.

I had a question for a pedophile earlier and so I will ask here again.

So many pedophiles around here say
"I will never molest or hurt a child. I have no intentions of having sex with them."

Then why have any YOUNG FRIENDS?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


A pervs OWN admission how to MOLEST a BABY BOY!


Yeah... These tiny boys are too young...

Posted by PPC on 2006-September-26 15:40:00, Tuesday
In reply to sounds just a further attempt to posted by boybuddy on 2006-September-26 15:31:31, Tuesday

Aiiiieee, uh, huhuhuhbuh thinking of those who might want have sex with them aiiiieee... Over my dead body. Banish the thoughts... God forbids. (Honestly, it's a fairly good way to train them be early on to be gay if you place them on your ______ and let them play with it... Because they don't understand and think it's a natural thing to do like it's a pacifier to them...)

I am pretty sure they'll legalize these who were into bestiality, necrophilia, and God know what else and then us be last and these BBLs would be very bottom of their list to be legalized.

Honestly, that's totally crazy! So gimme us a break!

HOW SICK IS THAT?????????????



And HOW these perverted DEMONS can say "oh I would never harm a child...." yet cater to BABY RAPERS!

Matthew 18:2-6

2And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,

3And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

4Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

5And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.

6But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.