Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The truth about pedophiles

Pedophiles forget that they are liars.

You can ask yourself how a person can forget they are a liar? Simple, keep lying and lying and soon you believe your own lies.

This is how it works in the pedophile brain. Of all the things they have in common, lying is number one.

Why is lying so important to the pedophile agenda?

Because if they told the truth to the world, then the world would know what they really are.
They could not hold jobs where they can have contact with children, they could not sneak their ways into families, if they didn't lie.

Lying gives them an advantage to step forward in their manipulations to seduce a child and then try to seduce a parent, acting like they are safe and have only "genuine concern" for the child. After all, what kind of parent would keep their child back from a person that seems like they are beneficial for the child?
Especially if that person is a teacher or coach or someone who can help the child overcome something they need to, or get ahead in their studies. BUT! Now we understand this and before many parent´s would condone such a thing, nowadays many would think AHAH! he is a pedo! Keep my child away from him! This is what we must try to achieve. More awareness so that parents can make the right decision in the midst of a liar.

So many times it is too late before they realize the pedophile is a pedophile and usually that is after the pedo has molested their child!
And usually only after it is too late, do the families realize that "something was off with that guy....".

Reading BoyChat and GirlChat, I often have to puke in between, because of the liars who go to these message boards to brag.
If they are not bragging about their latest victim, they are deeply depressed for lack of a child to molest.

Pedophiles are many things, often live in disguise, but through the facade we can depend on one thing: A pedophile is a liar.

Pedophiles think they can further their agenda with lies and "pedo speak".
However, WE, the people of this planet know better and will never ever allow these sick monsters to prey on our children!

Spread the word!

Stomp out a lying pedohead today with the truth!