Wednesday, November 29, 2006

lalala merry christmas?

Child molestation gave me so many things.
Somedays I wonder why I was chosen to receive these gifts, and why I had to have them.

Usually gifts you get from someone are genuinely given out of love and concern.
Love and concern types of gifts include hugs, but not the kind that give sexual pleasure to one person.
Caring gifts include things I need, however nothing was expected back to make it even.

But the gifts I received from my abusers--people who were supposed to love me... are too personal and painful to list. It just hurts... the terrible memories to suicide attempts... and so many others suffer from getting these gifts as well every day.

Pedophiles always claim that they are innocent, while sitting all day at Boychat/girlchat/wherever with their pedophile friends lusting after children. Proud to be a pedophile --in their sexual deviance there is no morals and no definition of 'too young'.
So many are filled with lust, they cannot do anything else.
Especially if the pedo isn't trying to change.

When they are so proud to be a pedophile, they resist change and embrace child molestation.

*gifts in this sense mean everything rotten moldy and terrible.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Honoring my fellow child sexual abuse survivors.

Survivors Unite!!

We have lived through our childhoods which were filled with turmoil. We have become stronger through our survival.

This blog post is in honor of Judy Castelli, a survivor.
These pictures I found at:

This is stained glass art by Judy Castelli.
This one she named Chaos

This one is called "big ones upfront"

This picture feels like
Mommy please love me
please keep me safe

... survivors

brothers and sisters-

apart we hurt


we are made whole.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

What kind of legacy will you leave behind?

I have the power and the goodness to overcome depression.
I have all it takes to be me and value my self.
I am valuable to myself which is all that really matters.
No one can take that away from me.

Child abuse did not steal my soul
God saved it.

They did however try to
and try to and try to and try to
All of them, who harvested the skin off my body
who stole the innocence I once was
supposed to be -as a little girl-
I was supposed to enjoy the world-and now-
my world is too young to be gray and frail and..... dying.
but it is
I can scream,
it won't stop
I can run far away,
it won't stop.

Life begins and ends.
You leave chunks behind when you die-
some bigger or smaller than others-
those chunks live on in all sorts of ways.
They can be people or a lover's memory or newspaper clippings.
Photographs, letters, an archive, or a family reunion.

Legacies of you.
Pieces of time remain- still frozen-
a laugh
a smile
a hug
a word
that you gave someone,
remains forever.

... like a scar.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

There is a point between pedophiles and their movement that we must stand up and let our voices be heard.

NO we do not want you taking pictures of/filming our children in public.

NO we will not see you as a victim of society.

The fact that pedophiles are proud about masturbating over child porn, and over pictures of kids at the local swimming pool is enough to slap the testicles off pedophiles at first offense.

We all know what the pedophiles want.

Can they have what they want?

The thing with being a pervert, is that you live your whole life being a pervert.
You hide it, and you obsess about it.

No one sane will allow these pedophiles who want to be "activists" to gain an inch towards lowering the Age of Consent.
Its a useless fight for them because we all know that at the end of the day they want to molest children, and we cannot help them do that! Fantasys involving children only work for so long.
Once stress is raised the pedophile is more likely to commit an offense against a child-therefore-even those who say they have never molested are a gamble that they will never molest.

Read around the internet: it shows you how pathethic, and how ignorant these deviants are!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pedophiles: Destroyers of Life

The destroyers of life are among us, walking beside us, living with us, lying to us, and molesting our children.
They are Pedophiles, sexually deviant child lusting perverts!

The destroyers are intent on becoming "good citizens" in our society and then
credit pedophiles (and the like) for the good doing. They want to say that their plight is likewise to that of the Feminists, Blacks, or even Homosexuals.
They wish the ACLU would pick them up and carry them across the threshold into society. Then they will be looked at as having a 'legal' sexual orientation. In other words they want our OK that they are pedophiles and that they are worthy citizens and why should we care if they are lusting after our children in public places?
They have no accountability for their lusts. There is not one good thing that comes from being molested as a child. Not one!
And if *ella* (LOL) tries to fake you out your as gullible as pedophiles want 'us' to be.

I have morals, beliefs, integrity, understanding and compassion for children.
I love children!! I want to protect them! NO way would I ever cause harm to or allow harm to come to children in my care.
This is the way society in my country as a whole believes, and the laws should uphold that belief.
I would love to see a few changes in the laws nationwide protecting our children with a ONE strike law in every State and City, courthouse, or county. One strike and you get atleast 20 yrs if you molest a child. Why not be hard on them? The child(ren) who they harm pay for his or her entire life for the pedophiles crime against them!!

Children are our resource, our future! They will run our cities and government in years to come! They will repopulate the Earth!

We do not want our children destroyed! Do we??

We must always make sure we are aware of those around us, and keep a eye on our kids who are using the internet!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pedophile accountability

There is NONE.

This sickness feeds off itself. Pedophiles feed off each other, no one is accountable for their actions, thoughts or lusts.

Here are two posts from boychat today.

I never thought shopping could be so pleasurable..
Posted by codeBLue on 2006-November-4 14:39:38, Saturday
So I did something today that I've not done in a long time... I went shopping in the morning. I work third shift, so usually I'm asleep from about 08:00 until about 15:00-16:00. Well, today I took my grandmother grocery shopping. I never realized how many cute boys accompanied their mothers shopping on Saturday mornings! I counted probably about a dozen boys that make my heart go flip-flop... from the adorable boy with freckles and tight jeans (that seemed to hug his tush in all the right ways) to the cutie with blue lips sucking on a blue lollipop (Made me just want a little taste). Never will I skip a chance to take Gram shopping... especially at Wal-Mart on a Saturday morning (so what if I've been up for about 23 hours so far?).

Oh, this name is new to you fella's (and the couple of ladies that may be reading), and I haven't posted much even with my old nick (Dinc for those who might have caught my posts before). I've lurked for a little while (maybe a couple of months) and I finally decided to pop out and try to be a productive, sharing BCer.

And as a present for your patience in reading this... here's a cute boy lipsynching... search for "kayles kasper panic" at youtube... the only result


Amen, brother
Posted by Cactus on 2006-November-4 16:59:02, Saturday
In reply to I never thought shopping could be so pleasurable.. posted by codeBLue on 2006-November-4 14:39:38, Saturday
I was inundated with amazing post-soccer cuties with their mussed hair and musky shirts flapping around wherever they went.

Shopping can be an eyeful :-)


We see here that lusting after children is supported fully and openly with no remorse between pedophiles. (no surprise)

How horrible that these people think its OK to sexualize children.