Monday, February 05, 2007

How to become a registered sex offender

1. Molest a child.

2. Touch a child in a inappropriate way.

3. Masturbate to child porn and get caught downloading or sending it out.

Lock them up and throw away the key!


Child porn, obsessive masturbation .. obsessive thoughts all lead to child molestation.

Vampires, demons, atheists and ignorants ... all can be part of the pedophile world, waiting to stalk after your children, wanting sex with your child... and then when they are done.. onwards to the next victim.

Christians, Pastors, Muslims, Jews.... all can be part of the pedophile world, waiting to touch or fondle your baby, while you trust.

See that dude on the playground?
He is the one you need to watch.
See his newspaper? It has a hole, so he can watch your child through it. (LOL) It can happen!

See that unattached guy there at the poolside? He is too interested in the boys.. he is snapping pictures of the boy... He is following the boy to the shower room! See Him?
Oh yessss he is there!

What about that *nice guy* who asked you for a date? You seen him looking weird at your 4 yr old.. don't blow that off!

Many offending pedophiles want you to trust them and will try very hard to blend in.
Be aware and don't make your children pay because you need a relationship.

Deviants find ways to do wrong, and the only way we can keep them down is to fight against them every step of the way.

Liars, cowards, manipulators, & Clowns... all can be part of the pedophile world watching ... in hopes
that your child will walk home from school alone one day... or stay after.

Coaches, Campers, Dads, and Uncles.... all can be part of the pedophile world. Molesting and preying on the innocent, the ones who trust them.

This list could go on and on. Pedophiles assimilate into the community-- around children. You can spot them easy enough, if your eyes are open.

Pedophiles are the deviants in society!

We MUST set national laws in the United States mandating hard heavy sentences for any who cause harm to a child!