Saturday, December 22, 2007

Protesting IBLD - December 22nd, 2007

Cross posted from AZU written by Jacey and graphics by Jacey! Thanks Jacey!!

Twice a year, the pedofreaks over at BoyChat celebrate International Boylove Day (IBLD), a day on which they light blue candles in celebration of child sexual abuse.

Meet Allan Doerner aka "Hangtwenty", a 75 year old Karaoke singer from West Palm Beach, Florida. What I don't think Allan's audiences realize when he goes on stage to sing to Ricky Martins "Livin La Vida Loca" (translates to "living the crazy life") is that Allan is also living a secret life of pedophilia and child abuse.

Throughout his life Allan has made an effort to be around boys, at one point he was the coach on a Little League baseball team, later on he hung around with street kids, kids which were already having enough trouble with their lives, Allan says:

"I was involved with street unwanted boys, mostly Puertorican... and these boys were another story..! I didn't have to say anything... or lie... They just knew..! To them, if a middleaged single white man (I was recently divorced) showed as much interest as I did in the welfare of an 11 or 13 year-old hispanic boy... there was more to it than just a fatherly concern for their welfare..! That's what they believed....

....and that's what they accepted..!"
And in one post on BoyChat, Allan confesses to having groomed and sexually abused children in the past:
I know I molested... never with force...mostly by seduction... with kindness, caring, gifts, etc.....but I refuse to think otherwise..! To repeat, the fact that someone enjoys being molested doesn't change the fact... ..(, all of you can jump all over me..)
...We all know what the law says about consensual sexual acts between adults and minors... and we all know that what the law doesn't find out, the law can't act on...
Dressed eccentrically, Allan preforms before an unsuspecting audience, a pedophile who posts on BoyChat and who has also has a history of sexually abusing children; Child Molesters like Allan are the reason why we here at Absolute Zero make an effort to protest International Boylove Day.

To protest IBLD show your support for children's innocence by burning a white candle and/or by placing this banner on your website/blog.

This Saturday, December 22nd, 2007 - Stand up against International Boylove Day!

Protest International Boylove Day

Click here to watch our International Boylove Day video from June 23, 2007.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pedophile Pamphlets

The pedophiles at girl chat are discussing making pamphlets to hand out to people. These pamphlets are supposed to "educate" us (society) that pedophiles are "safe", "child lovers" and "no threat to children".

Awwww pedophiles are people too. Boo hoo pedoheads are so misunderstood (as Rob would say...)


Pedophiles we got your number. We know you.

In this fight to gain acceptance, pedophiles forget that Children are people too!
Children deserve the right NOT to be abused, NOT to be sexualized and NOT to be exploited.
Children deserve the right NOT to grow up with a pedophile friend or family member using them for sex or masturbatory material.

Pedophiles want us to accept them in their lust and in their mental illness that is untreated and want us to agree that their mental illness is a sexual orientation. NOPE we won't!
Pedophiles want us to embrace them in their deviance and accept the fact that they look at children as sexual objects. NOPE we never will!

Here is some food for thought. While you think about pedophiles handing out pamphlets filled with lies about how they never would have sex with children here are some screen shots saying otherwise.

Last year a pedophile started a poll at Visions of Alice asking pedoheads if they would have sex with a little girl...people are still answering it. Here are a lot of their answers:

Oh yes if they had the chance.

This pedophile asks "what are you considering a child?"

WARNING!! The following screen shot is graphic and could cause flashbacks and or emotional trauma!

More yes answers....

This guy thinks bestiality is more worse than child molestation.

No matter what a pedophile says to the public, in a flyer, or in a newspaper article, on TV, or a radio show it is all lies. They want to have sex with children in one way or another.

The truth is that pedophiles are willing to lie and deceive society and whom ever they can so they can further their agenda. Their agenda is and always will be to have sex with children.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

W.A.S.P. and the Columbus Ohio Rally

As a Courtesy this is Cross Posted from WASP

(This is a cross post, not written by me, nor am I represented in this post in any area.)

