Friday, January 05, 2007

GL Meister is a LIAR

Another lying pedophile. This time it is about GL Meister-- a self proclaimed proud to be a littlegirl lover.

GL Meister wrote :

I am out in RL to only two people, so I have not yet been in a position where one of them would have to decide whether or not to stay by my side.
I am not sure how my wife would handle it, but I am quite sure the friend I told would support me. His wife, however, might put an end to me hanging out alone with their daughter :-(

Yet, in this blog entry he says:

PART I - Girl Chat post about telling my wife

In this post Lindsay asks in the last paragraph how many of us would be willing to come out to families, partners or closest friends by Alice Day. I replied that I would to at least one person (I thought it would be me best friend) but could not promise that it would be by Alice Day.

Well, it was not my best friend I told, but my wife. I told her last night. It took me a while to get the words out, and we continued to talk (mostly me talking in a very shaky voice) for quite a while afterwards. It seemed that she could hardly look at me - she starred off across the room most of the time.

SO what is the truth?

We will never know! Pedophiles keep secrets and lies like treasures.
We cannot trust gl meister, and we KNOW no one can trust him around little girls!