Thursday, December 21, 2006

I just can't help but wonder

How long before another pedophile activist is jailed for cp or molestation?

How long will God delay the Judgement?

How long before another child is harmed? Children are harmed every day in every way.
Yet to many pedophiles, it is the childrens fault, and they are blamed for "telling" on the perv who molested them!

How cruel is that thinking?

How sad and tormented a child feels to fall victim to that evilness!

How sad and alone holidays are to the child who knows they must 'please' this man before they can eat their candy. Knowing....the candy has a cost.
Always a cost always a bribe to consent the dirtiness of it all.
The disgusting terrible odor that lingers over above beyond the walls.

How awful to be blamed how AWFUL!