On December 1st I arrived to a weak opposition. There was approximately 30 (maybe 40 if they were lucky) people who attended SoClears rally. This includes the speakers. I didn't get to hear the speakers though. Even though I was right behind them I couldn't hear much at all except when the Rev. yelled "That is MY son". I guess SoClear didn't want to turn the speakers up so everyone could hear their message, just the small gathering of felons, I mean supporters, that were there.

There were NO legislators or polititians who were bored enough to attend their rally. Even the 16,316 registered sex offenders in Ohio didn't bother to accept SOSEN's personal invitation.

(Well, except for The Fallen One from Cincinnati. This convicted pedophile made it a point to make his presence known.)

First Name: DEREK
Middle Name: W
Last Name: LOGUE


Home Address
2559 EDEN AV #14
CINCINNATI, OH 45219-2282

Physical Characteristics
Gender: Male
Race: White

Quivering lips and crooked teeth

Hair: Black
Eye: Brown
Height: 6'0"
Weight:190 lbs.
DOB: 10/31/1976

or as we seen him:

So much for Margie Slagles comment to me that child molestors would not be there. But here is Margie (in purple coat) and her lawyer buddies talking to Judy Cornett (Nationally known advocate for victims of sexual abuse). You didn't see that coming did ya Margie?

Tom himself was shaken by her presence. He stammered in his speech and dropped his papers. Here is a sampling of what they were so afraid of:

Click here: The Bleepin Truth TV Show

But we knew there would be other pedophiles there like Betty's husband. The Price's looked like homeless people. Only God knows why she would want to defend someone like him.

This is Betty with another sex offender.

Looks like she "picked" a good one to talk to! LOL

Here is her husband... another "great" pick

There was news channel 4 (NBC), who did a small peice on the news but they must have felt that SoClears message wasn't that important to post it on the web.

The local newspaper the Columbus Dispatch ran an article (section B page 4... basically not important enough for at least sec. B pg1) that SoClear presented their views while ignoring Boo's from the protestors.

( I was the only person who was yelling by the way. I must have yelled a total of 5 times during the 3 hour borefest. I yelled "Cry Me A River, Sex Offender" )

The article presented Tom Madison as a liar when they couldn't find him on the registry. Wouldn't it have been nice to see that Tommy Boy likes teen girls plastered all over?

The reporter went on to say that the opposition showed little sympathy, and quoted a woman as saying that sex offenders should have no rights at all.

Then SOSEN members took it upon themselves to try to dig up information on this woman and plaster it all over the web. Were they hoping some crazy sex offender buddy would go after her? Way to go SOSEN! I've been in contact with this woman, and things don't look good for you! Can you say LAWSUIT?

This woman didn't even know your websites or groups even existed let alone contact you in the first place, yet you choose to attack her because of a comment in the newspaper. Now who is acting like a vigilante? I would like to thank SOSEN and Mike for the new WASP member!

There was also a rumor started that the only reason BACA was there was because they were "misrepresented" by WASP. Does this look like BACA doesn't want anything to do with me?

Oh yeah... and as far as someone from the protest leaving our side and telling the teen she was sorry about her brother, and taking some of your information...... DUH! Thanks for the information. Here is a pic of my sister (in black coat) getting your free information! Thanks sis!

Did you happen to notice on the back of the Human Rights Watch book you handed out that they said 25% of adults reoffend? Didn't see if they had a stat for juveniles because I have better things to do than read that junk, but that kinda blows your 3.5% stat now doesn't it?

I would just like to point out that Sex offenders wives are UGLY! That is probably why they defend them, because they can't get anyone else! Isn't that right Jackie and Linda?

I would also like to say to the photographer from “various small newspapers”…

Hey! I’m still waiting for those photos! I’m also sad that I missed the opportunity to meet Jackie, although I don’t want her John Hancock. I’m also sorry I didn’t get to see my “buddy” Mike. I made a special poster for him. Here is a pic just for you!

