Sunday, December 31, 2006

Summary of the Year of 2006

Upon deciding to blog against pedophilia, I happened to meet a great many hard working people who believe in what they are doing, it is a honor to meet them and work with them.

My Top Ten Stupid Pedo List!

1. Ella the fictitious 16yr old girl ....or... man.
2. Alan LOL!
3. Rookiee ... do I ? really? LOL!!
4. Jillium because he tries so hard to 'sound intelligent'.
5. Treader: The abused pedophile who cares not to break the circle. But unlike Jillium he can atleast admit he was abused.
6. ILGO for spamming my comments.
7. glmeister because I'm scared that he is just waiting for someone willing.
8. Blueribbon for being so young and closed minded and violent to his dad.
9. Te Le Chan for being another fictitious person.
10. Wilma another fictitious persona! hrmm I wonder if they are all the same person.

These past few months I have met a few pedophiles via their blogs, and comments.
One in particular, Ella the ficticious 16yr old girl? Or a Man?

"Ella" has become inactive, unable to withstand the conflict of knowing it is in the wrong, and ashamed to admit it.

Pedos allow society to dictate to them, thinking they have to hide... to be another person, so that they can get close to a family to get to the kids. Instead of being open and honest and hated.
But ummm I do have to say that glmeister did break his wifes' heart and tell her he was a pedophile. I am so sad for her, I bet she is so very lonely.
I hope she can find love someday, soon, before its too late.

Then we have the idiots at BC. The kissers, the pervs who think boy moments are real, and the molesters.
These sexual maniacs are cowards, and the scumbag pedos cannot stand up to the pressure of the truth.

One truth is that they are controlled by society.
Another is that because we control them, they are losers, and have already lost the fight!

Because of shame, and fear and the lust of wanting more children to sexualize and molest they lie and hide in the shadows awaiting innocence, and cause much pain.

We must put them away, once they cross the line.
Before that, we must be aware of them, so we can keep our children safe!