Monday, December 11, 2006

Pedophiles: Destroyers of Good.

Pedophiles lie to themselves and others when they say they are safe around children.

In reality pedophiles (label label) are a constant danger, and when they touch the child they destroy the good that could had been incurred inside them.

Some symptoms of child sexual abuse:

Changes in behavior such as withdrawal,
crying without provocation.

Appetite disturbances.

Recurrent nightmares, disturbed sleep patterns
or fear of the dark.

Returning to more infantile behavior such as
bed-wetting, thumb sucking or excessive

Torn or stained underclothing.

Vaginal or rectal bleeding, pain, itching,
swollen genitals, vaginal discharge or sexually
transmitted diseases.

Unusual interest in or knowledge of sexual
matters, expressing affection in ways
inappropriate for a child of that age.

Fear of a person or an intense dislike at being
left somewhere or with someone.

Other behavioral signals such as aggressive or
disruptive behavior, running away, failing in
school or delinquent behavior

This is NOT the childs desire!

You are not safe around children, you are not good with or to children, and anyone who would allow a pedophile to be alone with their child is JUST as sick as the pedophile.