SoClear and SOSEN are deluding themselves if they think that lawmakers are going to take them serious. The entire organization consists of sexual abusers of children and their families (except for Ali... but she is on the wrong side of the fence if she wants to help her brother). (Other than Ali) I didn't see one person there that was convicted for urinating in public or a Romeo and Juliet situation. Do you really think they are gonna leave the wolf in charge of the sheep?

I think I am done dealing with these people. They are a waste of my time because they are no real threat.

Be Proactive, And Not Reactive !

Women Against Sexual Predators

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Retarded Pedophiles

Retarded pedophiles prove their mentally ill every time they open their mouth or type at girlchat or boychat.

Retarded idiots complete with cognitive disorders spew lies to each other and agree to them.

Girl chatters again try to attack me with their lies fueled by anger.
Anger because they know I am right.

I have been ill for the last couple of days, which is why I haven't answered nigelhead or been so active.
Don't worry pig girl chatters. I haven't forgot you.
Your stench is so strong you smell up the internet with your sickening child porn and lust.

You stink.

You can say what ever you want to about me or twist my words all you feel is necessary but in the end YOU pedophiles are the deviants, the criminals and the child exploiters.

I am the product of your lust and abuse and you cannot stand me.
This ... me.. violet... is the once littlegirl who was raped and used by pedophiles.
And I won't be silent, I won't back down because you attack me or my words.

You know your wrong or you would shout from the highest mountain that your want to fuck children and use them for sex.
You girl chatters and boy chatters are the worse low life scum on this planet.

I am what becomes of the little children you use after they grow up.
IF they make it, IF they can go on living. I am the evidence that you used me, abused me and threw me away when your done.
Just like you do to the children you use for sex. Just like the porn you masturbate to.

Here is a post by trucker the fat pig pedophile pertaining to me....

I'm sorry buddy

Posted by Trucker on Tuesday, December 4 2007 at 01:27:37am
In reply to sorry to hear this. posted by rabit on Monday, December 3 2007 at 11:41:47pm

I know VL is happy because she can't even get a boyfriend other than her crusty vibrator, but seriously maybe you should give the relationship one more try. ;P

Seriously here is this fat pig pedophile in judgment of me.
The product of his lust, this fat pig sex offender thinks this about me.
LOL he has no idea.
Its funny because he is the fat pig who had to eat his thanksgiving dinner at a truck stop because he is a sex offender and his family hates him.

Now look at Febri-chan the pervert:

She says that Jesus supports pedos

Posted by Febri-chan on Tuesday, December 4 2007 at 03:10:24am
In reply to HAHAHAHAHAHA Absolute Zero ====== ABSOLUTE MORONS! posted by LGsouL on Monday, December 3 2007 at 08:03:32am

In her post on July 19 she supplies this anagram for P-E-D-O

-Poor in spirit
-empty wallet

"Poor in spirit"

Too easy.
Here are the words of Christ:

"Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven." Matthew5:3

So by her own mouth she confesses our virtue in that Jesus has supplied pedos, who are, as she claims, "poor in spirit" with a special blessing.
In fact, that is the very first of the Beatitudes :p

"empty in wallet"

At a different time Christ again says without the nuance:

"Blessed are ye poor, for yours is the kingdom of God." Luke6:20

Another blessing, if, in fact, we be as poor as she claims :)


That's fine too.
Hear the words of the Lord God spoken to Moses on mt. Sinai:

"Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil [...]" Exodus23:2

So we don't fit in with a bunch of evil-hearted misopaedes, big deal?
Who wants to?


Maybe the words of St. Peter will get through to this dear girl:

"They think it strange that ye run not with them to the same excess of riot, speaking evil of you." IIPeter4:4

Of course they think it's strange: darkness despises the light :)

So, allow me now to make a pedo anagram of my own.



It's funny.
We post here for years and years and people assume that we're all child-molesters and that we will be "caught" one day.
They like to assume stuff, and make conclusions based on those assumptions.

Truth be told, I was probably more of a danger to children when I was young.
They talk about the pedo-timebomb and that we are all destined somehow to "offend" children, but it's not true.
At least, that seems to be going the opposite way for me.

There are kids in my life who I've made real sacrifices of time and resources for, and it gives me a sense of dutiful accomplishment to be able to serve them in that way.

