Sunday, October 29, 2006

treader: The "happily-molested molester" suicidal pedophile?

BoyLovers from all over the net-- out of the depths of hell-- are roaming feverishly around the internet looking for a new home!
Now treader from the pedologues website has showed up in boychat
lending his support. AWW!

another troll sticking his head in

Posted by Treader on 2006-October-29 01:42:53, Sunday

Hi every one, I don't think I've ever posted here before. I usually hang out on smaller BL boards. I'm a boy lover(obviously) who was a loved boy.

Long story short, I've been looking to find a way to help the community in a more "pro-active" way.

We all know what PeeJ and other related organizations are doing against Epifora, Libsyn and others is wrong. Now I have no idea how to stop it, but I do know it needs to stop. If not for us, for all the BL's to come. I know finding BL boards changed my life for the better. They where the only thing that kept me from giving up and blowing my brains out.

I make financial contributions to free spirits and others when I can, but want to do more. Any suggestions?

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Its funny when he says "I'm a boy lover(obviously) who was a loved boy."
Yet at the end of his paragraph he says
"They where the only thing that kept me from giving up and blowing my brains out."

By his own admission he is/was suicidal before he "found" boylove sites.

(((Oh noooooo it cannot be anything to do with being molested as a child.
He enjoyed that!))))

Boy and Girl Chat posters: (DEF) : an ignorant waste of human flesh who enables even baby rapers. A community that lusts after children, sexualizing them as objects.

The payoff they get from child-love sites is contacts for their choosen perversion.

Contacts online (where to go to get what) and for real life meetings.