Saturday, September 23, 2006

What is the difference

between a pedophile molesting children
and a heterosexual or homosexual raping his/her attraction?

Its called


mo·ral·i·ty (mə-răl'ĭ-tē, mô-) pronunciation
n., pl. -ties.
  1. The quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct.
  2. A system of ideas of right and wrong conduct: religious morality; Christian morality.
  3. Virtuous conduct.
  4. A rule or lesson in moral conduct.

In our con·scious

con·scious (kŏn'shəs) pronunciation
    1. Having an awareness of one's environment and one's own existence, sensations, and thoughts. See synonyms at aware.
    2. Mentally perceptive or alert; awake: The patient remained fully conscious after the local anesthetic was administered.
  1. Capable of thought, will, or perception: the development of conscious life on the planet.
  2. Subjectively known or felt: conscious remorse.
  3. Intentionally conceived or done; deliberate: a conscious insult; made a conscious effort to speak more clearly.
  4. Inwardly attentive or sensible; mindful: was increasingly conscious of being watched.
  5. Especially aware of or preoccupied with. Often used in combination: a cost-conscious approach to further development; a health-conscious diet.
for most normal people we know right from wrong.
We care about how our decisions affect another person, and usually you think of this before you do something.

Having morality and a conscious, you do not set out to hurt people.

A pedophile has no morality or

Pedophiles have a perverted outlook that deceives them into thinking that the child likes sex with them, that it will be pleasant, that the child will enjoy sex with them.

If you look at this thought, in a pedophile, you can see how mentally ill it is to actually agree with yourself that a child wants to be molested.

Because they have no morals, they cannot decipher right from wrong.
Because they have no
conscious they have no concern for the child they are abusing.

What is the best way to protect children since the rehabilitation stats for pedophiles is pretty much ZILCH?
That is the question.


First we need to support all laws in the United States that mandate life sentences for convicted pedophiles. We also need to petition that the laws change in every state concerning child sexual abuse, mandating life for every crime.

Second, we need to find a doctor who can wipe their brains and start all over.

Third, we can dream of their sucides.

You think dreaming of suicides is cruel?
Then you must be a molesting pedophile.

When the pedophile molests a child he hurts them for life.
They steal the child's childhood, soul parts and any good things the child has or thinks or dreams or wants.

This is in itself murdering a child, yet not killing them but instead forcing them to live with the terrible repercussions of the abuse.

re·per·cus·sion ('pər-kŭsh'ən, rĕp'ər-) pronunciation
  1. An often indirect effect, influence, or result that is produced by an event or action.
  2. A recoil, rebounding, or reciprocal motion after impact.
  3. A reflection, especially of sound.

Being a pedophile is very very selfish.

self·ish (sĕl'fĭsh) pronunciation
  1. Concerned chiefly or only with oneself: “Selfish men were . . . trying to make capital for themselves out of the sacred cause of human rights” (Maria Weston Chapman).
  2. Arising from, characterized by, or showing selfishness: a selfish whim.

Rape is never right be it adult or child. Rape should be punished for 25 years to life.