Anyway, it doesn't matter to me what some losers in front of a computer think about me and my disgusting penis that I'm happy to have
(you could say I'm 'attached' to it XD).

I'm glad I'm a piggish, disgusting man; I'm proud of my "just right" penis; and I'll never apologise for being a pedo, because no matter how many children get raped and killed each year, they (the rapists and murderers) are them and I'm me: there is a difference.
I'm a paedophile and I'm damn proud of it.

All I can do is LOL at this post.
I do not wish to discuss his nasty penis but I can only imagine what he masturbates to.
That makes him poor in spirit, & poor in morality.
Any one who twists Bible verses like this for their own cause is obviously sick in the head.

In his own words he speaks Bible verses to exploit his own lust.

tsk tsk tsk Febri-chan .....

Monday, November 26, 2007

You could be marrying a pedophile!

Happened upon a post today at GirlChat...


Posted by Dragonslayer on Sunday, November 25 2007 at 10:00:15pm


I am going to propose to my girlfriend soon, and I thought it would be a good idea to propose to her daughter as well. Sounds weird eh. Not really. You see she has a beautiful 5 year old daughter who has never known her father. So I thought that it would be nice to ask her if I can be her father, and give her a promise ring. Then at the wedding I can adopt her legally, and include her in the ceremony. What do you think?



What does this tell us?
That he plans on molesting this 5 yr old girl? Quite possibly!
How scary!
And how sad that these deviants are out preying on women with children and that those women are falling for it!

If a woman cared for her children she would NOT ever remarry or marry with small children.

We need to get more information on this guy and notify anyone who can end this relationship!
We need to do it fast before he hurts the little girl any more than he has or could had by now.

If you are a single mom.. please stop for one minute and realize you could be pursued by a pedophile now.. for your children not for you.
And that pedophile will not care once he has victimized your children and your children will never be the same.

If you are a single mom please think more further than just "he loves me".
Don't be fooled by deviant men who care nothing for you or your children!
Check the men out who want to date you and never trust them with your children.

Single Moms should not remarry until her children are grown! Yep! That is the price you pay when you have sex and bring an innocent child into the world.

I know that many of you single moms do not think about the fact that the guy who has been coming around lately and playing with the kids could be a pedophile.
Your too busy struggling and getting by. I understand how struggling is.

There are plenty of ways to check up on a person like using Sex Offender registries and you can hire a Private Investigator, you can check out his work possibly, his mother, his home life. If you find a red flag examine it carefully
before dismissing it.

If a man comes to your house watch how he is with the kids. Keep an eye and ear on him at all times. If he is a pedophile or a child molester you may not find out until it is too late, because they are such good liars many times they mask who they really are all their life unless caught and told on and punished.

This is why it is so dangerous for single Moms to get seriously involved with a new man when she has a innocent little child at home.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I told you Zlurker was a dangerous pedophile!

Now he even admits it!

Thanks Hen...

Posted by zlurker on Friday, November 23 2007 at 03:13:14am
In reply to An interesting quote from a sex offender treatment posted by Hen-Wen on Thursday, November 22 2007 at 02:12:07am

...that is an interesting subject. I have realized for a while now that much of what I do is considered "grooming", but I do not really care. I am not grooming anyone for illegal sex, so, tough shit if they do not like it. So long as the so-called adults of the world cannot accept me for what I am, I am going to do whatever it takes to have friendships with their children...

If that means "grooming" both the kids and the parents, then so be it...


This pig pedophile is admitting to grooming children. He even says he doesn't care!

Since you have realized this for quite sometime piggy man what else have you been doing?
I don't understand why your wife doesn't get the hell away from you and turn you in!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Children are innocent!

This pedophile trucker says

How to make children less 'innocent?'

Posted by Trucker on Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 01:14:58am

I see a major barrier in our movement being that society perceives children to be "innocent" and therefore must be shielded from "impure" acts such as sex. So how should children be made to be not as innocent as society deems them as? I'd like to leave this open-ended because my friend and I were talking about this, and we can't come up with any answers.

