Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pedophiles are NOT safe!

Please keep your children smart and SAFE!

NEVER listen to pedophile lies.

They are all out to molest your children, and lie lie lie about "having no intention of having sex." I know this is a lie when it comes to Blues at BoyChat. I am positive that he is a soon to be registered sex offender. (if not already.) Here is a post he posted at BC.

Me too.

Posted by BLues. on 2006-October-11 22:37:35, Wednesday
In reply to I love boys!! posted by EyeGlasses on 2006-October-11 19:48:30, Wednesday

And stuff. =P

They can be a boon on cold nights. Little boys typically know that a BL's lap makes the best seat. Hmm...what else is good about them? Oh yeah, they greet with hugs and kisses. They sometimes have an innate desire to cuddle. They're unashamed in their most comprimising acts. They are environmentally concious, so prefer to conserve water by asking if you mind a shower buddy. They don't need cologne. They don't let their eyes tell them what feels good and what doesn't.

There's a ton more, but that's enough from me. =P

I love them, too. Especially the really cute ones.


This is a guy who claims he has never molested before.
But to read this WE KNOW BETTER.
We knew better anyways, but this just tops the cake on Blue.

How the world see's pedophiles is quite in contrast as to how the pedophiles
view themselves.

Here is a good example I found at


Here is what the artist writes about it:

Artist's Comments

The old hut in my horses paddok... it holds so many storeys. It scares the hell out of me.

The man who used to live in the hut was a pedophile. The old lady who told me about him spat his name like vermon. "he liked little boys, he wasnt a nice man at all, that hut should be pulled down"

Inside of the hut is newspapers, books, religious propoganda, an old fridge, copboards that still hjave some of his posessions there. Even his matress he used to sleep on is still there. I decided to make a pice about how scared of this hut i am. and how i fear for the things that have happened there. Taken from the inside of the hut looking out the side window.

Deliberately blurry, Deliberately simple, Deliberately ghostlike

I am scared of this photo

Photo and description by =GeeWiz

From the same collection named The Pedophile. Looks like a demon.

And lets not forget who this guy is: