Monday, December 04, 2006

Why I have this blog

I have this blog because I want to speak out and let other survivors know that they are not alone and do not have to be silent anymore.

Jillium, would you rather that I shut up?

I am the result of a child being sexualized.
I learned how to be fed, how to be safe if possible.

When asked if you experienced child sexual abuse, you say that it is "personal information".
Its o.k with you... to be a minor (sexually) attracted adult ...
but refuse to divulge if you were molested .

Your hypocrisy is fruitless, your soul is void and empty.

Pedophiles have no real substance, and their only 'advancement' will be up to the nearest
sheriffs office registering on the sex offender list.

You have all sorts of labels meaning this or that.
In reality it is an addiction. It is not natural to sexualize children.
Looking at children, and masturbating caters to child molesting in some form or another.
I heard about some poor sod committing suicide because he cannot molest a kid and child pornography was not enough for him anymore.
Some have more lust and guts do it and get caught.. still others have kids to molest in the family.
Some make friends easy with the type of child they sexualize. Some have hundreds of victims.
It doesn't matter how many times you twist it to sound different, the bottom line is that Pedophiles (label label) sexualize children ... some in different ways, and most-- if given the opportunity to freely make contact with children for sex would make that trip to have sex with a child or touch or whatever.

I wish I knew the exact stats for how many sex offenders say " this is my first time....".