Sunday, December 31, 2006

Summary of the Year of 2006

Upon deciding to blog against pedophilia, I happened to meet a great many hard working people who believe in what they are doing, it is a honor to meet them and work with them.

My Top Ten Stupid Pedo List!

1. Ella the fictitious 16yr old girl ....or... man.
2. Alan LOL!
3. Rookiee ... do I ? really? LOL!!
4. Jillium because he tries so hard to 'sound intelligent'.
5. Treader: The abused pedophile who cares not to break the circle. But unlike Jillium he can atleast admit he was abused.
6. ILGO for spamming my comments.
7. glmeister because I'm scared that he is just waiting for someone willing.
8. Blueribbon for being so young and closed minded and violent to his dad.
9. Te Le Chan for being another fictitious person.
10. Wilma another fictitious persona! hrmm I wonder if they are all the same person.

These past few months I have met a few pedophiles via their blogs, and comments.
One in particular, Ella the ficticious 16yr old girl? Or a Man?

"Ella" has become inactive, unable to withstand the conflict of knowing it is in the wrong, and ashamed to admit it.

Pedos allow society to dictate to them, thinking they have to hide... to be another person, so that they can get close to a family to get to the kids. Instead of being open and honest and hated.
But ummm I do have to say that glmeister did break his wifes' heart and tell her he was a pedophile. I am so sad for her, I bet she is so very lonely.
I hope she can find love someday, soon, before its too late.

Then we have the idiots at BC. The kissers, the pervs who think boy moments are real, and the molesters.
These sexual maniacs are cowards, and the scumbag pedos cannot stand up to the pressure of the truth.

One truth is that they are controlled by society.
Another is that because we control them, they are losers, and have already lost the fight!

Because of shame, and fear and the lust of wanting more children to sexualize and molest they lie and hide in the shadows awaiting innocence, and cause much pain.

We must put them away, once they cross the line.
Before that, we must be aware of them, so we can keep our children safe!

On this New Years Eve

Let us Anti's commit to a better and even more furious fight against paedophiles (label label.. and then there is jillium).

Let us assure the perv pedo community that we WILL be watching and waiting and force ourselves into their message boards, communities, webcams and chats.

We WILL never give up pedos.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

I just can't help but wonder

How long before another pedophile activist is jailed for cp or molestation?

How long will God delay the Judgement?

How long before another child is harmed? Children are harmed every day in every way.
Yet to many pedophiles, it is the childrens fault, and they are blamed for "telling" on the perv who molested them!

How cruel is that thinking?

How sad and tormented a child feels to fall victim to that evilness!

How sad and alone holidays are to the child who knows they must 'please' this man before they can eat their candy. Knowing....the candy has a cost.
Always a cost always a bribe to consent the dirtiness of it all.
The disgusting terrible odor that lingers over above beyond the walls.

How awful to be blamed how AWFUL!


Monday, December 11, 2006

Vespucci: the pedo who steals kisses from children

How sad.. yet another little boy being victimized by a pedophile

Pedophiles: Destroyers of Good.

Pedophiles lie to themselves and others when they say they are safe around children.

In reality pedophiles (label label) are a constant danger, and when they touch the child they destroy the good that could had been incurred inside them.

Some symptoms of child sexual abuse:

Changes in behavior such as withdrawal,
crying without provocation.

Appetite disturbances.

Recurrent nightmares, disturbed sleep patterns
or fear of the dark.

Returning to more infantile behavior such as
bed-wetting, thumb sucking or excessive

Torn or stained underclothing.

Vaginal or rectal bleeding, pain, itching,
swollen genitals, vaginal discharge or sexually
transmitted diseases.

Unusual interest in or knowledge of sexual
matters, expressing affection in ways
inappropriate for a child of that age.

Fear of a person or an intense dislike at being
left somewhere or with someone.

Other behavioral signals such as aggressive or
disruptive behavior, running away, failing in
school or delinquent behavior

This is NOT the childs desire!

You are not safe around children, you are not good with or to children, and anyone who would allow a pedophile to be alone with their child is JUST as sick as the pedophile.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Monday, December 04, 2006

Why I have this blog

I have this blog because I want to speak out and let other survivors know that they are not alone and do not have to be silent anymore.

Jillium, would you rather that I shut up?

I am the result of a child being sexualized.
I learned how to be fed, how to be safe if possible.

When asked if you experienced child sexual abuse, you say that it is "personal information".
Its o.k with you... to be a minor (sexually) attracted adult ...
but refuse to divulge if you were molested .

Your hypocrisy is fruitless, your soul is void and empty.

Pedophiles have no real substance, and their only 'advancement' will be up to the nearest
sheriffs office registering on the sex offender list.

You have all sorts of labels meaning this or that.
In reality it is an addiction. It is not natural to sexualize children.
Looking at children, and masturbating caters to child molesting in some form or another.
I heard about some poor sod committing suicide because he cannot molest a kid and child pornography was not enough for him anymore.
Some have more lust and guts do it and get caught.. still others have kids to molest in the family.
Some make friends easy with the type of child they sexualize. Some have hundreds of victims.
It doesn't matter how many times you twist it to sound different, the bottom line is that Pedophiles (label label) sexualize children ... some in different ways, and most-- if given the opportunity to freely make contact with children for sex would make that trip to have sex with a child or touch or whatever.

I wish I knew the exact stats for how many sex offenders say " this is my first time....".

SilVered the groomer

Yet another pedophile who I am sure will say "I have never done anything sexually to the boys" is grooming-or already has groomed a new boy.

Another child getting set up by adults to be molested and ruined for life.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Pedophiles condemn ghostwriter, the sick ass who is in jail for molesting-raping-soliciting mexican boys.
(see news report and pics of the pedos

PPC writes a long letter stating 1 of 4 boychatters are violating the law In this post... he is holier than thou lecturing his fellow molesters....yet here again is another hyprocrite.

How frail thier memories must be-- after all PPC is quite active on BC, I have a screenshot of him admitting he wants to kiss little boys.

I guess he is 1 of the 4 then.. HMMMMM.

Yeah he tries to sound so innocent, making sure he cleans up his act in this post:
He sure is upset about ghostwriter, I am betting that ghostwriter told him about his deviance and PPC wanted to be a part of it. Who knows. All I know is that when these idiots get together they are dangerous.

Sorry PPC we know the truth. You are a pedophile.. a old one.. statistics show that you problably have molested. How many victims only God knows.