Wednesday, November 29, 2006

lalala merry christmas?

Child molestation gave me so many things.
Somedays I wonder why I was chosen to receive these gifts, and why I had to have them.

Usually gifts you get from someone are genuinely given out of love and concern.
Love and concern types of gifts include hugs, but not the kind that give sexual pleasure to one person.
Caring gifts include things I need, however nothing was expected back to make it even.

But the gifts I received from my abusers--people who were supposed to love me... are too personal and painful to list. It just hurts... the terrible memories to suicide attempts... and so many others suffer from getting these gifts as well every day.

Pedophiles always claim that they are innocent, while sitting all day at Boychat/girlchat/wherever with their pedophile friends lusting after children. Proud to be a pedophile --in their sexual deviance there is no morals and no definition of 'too young'.
So many are filled with lust, they cannot do anything else.
Especially if the pedo isn't trying to change.

When they are so proud to be a pedophile, they resist change and embrace child molestation.

*gifts in this sense mean everything rotten moldy and terrible.