This statement alone shows his mental illness is in full swing. This is dangerous thinking for a pedophile! For example he could be in a stressful situation, or starting to get bigger urges ..thinking about some little girl he knows who is in need of asking for sex.

Only a sick pedophile would want to make kids appear less innocent. They are less sensitive than the rest of us, after all I can only imagine what they see... meaning that pedophiles find all kinds of horrible situations sexually exciting.

They want US to see it too, and say its OK to look at children sexually... and they are successful at it!
Look at the latest kids' fashions, the shoes jacket, Halloween costumes!
But why do you buy into it?
Society buys up fashion clothes made for pedophiles by pedophiles!
Why are you buying it?
Who would want to show a child's body otherwise?
I certainly do not!
Who else would show sexualized children, and why?
Only pedophiles would look at children as sex objects!
Who would want to dress up a 6 yr old with make up and sexy clothes other than those who are pedophiles or caters to pedophiles?
Enough is enough!

Country to Country we need to stop this down sweep of morals from our Department Stores and Websites!

Stop the insanity of denial! A child should not be wearing short tight clothes with high heels!

The destruction of humanity is happening with every passing minute!

Only ignorants would allow their future to be destroyed by predators and fowl creatures. By day and by night these pedophile destroyers group together and prey upon innocence that ONE DAY will run the world!

Think about that... so many sexual abuse victims do not come forward to tell what happened to them until much later in life. Until then, they rot inside. They make bad life decisions if any.
Many people who have been through a quarter of what I have do not even make it out clean. The rotten insides eventually come out but the roots and seeds remain. These people that were the sexually abused children must live. If they are from drug addicted families or alcoholic's how can we be sure they ever will heal? Who will care for that child once the body turns 18 or 21?
The prison warden? The local homeless shelter?

If your attacked as a child you never get over it! Some never grow past (sexually) the age of molestation. Some have parts of them left there. Most are damaged for life.
The memories never fade fully because sometime... some place.. some where something will remind you again and again.
And all of the pictures come floating in, your in physical pain.. the guilt of what if i told?... and the shame of what has been. If you have no hope as a child how can you have it as an adult?
It takes a whole lot of therapy and commitment and love to get past the worthlessness.

Children deserve to grow up without abuse in their homes! Children are innocent!

Pedophiles plotting against children and their right to a happy childhood is complete and utter selfishness.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

You idiots at girl chat

Your mental illness is showing!

You sit in judgment of ME the product of child abuse in every way while sitting at your computer masturbating to child porn and exchanging pictures of children in sexual images, while possibly molesting little girls some where, watching little girls, lusting over little girls.

And you call me sick?

You call me twisted?

Pedophiles... YOUR mental illness is not a sexual orientation.

This is what these perverts have to say about me beginning with this post.

Here is a quote from one pervert:

1) she isn't and 2) and so what if she is???

Posted by lgsinmyheart on Thursday, November 15 2007 at 03:11:28am
In reply to For the last time - S/HE IS A FAKE! posted by Trucker on Thursday, November 15 2007 at 01:12:37am
1) She isn't a fake since the first moment she started posting. That alone makes her real, even if all her claimed life details are false. A nick is all she needs to be real in this case. The fact that she posts words makes her as real as she needs to be to become a soldier in this war. With all that entails re: laws of war.

2) And so what if she lies in her details??? That makes her no less dangerous. She still is carrying her wmd everywhere with her, whether or not she is who claims to be. Her lies here or there do not make her any less of a danger for every MAA and minor there is in the world. If anything, they make her MORE dangerous, as we know she will not shy from intentional deceit.

Now cowardly perverts I am not going anywhere. I am in your dreams.
I am in your future.. and in your past.

You can't stand it because I am the product of your lust, and your abuse of little girls.
You can't stand it because I won't be silenced. And my silence is the only thing that separates a victim from a survivor.
I will never be silent.
You can't control or manipulate me.

I know you.
And that is why you hate me.

I am witness to your sick perverted desires.
And you know it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tom aka childlovr4evr07 aka TW

Or shall I say ROB.

