Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rational thought

I am thinking a lot today about pedophiles who say they "think" about sex with children, but never do it.

This is hard for me to believe.

Usually our (as in human thought) thought process goes from thought to action.

Here is what I think pedos thought process entails...

thinking of the act.
thinking of the act enough to be turned on.
thinking of the act while masturbating.
thinking of the act, masturbating, looking out the window at the neighbors kid.
thinking of the act, masturbating, going online to get a feel of the real stuff.
thinking of the act, masturbating getting frustrated because you want the real thing.
thinking of the act while around a child.
thinking of the act, around the child decide to go from there to see how the child reacts.
thinking of doing the act to the child they were around.
Finally after all of this, they molest.

After thinking so much you have accepted it your mind enough to be comfortable with it.

I don't believe any pedophiles are just pedophiles in their mind.

If they think about it enough they WILL do it.