Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pedophilia is a choice

In order to be a pedophile (label jillium label 'sexually perverted')
you must
choose to sexualize children.

In order to sexualize children, you must have no respect for children.

In reality pedophiles have little understanding of children ... and certainly anyone who does have that understanding would know that sex with a child is life damaging to that child.

Most Pedophiles lack knowledge of children. Some do have the knowledge.. and they are even more dangerous. Their manipulation level being more cunning and sneaky.
At message boards we read where one pedophile excitedly proclaims a child moment. And usually we read that he thinks the child is flirting with him, like he made "eye contact" or a nod, smile..grin.

Many pedophiles will lie and lie and lie that they would never hurt a child, yet soon.... we read about it in the newspaper... his crime: offending a child in some way or collecting child pornography.

Pedophiles choose to lust after children because they embrace the thoughts.

The thoughts of sex with children overtake many of their lives. They download child porn and masturbate to pictures of REAL children being abused!
They are witnessing a child being destroyed for life and masturbating to it.


Ok I am back now...

The choice to be a pedophile is proven by simply reading the following sentence.

If we all acted on our bad thoughts the world would most definately be a very very very very sad place.