Pointing and laughing still!

"I am in the states and will be an American Lawyer fighting for the real victims"

You're a liar. Why did you have to leave town again?

"I know the law better than you do my friend.. I can voice my beliefs"

No, you can want to. You can try to. But you won't last long. That's a promise.

stitches77 | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 4:58 pm | #

You think that is me ? Don"t think so.

I did not leave from anywhere..
T.W. | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 5:08 pm | #

Of course you didn't Rob.

stitches77 | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 5:10 pm | #

Now you really have me confused friend..
T.W. | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 5:17 pm | #

"If you ever did put up a real photo of me I would sue you for defamation of character"

Everybody point at Rob and laugh!!!!

stitches77 | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 7:54 pm | #

"why such hateful vengence"

Well Tom aka Rob aka Rick

What you've seen here isn't hateful at all. If you really want to see hateful I'm quite sure we could pull some up for you.

No, this is just a little bit of what you're up against. And we've been most pleasant actually. You just haven't seen anything yet. But of course you don't believe me. None of the pedoheads believed me. Once upon a time.

stitches77 | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 7:59 pm | #

So Rob goes to GC to sob about us outing him... LOL! What a scumbag filthy pedophile! 418904.htm

~**Violet Leaves**~ | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 9:03 pm | #

Glad to know that you saw my post on GC, Not to worry, They have seen all of your antics before, you people really did not out me as you have no proof of who I am and even if you did, I am within my rights. Violet.. You are the worst of them all and will give up eventually and sob about your "traumatic " Life
T.W. | 11.12.07 - 10:52 pm | #

Check out Absolute Zero comments for more on "Tom".

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Arion Neos is trying to adopt!

The first post I read this morning on Boy Chat made me ill.
Waves of rage and sickness swept over me as I read these words:

Indefinite signoff
Posted by Arion Neos on 2007-November-6 05:07:44, Tuesday
Not for any reason but this: I'm trying to adopt, and I can't have this forum in my cache for the time being.

For obvious reasons.

I've known and loved the hell out of many of you here, and some have been good in email too; but for now I think I need to cool it in BC. I know I've been intermittent for a while in the last few years, so maybe this won't even be noticed overall. I'm okay with that. This is not an egotistic GBCW style post. Emo Douchebag I Am Not.

On the plus side, if things go the way I hope, I'll be back eventually, and you'll be getting occasional boymoments from me too.

Because, you know, boys -- sons -- have friends.

Meanwhile: Love to all of you. And for the sake of Christ, don't let BC turn into a pity party. Sure, post about the hurts you've had. But post your happinesses too. Attachment is suffering, but life isn't misery. Write of your hurts, but write too of those sublime moments when you can't tell the difference between sundew and glow on soft downy hairs, of the times when mist breathes soft over you as you please and love your boys, of the times when you taste the nectar, the sweet budding ambrosia of his ripening youth.

And until next time, here is my dream boy moment. The one I'm wishing for, the one I'm trying to make real right now.


I woke in the dark, roused by what I knew not, and rolled onto my back.

He was standing there at the foot of the bed, staring at me wide-eyed, and it startled me a little. "Dad?"

You never called me that before, I thought, and sat up. "Yeah, kid?"

He just shrugged, rubbing his eyes. His jammies were bunched all over him in a jumble of Spider-Man red and blue.

"Bad dream?"

He shrugged again.

I moved over, pulling the sheets away, patting the mattress. "Come on."

He climbed in, nestling uncertainly. I drew him nearer, drew his warmth into mine. "Come on. Snuggle."

He sighed, relaxing, and my arm wrapped over his shoulders.

"I love you, kid, you know," I whispered into his ear. "I love you, son. You came from nowhere and set my life alight with love, and I can't be without you. I really can't."

"My bad dreams really scare me sometimes," he said. "The dream catcher isn't working."

"Well, I'm here now," I said, "right beside you, and I'm your dream catcher now. Just like I make sure the house is safe for us, just like I feed us, just like I'm here now, I'll find those dreams and stop them, and watch over you while you sleep. Always." I kissed his ear. "I've got you, son. I'm your dad, and I've got your back."

