Sunday, October 01, 2006

War declared on Ella the ficticious girl

I have been having a discussion with ella.... a pedophile who is posing as a 16yr old girl, advocating sexual abuse..she/it/he CLAIMS that it (sexual abuse done to a minor) is not a terrible thing, that "her" mom yelling at her is more hurtful than being sexually assaulted by a pedophile.

I have one thing to say "BULLSHIT" ella.

Here is the last comment I made to her, on her last blog entry.

This fake female, fake sexual abuse victim who "loved it", this idiot is fooling no one but other pervs!

Ella is a poser.

It mostly began when I was surfing around and caught a glimpse of a sentence having to do with child abuse or something.

When I went to this blog I was shocked! This supposed 16yr old girl who admits to being sexually molested is now claiming she-it-he is a pedophile.
OK yeah I guess.. it is the era of "be as weird as possible".

..hmmm..I just cannot imagine why I would want to advocate child abuse after suffering it as a child myself.
I remember wetting my pants in school... up even to the 3rd grade. I remember constantly feeling different, strange and guilty. I was angry and even angry still. Angry because I never got to give my virginity to my husband. I never got to feel that special love that is written in novels or as seen on Oprah. I have alot of sexual hang-ups even now, caused from my abuser.

I was angry because my childhood was stolen.

But because it was stolen I gained alot of knowledge. I also gained forgiveness, confidence, strength, and being able to stand in adversity against evil. I learned never to hurt another person on purpose and if I did, I made up for it right away. I learned that because of what I went through I surely never want another person to have to go through it!

I learned that trusting in another human is not a good thing. Words are like ice cubes in hot weather. To get something...anything... you must give something and that something was sex and yes... sex was dirty. It felt dirty. Yucky stinky ewwwy gooey... get it?

Ella told me that the only reason why I am upset that I was abused, is from society, and not because the actual abuse was that painful.

She says society makes us feel bad about the sexual abuse and that is why we are upset.

If "Ella" is a real girl then she must still be with the abuser, and possibly has stockholm syndrome.
It must be a long standing molestation, over years and years. Possibly children are involved still?
Makes me wonder about what is happening in her life.

However-- the stance this persona Ella takes is that of a pedophile over that of a 16yr old girl, which then shows that this' blog persona Ella' is a made up girl, and the real person is problably a man in his 50's.