Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A pedophile chooses "imaginary" children over wife.

I have to laugh because I am thinking about a certain pedophile who said he told his wife he was a "girl lover".

I have to laugh some more, because any woman who would put up with not being "NUMBER ONE" in her hubbys heart, must be not much of a woman.

I would NEVER be with a man who didn't love me first and foremost! Never waste my time with a man who said he didn't love me. And ONLY ME. If my husband ever told me that he was attracted to little girls.... he would be OUT of the house in a split second, and then I would call the police, my family and friends and all of his family and friends!

This perv must had married a desperate woman in order for her to still be with him even after being told he is a pedophile and loves little girls.

I am not attacking his wife. I would love to bawl her out, for accepting a man like this though. But we cannot control the world.

Its JUST FUCKING SAD that women put up with the low life men and even have children with them. They think " oh he has changed..." or "I can change him".

That is bullshit ladies!!

NEVER be with a man you think you can change!
You will be disappointed, hurt and problably divorced sooner than you think.

Here is a response he sent me regarding question I had for him at his blog.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Has your wife let herself go in the past 20 yrs?

No, I wouldn't say my wife has "let herself go" at all. Obviously, neither she nor I look quite like we did 15 years ago, but overall I would say that she takes good care of herself (without being "high maintenance"). I think her weight today is within five pounds of what it was 15 years ago.

What have you gained from telling your wife, other than being open about your desires for little girls?

A complicated question... to me the greatest gain was an incredible sense of relief. The idea that an actual live human being now knows how I feel about little girls and doesn't hate me is an amazing feeling.

The other thing I gained was the ability to be more truthful with her. I found that I was having to tell "white lies" in order to keep my "big secret" a secret. I didn't like that at all. For example, about a year ago, I started visiting my best friend a lot more often. My wife picked up on this and wondered why. I had to make up some excuse at first, because I couldn't tell her the real reason - that I absolutely adore his daughter, and she is very fond of me. (I basically have a long running "crush" on his daughter.)

And no, Llort, my wife doesn't know about my blog. I have told her of my participation in Girl Love forums, and even invited her to browse Girl Chat, but she was not interested.

11:18 PM

It really seems to be as an admission of molesting his friends' daughter.

What do you think??