He nodded, smiled, and slid into sleep in my arms.

I stayed awake and looked at him and loved him so, oh so much.

My coal, my furnace, my love, my boy.


Someday this won't be a story. Until then, best to all of you. Email if you want.

Arion Neos
Don't worry.... I am emailing every single child protection agency in the unites states about this. About You. And your desires.

I hope it lands in the right hands BEFORE you have time to molest your prospective "son".

Friday, November 02, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The funniest thing happened

at girlchat.

I guess Nigel got it in his head that a supposed 15 yr old girlchatter named Fayla was a mole..sent in by Perverted Justice.
He thought this because he was listening to a voice on another youtube channel, that of Pervert Expose.
Nigel GC's local investigator went on a rampage with Hen Wen to get Fayla exposed and while they were at it, button nose as well.

The destruction started and went on .... and on until finally today it looks as if Fayla has left girlchat but only after giving out some personal information, of which Nigel took no regard.
And when.. some one questions Nigel's actions...Nigel starts questioning that poster- inciting that maybe GC'ers need proof of them as well.

Nigel demanded that only a video of Fayla could save her.. video herself or else!
This was his demand!! And she had better respect that!
Nigel the masturbator must think it is his right to protect something at girlchat.

One last thought.... this is typical pedophile behavior. Using children, blaming children and exploiting children. If Fayla was a real 15 yr old they have offended yet another child.

Good Going PedoHeads!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Feds take over Jimbo's case!

So according to this article, James Patrick Finn III is going to be formally charged by Federal Prosecutors!

Federal prosecutors have taken over a case involving a Lincoln Park man arrested for possessing hundreds of images of child pornography.

James Patrick Finn III, 42, is facing federal charges of possession of child pornography and receipt of child pornography. He faces the possibility of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Finn had been facing state child pornography charges after being arrested July 17 in his house in the 3300 block of Applewood. That matter, however, was dropped last month.

"In this particular case, we have dismissed our case so the feds can proceed with theirs," said Maria Miller, spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

We have to remember that it was by the actions of members of Perverted Justice that JimF3 (James Patrick Finn III) was brought to the attention of the Detroit Police Department, and eventually caught by them in the act of downloading child porn!

Great work Perverted Justice!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Kamikaze Jan

Jan Kruska says
"hate doesn’t solve anything, neither does revenge. Hate and vengeance is for the simple minded and it is a cop out. It is taking the easy way out. It is also the fast track to the inevitable next future disaster"
So what's so wrong about that statement? Jan only applies it to people who have sexually offended against others. That's what.
Jan believes:
"While sexual abuse is despicable there are indeed things that are much worse in life"
"those on the sex offender registry have suffered great losses.......the right to live where you want and feel safe in your person and in your home"
"The scarlett [sic] letter is real and is about to be placed squarely on the foreheads of those responsible for this American travesty that is the sex offender registry"
Jan also believes that children don't report when they are abused for fear that their abuser will be removed from the home.

It reminded me so much of someone else. The wacked out mother who showed up on GirlChat recently explaining that her boyfriend got together with her because he was a pedophile and wanted her daughter. He had done it to another woman and her daughter before her. And now after molesting the 10 year old, Frianne is trying to figure out how to hold on to him when he gets out of jail. OMG They all seem to be the same! Look at this grandma, she's upset that her son is in jail. she admits that he did it but says "it was a psychological error on his part" She goes on to say that
"I know he is sorry and will never do it again....He should not have to pay so dearly, he did'nt kill ...and it was the result of the two girls(his) constantly sexually active since 11, and flaunting it in his face, when his wife did'nt like sex, he was in need"
She just fit right into that den at SOSEN didn't she? Even Shirley Lowery agrees as a matter of fact
"I grew up in an abusive home and I kept my mouth shut. Now that I am older and wiser I know without a doubt that I did the right thing then and would do the same again. Virtue has little meaning to a child who likes a roof over their head and food to put in their belly"
But then what can you expect, as she also said:

Poor Pathetic Ignorant Americans

John Walsh has single-handedly destroyed more US children than any other individual in history

Americans can be incredibly stupid.

