Friday, October 20, 2006

Ways to protect your children from pedophiles.

I am working on this list so its a work in progress.

1. Be observant of any one who is "overly" attentive to your child.

2. Listen to your instincts.

3. Be responsible as to what pictures you post of your child on the internet.
(Most people do NOT want to see your baby naked.)

4. Be watchful in public places like the zoo or parks or swimming pool.

5. Be responsible of how you dress your child in public.

6. Understand that most people are not pedophiles, but keep in mind that pedophiles are very good at hiding their true self.

7. Come out of your safe zone and into the real world! In the real world there are people
who want to molest your child.

8. Single women with young children need to check the sex offender registry for your new mans name before diving into a live-in relationship with this new man.

9. Never trust anyone at first meeting.

10. Educate yourself on pedophiles. Learn their traits and read the profile of a pedophile.

11. Keep informed of the sex offenders in your area. Check often for new arrivals.

12. Check into any daycare, or babysitters you are thinking about hiring for your child. Make sure there are background checks made on all who are working there.

13. Parents should keep an eye on who their children are contacting online. Pedos in Yahoo create profiles of themselves as a young boy or young girl complete with photo. They then impersonate a young child to get to know some unsuspecting kid.

14. Think about NOT having your child's computer in their bedroom. The internet can be a dangerous place, so beware!

If you can add to these please do so!