Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A newly released sex offender?

I would bet on it.

Here is a post at BC today.. anyone know anything about MK II?

Great Lies and Other matters

Posted by MK-II on 2007-January-31 07:27:38, Wednesday

Some of you old timers will remember me. I was one of the original "members" of this board, back in the mid 90s, and survived many an "insident" like the great scandals of "Jamie" and "Alex" just to name a few.

I've been away (some of you know why), and am now back. Scared, but mostly unchanged. I have become bitter over some recent events and would like to discuss them here, as they relate to this board. Since there are many "topics" of interest, I would like to focus on one GREAT LIE and the perpertrators behind them.

GREAT LIE: "Sex Offenders"/Pedophiles have the highest rate of recidivisim in the nation. This lie is often spouted out of the lieing mouths of the likes of many in the news media, especially the GREAT SATAN-John Walsh. Look Johnny Boy... I'm sorry that your son got kidnapped and killed (just where were you when it came to protecting your son you asshole), but the FACTS are that "Sex Offenders"/Pedophiles have the second lowest rate of recidivism, under 6% after 5 years of release. This is a constant FEDERAL Statistic you asshole! Not pulled out of my ass like your numbers come from. Get off your high horse and start to tell the truth. But then your ratings would suffer, and the general panic you cause, and the hate that you perpetuate would no longer have any fuel. Sean Hannity is another flaming lieing SOB in this regard.

You guys are more concerned about your damn ratings than about telling the whole truth.

Next GREAT LIE... the religion known as Psychology and how it is destroying the world... but I'll save that for later...


The GREAT LIE is that its OK to sexualize children asswipe.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today we all rejoice! Glorious Girls are D O W N!

glmeister you piece of crap now whatcha gonna do? Take that archive of glorious girls and shove it up your ass pedohead!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pedophilia is a choice

In order to be a pedophile (label jillium label 'sexually perverted')
you must
choose to sexualize children.

In order to sexualize children, you must have no respect for children.

In reality pedophiles have little understanding of children ... and certainly anyone who does have that understanding would know that sex with a child is life damaging to that child.

Most Pedophiles lack knowledge of children. Some do have the knowledge.. and they are even more dangerous. Their manipulation level being more cunning and sneaky.
At message boards we read where one pedophile excitedly proclaims a child moment. And usually we read that he thinks the child is flirting with him, like he made "eye contact" or a nod, smile..grin.

Many pedophiles will lie and lie and lie that they would never hurt a child, yet soon.... we read about it in the newspaper... his crime: offending a child in some way or collecting child pornography.

Pedophiles choose to lust after children because they embrace the thoughts.

The thoughts of sex with children overtake many of their lives. They download child porn and masturbate to pictures of REAL children being abused!
They are witnessing a child being destroyed for life and masturbating to it.


Ok I am back now...

The choice to be a pedophile is proven by simply reading the following sentence.

If we all acted on our bad thoughts the world would most definately be a very very very very sad place.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

alan the pedo is a coward.

More so than any pedo today.

alan the pedo
wished he was a speedo
but he has no brains
to think
or change
he is a piece of crap
lying filthy in the mud.

sneaky garbage is always
better off

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Here is Pyrgos
We have another typical perv (maybe feeling guilty?) possibly in the stage of molesting.

I have a real hard time to believe that he didn't molest the little girl.
Did he fondle her? Yeah! I am sure!

And then we have the "old" Descartes, a boylover. Here in this post, he talks about volunteering to work with children.

How gross is it that? Plus he knows they will give him advice to move to Thailand?
Hmmmmmmm! He is desperate! Watch out!

Friday, January 05, 2007

GL Meister is a LIAR

Another lying pedophile. This time it is about GL Meister-- a self proclaimed proud to be a littlegirl lover.

GL Meister wrote :

I am out in RL to only two people, so I have not yet been in a position where one of them would have to decide whether or not to stay by my side.
I am not sure how my wife would handle it, but I am quite sure the friend I told would support me. His wife, however, might put an end to me hanging out alone with their daughter :-(

Yet, in this blog entry he says:

PART I - Girl Chat post about telling my wife

In this post Lindsay asks in the last paragraph how many of us would be willing to come out to families, partners or closest friends by Alice Day. I replied that I would to at least one person (I thought it would be me best friend) but could not promise that it would be by Alice Day.

Well, it was not my best friend I told, but my wife. I told her last night. It took me a while to get the words out, and we continued to talk (mostly me talking in a very shaky voice) for quite a while afterwards. It seemed that she could hardly look at me - she starred off across the room most of the time.

SO what is the truth?

We will never know! Pedophiles keep secrets and lies like treasures.
We cannot trust gl meister, and we KNOW no one can trust him around little girls!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

There is NO support at BoyChat

Boychatters have shown once again that they are not supportive of each other.
That even if they "try" to support, they are still only concerned about their secrets.

Here is a screen shot of Alive, ( a suicidal pedophile) getting no support at BC:

First he writes about his therapist:
The above screenshot says:
"Today, we actually had a discussion about the whole concept behind "sex offender therapy" and she agreed that it was all fucking awful.

The world needs more therapists that think like that. She knows more about pedophilia than most therapists, even if she is totally against any actual intergenerational contact..... She knows about my BL side, and said it was perfectly fine. How many therapists out there will say something like that?

I got lucky with this one. The world of therapy needs more people who are as truly open-minded as this woman is."

Now the pedos get their panties in a bunch and instead of giving support, they are only concerned that Alive "doesn't share anything illegal".... this is proof right here, that most boychatters are molesters and have dirty secrets to keep.... regarding hurting children.

Santi says:
" don't overtrust therapists.

Beware Alive, be careful. You are a little hype lately. Don't open your mouth too much."

Alive, standing up for himself, now feeling threatened because the person he trusts in is being attacked.
More than anything Alive needs the support of BC but that is just an illusion.

So he says to Santi:
" Posted by Alive on 2007-January-2 21:05:46, Tuesday

I've been talking to this therapist for the last year. If she wanted to turn against me, she would have already done so by now."

And this is what he gets:

Posted by
middy on 2007-January-3 04:16:25, Wednesday

"...yer still talking to her....

...she is trained to get you to drop your pants, Alive...the good feeling
you are having now is the vaseline she is applying to yer anus... out for what she inserts..."


Posted by
Silent Sufferer on 2007-January-3 02:08:48, Wednesday

Sometimes even after you catch the fish you still have to reel it in slowly before it realizes what's happening and escapes from the hook.

All were saying is be careful what you reveal. That therapist might be baiting you for information to use against you. Trust no therapist: remember that you're paying THEM to listen and pretend to care. Anybody will take your side if you pay them enough.


Listen to Santi

Posted by valerio on 2007-January-3 01:39:01, Wednesday

He's 100% right on this one. If you mention anything that might possibly be construed as illegal, she's required by law to report it to the cops.

Here we have more evidence that supports the Moral voice that has been shouting "Pedophiles and (label label) are liars! Most have something to hide (even more than just being a pedophile.)

But.. we already knew that!