Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A newly released sex offender?

I would bet on it.

Here is a post at BC today.. anyone know anything about MK II?

Great Lies and Other matters

Posted by MK-II on 2007-January-31 07:27:38, Wednesday

Some of you old timers will remember me. I was one of the original "members" of this board, back in the mid 90s, and survived many an "insident" like the great scandals of "Jamie" and "Alex" just to name a few.

I've been away (some of you know why), and am now back. Scared, but mostly unchanged. I have become bitter over some recent events and would like to discuss them here, as they relate to this board. Since there are many "topics" of interest, I would like to focus on one GREAT LIE and the perpertrators behind them.

GREAT LIE: "Sex Offenders"/Pedophiles have the highest rate of recidivisim in the nation. This lie is often spouted out of the lieing mouths of the likes of many in the news media, especially the GREAT SATAN-John Walsh. Look Johnny Boy... I'm sorry that your son got kidnapped and killed (just where were you when it came to protecting your son you asshole), but the FACTS are that "Sex Offenders"/Pedophiles have the second lowest rate of recidivism, under 6% after 5 years of release. This is a constant FEDERAL Statistic you asshole! Not pulled out of my ass like your numbers come from. Get off your high horse and start to tell the truth. But then your ratings would suffer, and the general panic you cause, and the hate that you perpetuate would no longer have any fuel. Sean Hannity is another flaming lieing SOB in this regard.

You guys are more concerned about your damn ratings than about telling the whole truth.

Next GREAT LIE... the religion known as Psychology and how it is destroying the world... but I'll save that for later...


The GREAT LIE is that its OK to sexualize children asswipe.