Monday, October 09, 2006

Pedophiles do not think clear...No Surprise!

There's a problem with an adult (for example a 25 yo) seeing children as sexual objects.

It does not matter if a 13yo "pursues" you, (LOL) but understand that in reality a 13 yo is in no way ready for an adult relationship, so therefore- no matter how "good" it feels it cannot be right.

The consequences that a child who is sexually molested suffers-- should stop the pedophile from going any further than friendship alone in the first place, IF they really just loved children.

Firstly you would never want to offend a child you loved, and it is offensive to molest children.

Secondly you would be able to recognize that your thoughts are not healthy to children, nor yourself.

I am sickened and saddened when I see pedophiles supporting each other and encouraging each others' bad behavior.

I am a little amused when pedophiles try to separate the term "pedophilia" from child molesters.
As I think they are the same.

Just like with many mental illnesses, they inter-connect.
Starting from thoughts and then the illness goes to actions --
the pedophile becomes the molester.

I can and will try to prevent child abuse and sexual molestation of minors.
And if that means silencing you and your kind by pushing you back underground then fine so be it. Demons belong in hell.

Why do I call pedophiles demons?

Because you choose to be the way you are! You are happy about it!
You choose to use children as sexual objects, lust after children, and
eventually ruin a child's life by going too far for "the first time...".

You choose not to change your thoughts.

Some of you are proud pedophiles, like its a great 'honor' to be perverted.

Not all thoughts should be encouraged, and how you measure those thoughts is by using your morals.
If you have no morals then you must use society's morals and uphold the laws of your country,
and change your thoughts of lust toward children.

If you cannot do that then you will ultimately be unhappy and then
be in jail/prison/and on the Sex Offender List.