The Miami police department has set the stage. No action was required but their reaction equaled that of a national crisis. The public has a right to know

John Walsh is not the only person to lose a child under tragic circumstances. He has been in a rage for a quarter of a century. Now we are being asked to pick up an astronomical tab to immortalize his son. I wouldn't give a dime. I learned what manure is a long time ago so I walk around it rather than stepping in it.

Each of us has the capability of being an abuser and many thousands of you are active abusers. How dare you sit back and point your finger and judge yourself as being a better person. You aren’t.

Home of the brave? No, a nation of whimps whose answer to everything is placing the blame elsewhere.

All that talk about blaming and finger pointing led me back a ways. I thought about Jan's religious intolerance. And I thought about her dishonesty and her belief that parents of murdered children are the ones who should be blamed rather than the person who commits the act.
"The common thread with all of these cases is that the parents were living less than, shall we say, good moral lifestyles....."

Sex offenders aren’t born sex offenders. They are created. They are a bi-product of society and the sooner we ALL start taking responsibility the better chance we all have of protecting our kids and having, NO MORE VICTIMS
I believe that these people, the Shirley Lowery’s and Jan Kruska’s and Tom Madison’s don’t know what responsibility is. Tom as CEO of SoClear believes that randomly attacking uninvolved people and knowingly libeling them, accusing them of things which they did not do, is appropriate behavior. He even goes so far as to demean the serious topic of child sexual abuse by calling Jan’s actions a mere game of "sticks ‘n stones”.

The mainstream perception that these people are indifferent and insensitive to the very real abuse that children have suffered is born out by their own actions, and I believe there could hardly be a more blatant example of their remarkable unwillingness to take responsibility for their own conduct. We have dubbed this ‘blame gaming’ but a more proper term would be sociopathic.

And yet, we aren't the only ones bickering with these guys. We aren't the only ones who think these people are wack jobs. Take the case of Erika

p3rl_script wrote to David Coffman, owner of SOSEN about her concerns regarding CEO Shirley Lowery.

"I have decided to withdraw my membership from SOSEN as a result of Shirley's destructive messages and psychotic leadership skills.

She is hurting people and she will drag you and others down with her if allowed to continue, she is severely unstable mentally and has no understanding just how damaging her behavior is when she is allowed to continue inciting nonsense with no consequences for her asinine actions."

And to Shirley herself she says:

"Your one step away from having the FBI on your tail, with the type of content your allowing to be posted and the type of things you write about.

I cannot and will not be associated with the "Illegal" and "unlawful" type of activity your advocating for by encouraging and promoting it on your Yahoo Group SOSEN.

It is extremely stupid and you are placing any one in connection with you and SOSEN in danger of being arrested for whatever the government can get you for in regards to inciting people and encouraging illegal activity in violation of both state and federal laws.

The kind of behavior you are promoting and allowing to occur is EXTREMELY dangerous and self-defeating and I shall take NO part in it.

You have no idea (seemingly) of the harm and damage your doing to the very people you think you are helping! Your like a predator who preys on peoples fears causing them to react.


Erika promptly formed the Families in Social Crisis Legal Defense group.

But she also formed a yahoo group called jessicamarielunsfordfoundation

Using this name she wrote propaganda

and wild rants to newspaper articles

She told us about her past

And linked us to her MySpace

And her profession

And her hobbies

Her needs

All of us here at AZ and in the entire Anti community each have our own reasons for being here. Some of us were sexually abused as children or know someone who was. Some of us came to this due to attacks by online pedophile terrorists. But the common thread that binds us is the obligation we feel.

When someone like a Margie Slagle, an Ohio Attorney and board member of SoClear, mocks child sexual abuse via harassing emails, or when a Jan Kruska mocks a child sexual abuse survivor, some of us just shake our heads in disbelief as we watch her downward spiral. Others say "this will never do"

Meet Kamikaze Jan

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