Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The truth about pedophiles

Pedophiles forget that they are liars.

You can ask yourself how a person can forget they are a liar? Simple, keep lying and lying and soon you believe your own lies.

This is how it works in the pedophile brain. Of all the things they have in common, lying is number one.

Why is lying so important to the pedophile agenda?

Because if they told the truth to the world, then the world would know what they really are.
They could not hold jobs where they can have contact with children, they could not sneak their ways into families, if they didn't lie.

Lying gives them an advantage to step forward in their manipulations to seduce a child and then try to seduce a parent, acting like they are safe and have only "genuine concern" for the child. After all, what kind of parent would keep their child back from a person that seems like they are beneficial for the child?
Especially if that person is a teacher or coach or someone who can help the child overcome something they need to, or get ahead in their studies. BUT! Now we understand this and before many parent´s would condone such a thing, nowadays many would think AHAH! he is a pedo! Keep my child away from him! This is what we must try to achieve. More awareness so that parents can make the right decision in the midst of a liar.

So many times it is too late before they realize the pedophile is a pedophile and usually that is after the pedo has molested their child!
And usually only after it is too late, do the families realize that "something was off with that guy....".

Reading BoyChat and GirlChat, I often have to puke in between, because of the liars who go to these message boards to brag.
If they are not bragging about their latest victim, they are deeply depressed for lack of a child to molest.

Pedophiles are many things, often live in disguise, but through the facade we can depend on one thing: A pedophile is a liar.

Pedophiles think they can further their agenda with lies and "pedo speak".
However, WE, the people of this planet know better and will never ever allow these sick monsters to prey on our children!

Spread the word!

Stomp out a lying pedohead today with the truth!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My answer to your questions about Child Porn.

Watching child porn and masturbating to it is very bad because not only are you a witness to the actual abuse, your also getting off on someone else's pain and humiliation.

You are exploiting that same child when you send child porn back and forth and or download it and or upload it.

You are also demoralizing your self.
By accepting that the image is sexy you accept the acts of it .. itself. You take that on inside your mind and apply it to your hand as you stroke your penis.

You are then able to make a connection ...child porn... to a possible young friend fantasy... to a real life child.

Because you desensitize yourself, this kind of action against a child is "acceptable" to you
after a while.

Once you accept it as "ok" your mind dwells in that evilness, and soon the cravings for a real child get bigger and stronger.

The more stronger the craving the more urges you get for a real child.

The more urges, the more craving, the more urges the less control.

Soon...if you can get close enough to a child you think more about how to molest them because of your
insatiable lust for children, that is enhanced when you pedo's watch child pornography.

Yes the child porn activates -a part of your mind- that will not be fully satisfied until you molest. It turns a key that was once just curiosity of how it would be, and just like in adult pornography, you learn more ways to have sex.

Also pedophiles sometimes feel the need to brag...so of course a few snapshots of the victim is no big deal, because after all, you have seen child pornography, and you know there is a market for it. Even if just for bragging rights.

Yes there is nothing more better for a pedophile than to know that other people are out there wanting to share in their perversion. Some pedo's who have a victim, love to share them, again.. for bragging rights, or out of "pity" for the other molester who has no one to molest.

It is a road to destruction on a one way path. Who would choose such a road?

Pedophiles and other deviants would love us to believe that their sickness is a sexual orientation.
To classify it as "just a guy who likes to diddle children", and go on with our day, unconcerned that he is lusting after our children.

I do not believe pedophilia to be a sexual orientation. I believe it to be a mental illness, that can be passed down from generation to generation via males.
Because these types of males are the more common molesters they are the most dangerous.

I also think sexual deviance can start as a lustful thought, then turned into a sexual fantasy and then an addiction.
The addiction is so strong it can overtake the day, and night, and weeks, and months for years.
It manifests on child images and by watching child pornography. Going from a dirty thought to the actual act of touching a child.

