Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Wilma" on board at pedologues.

These comment came from the pedologues website.

This wilma just showed up LOL like it is supposed to be a woman, highly unlikely that it is a woman.

First there was a perv named Treader posting comments.

Then after we stood up to him, he turned into "wilma".

I wrote him some questions in my comments that to me, are very important questions.

“So...Keeping secrets is good? No repercussions?”

Wilma responded " -- I'm not sure where your going with this?"

and then I asked " “Also... Are you still with your molester?”

Wilma responded: " -- Sorry, I don't know any."

Now in wilma's first post he claimed that he was molested as a child and liked it, and was "saved" by a pedophile. Treader also said this, and he also stated that pedophiles could love that child forever, in a relationship forever.
dimitri said the same thing.

Do you see a pattern here? Yes they are liars!
All who say they were abused also say they could be with their child lovers forever... yet NONE of them are with their molesters, who molested them as children.
None. Hmmm so how could their intentions be anything different for a child they get a hold of?
It can't.

Most all of the pedophiles we deal with online, Most or ALL say that they want a relationship with a child, and it could last a lifetime.
This is not true, again pointing out the lies they themselves say all the time.

My other question was a simple one.

Since both Treader and Wilma said that the pedophile in their childhood did nothing but good things for them, I had a question.

I asked wilma how keeping secrets is good, and is there any repercussions from keeping secrets?

See how he responds? Wilma responded " -- I'm not sure where your going with this?"


This war we are in against the pedophiles must be fought in TRUTH because TRUTH is the only way we will keep them in line.

I have another question for all the pedophiles:

Since many of you admit that you think about sex with children and yet know that you cannot molest a child... why delve into child love, boychat, or girlchat?

Why are you encouraging molestation of children instead of encouraging CHANGE of thought, since... you know you cannot and will not ever hurt a child?

I know that BoyChat and GirlChat is not there to serve the pedophile other than to encourage molestation of little boys and girls.

That is why they have a YOUTUBE list going of little children, and avatars of little children with their BC/GClogo on them.

They even lust after each others avatar. Its GROSS!

This in NO way helps the pedophile change. This in NO way is supportive of each other to change thoughts. This keeps them lusting after children and supporting each other while they do it.