Sunday, October 22, 2006

Here is a few posts from BC this morning.

AH no surprise---Some child molester looking for child porn!


Usnet is usually loaded with piccies

Posted by slvrspun on 2006-October-22 12:20:05, Sunday
In reply to Grr posted by The Boy on 2006-October-22 04:42:08, Sunday

Admittedly I spent a lot of time doing usenet groups in the past, but I haven't done the binary newsgroups since the start of this year. I still haven't decoded all the stuff I grabbed last year. I have several DVD's worth of undecoded files from the program I used to get the piccies (Agent), which translates to tens of thousands of pictures once decoded. Saving the mammoth task for a rainy day, so to speak.

Re: Grr...

Posted by Kalinnan on 2006-October-22 11:25:22, Sunday
In reply to Grr posted by The Boy on 2006-October-22 04:42:08, Sunday

Von Gloeden, my friend. Von Gloeden...Gods gift to BLers.

The only decent stuff I found on pedolinks

Posted by Akira Yamaoka Pwnz on 2006-October-22 08:49:29, Sunday
In reply to check out my asshole posted by the anatomical deadspace on 2006-October-22 07:35:32, Sunday

is a Russian site that hasn't updated in forever (and doesn't even have many good pictures) and Little Boys Rule (which either it's down or it just doesn't work on this computer)

I just stick to cartoon porn, because it's easier to find, generally more hardcore, and 100% legal (depending on where you live)

The Desperation for That Material

Posted by Venn on 2006-October-22 06:09:30, Sunday
In reply to Grr posted by The Boy on 2006-October-22 04:42:08, Sunday

Well, I say that this topic needs to be looked at closely by all. Even if most people are blind to one of THE MOST troubling non-spoken-about issues within the online boylove community.

A registered poster has raised the topic reguarding the desperation for material for which many of us require for sexual release. The kind of material we are imprisoned for, the kind of material that anti-pedophiles often use to fuel the hate against us for generations to come.

This, in my honest opinion, despite it never being talked about, is a major issue between all boylovers.

How does one deal with such desperation?

Re: The Desperation for That Material

Posted by Aoki on 2006-October-22 07:22:31, Sunday
In reply to Deperate for prison posted by Venn on 2006-October-22 06:09:30, Sunday

Of course it's an issue, doubly so because as a group deprived from being able to enjoy physical sexual gratification you'd expect BLs to generally therefore need artificial means far more than the slavering, over-catered for adult-attracted masses.

But, of course, as I hardly need mention it is not talked about due to its serious illegality, I imagine even admitting a desperate need for it, as you say, is probably enough to get whoever may be watching us to put your personal dossier in the priority pile. The penalties are so disproportionately large for the viewing and downloading of CP that most BLs, however desperate, i'm sure feel it's not remotely worth the risk.

I would put myself among that group (though personally I find the whole world of pornography in general rather distasteful...), as i'm sure most of us here would, but I can say with certainty that's there's no-one on this board who never feels intense urges, desire, frustration at times (unless they happen to be in a particularly, um, fortunate position...). Now those who find themselves doing long jail terms and spending their lives on SO registers have only themselves to blame...but it's the fact that there is NO legal way to achieve satisfactory gratification for those who are primarily attracted to boys is what your average judge, jury or politician is never going to understand.

Aoki (NOT endorsing the viewing of CP)

LOL don't you love it when they lie and try to look so innocent? WE KNOW BETTER!