I do not know anyone who has never thought a bad thought. Ranging from murder to suicide.
And everything in between. But the logical and more intelligent minds will not embrace such thoughts because they know right from wrong.
Throwing away bad thoughts is a process we learn as children, or are supposed to learn.
Some do not, and so they spend most of their lives in prison.
And while the thought of that is good, the knowledge of what the child(ren) went through, is not good.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Zlurker Revisited

Here is desperate ignorant pedo greengenes. He writes in to GirlChat to tell them how desperate he is to molest a little girl.
Of course he does not come right out and say it. But when you read that "all he wants to do is cuddle.." You KNOW he has more on his mind that that.

need a girl to love

Posted by greengenes on Tuesday, February 6 2007 at 12:22:39am

hi, im new to this site. im also kinda new to being a girl-lover. have been for only a year or so. there are A LOT of questions i have (notice the caps used). i guess the most urgent ones i have are: how can i start a friendship with a little girl without her parents, and others, being...well, freaked out? after all, why would a 20-year old guy with no girlfriend wanna be hanging around with a girl half his age? where's a good place to meet little girls? are there any places where i can volunteer? i'm pretty shy and not good at making friends, but i'm hoping those little angels will make me feel more comfortable. notice that i said "friendship": obviously i'm sexually attracted to young girls but i don't wanna do anything with them beyond cuddling simply because i believe that anything more might be too much for them at their age.

please. i need some guidance here. anything

Um yeah OK greengenes you stupid pedophile. Who are you trying to *kid* here?

Our piggy fat putrid friend Zlurker (gl meister) types in to lend a helping hand...

Re: need a girl to love

Posted by zlurker on Tuesday, February 6 2007 at 01:27:19am
In reply to need a girl to love posted by greengenes on Tuesday, February 6 2007 at 12:22:39am

after all, why would a 20-year old guy with no girlfriend wanna be hanging around with a girl half his age?

OBVIOUSLY, because a 10-year-old is ten times more lovely than any almost any 20-year-old :-)

My motto (I have a lot of them, but one at least) is that you have to court the parents almost a much as the girl. If mom / dad do not like you, it is hard to get quality time with their 10-year-old. I also have a theory that if mom secretly finds you more attractive than she finds her husband, then she is more likely to be open to you hanging around with her daughter � as long as she does not suspect that you are actually more interested in her daughter than in her :-)

The sweet spot for me is girls 6- to 10-years-old, but I like many of them from 2 to 14 really. Right now I have a huge crush on a 7-year-old. Last time I saw her I got to really cuddle her for a while, and "fantastic" does not even begin to describe how awesome it was.

Glad to "meet" you.


This is what Girlchat and boychat are for...
Not to lend support to NOT molest or "cuddle"! Its all about HOW to do it!

They give advice how to get close to families with children.
Advice how to get close to kids in general.
Advice how to manipulate parents into letting you be close to their children.
Advice about where to go to oogle children.
It goes ON and ON and no where do they get support to stop sexualizing children.
But support to KEEP sexualizing children.

Monday, February 05, 2007

How to become a registered sex offender

1. Molest a child.

2. Touch a child in a inappropriate way.

3. Masturbate to child porn and get caught downloading or sending it out.

Lock them up and throw away the key!


Child porn, obsessive masturbation .. obsessive thoughts all lead to child molestation.

Vampires, demons, atheists and ignorants ... all can be part of the pedophile world, waiting to stalk after your children, wanting sex with your child... and then when they are done.. onwards to the next victim.

Christians, Pastors, Muslims, Jews.... all can be part of the pedophile world, waiting to touch or fondle your baby, while you trust.

See that dude on the playground?
He is the one you need to watch.
See his newspaper? It has a hole, so he can watch your child through it. (LOL) It can happen!

See that unattached guy there at the poolside? He is too interested in the boys.. he is snapping pictures of the boy... He is following the boy to the shower room! See Him?
Oh yessss he is there!

What about that *nice guy* who asked you for a date? You seen him looking weird at your 4 yr old.. don't blow that off!

Many offending pedophiles want you to trust them and will try very hard to blend in.
Be aware and don't make your children pay because you need a relationship.

Deviants find ways to do wrong, and the only way we can keep them down is to fight against them every step of the way.

Liars, cowards, manipulators, & Clowns... all can be part of the pedophile world watching ... in hopes
that your child will walk home from school alone one day... or stay after.

Coaches, Campers, Dads, and Uncles.... all can be part of the pedophile world. Molesting and preying on the innocent, the ones who trust them.

This list could go on and on. Pedophiles assimilate into the community-- around children. You can spot them easy enough, if your eyes are open.

Pedophiles are the deviants in society!

We MUST set national laws in the United States mandating hard heavy sentences for any who cause harm to a child!