Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pedophiles: Destroyers of Life

The destroyers of life are among us, walking beside us, living with us, lying to us, and molesting our children.
They are Pedophiles, sexually deviant child lusting perverts!

The destroyers are intent on becoming "good citizens" in our society and then
credit pedophiles (and the like) for the good doing. They want to say that their plight is likewise to that of the Feminists, Blacks, or even Homosexuals.
They wish the ACLU would pick them up and carry them across the threshold into society. Then they will be looked at as having a 'legal' sexual orientation. In other words they want our OK that they are pedophiles and that they are worthy citizens and why should we care if they are lusting after our children in public places?
They have no accountability for their lusts. There is not one good thing that comes from being molested as a child. Not one!
And if *ella* (LOL) tries to fake you out your as gullible as pedophiles want 'us' to be.

I have morals, beliefs, integrity, understanding and compassion for children.
I love children!! I want to protect them! NO way would I ever cause harm to or allow harm to come to children in my care.
This is the way society in my country as a whole believes, and the laws should uphold that belief.
I would love to see a few changes in the laws nationwide protecting our children with a ONE strike law in every State and City, courthouse, or county. One strike and you get atleast 20 yrs if you molest a child. Why not be hard on them? The child(ren) who they harm pay for his or her entire life for the pedophiles crime against them!!

Children are our resource, our future! They will run our cities and government in years to come! They will repopulate the Earth!

We do not want our children destroyed! Do we??

We must always make sure we are aware of those around us, and keep a eye on our kids who are using the internet!