Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Why is Pedophilia labeled a Mental Illness?

Pedophilia has been labeled a 'Mental Illness' for years, and it has not changed. Pedophiles have become more bold these days, and despite their symptoms...they deny having a mental illness!

This is often the behavior of addicts who are in denial of their addiction.

A pedophile is addicted to the fantasies and sexual thoughts of children.
So many of them, lack the morality to distinguish right from wrong when it comes to their sexual lust, and so they offend...they cannot see past their own fantasy in real life.

Through-out the years pedophiles have had to hide their feelings in order to be sexually deviant and "get away" with the urges they take out on children.
Many times a deviant pedophile will lie, manipulate, force and guilt a child into sexual contact with them.
Encouraging a child to masturbate, or to allow it, is being sexually deviant with a child.

I understand many pedophiles have this mental illness and yet many function great every day at work, and in life, despite this obsession. This child lust goes with them everywhere they go, anywhere they are, and whatever they are doing. It eventually over takes them completely.

Pedophiles.....By allowing this to happen to yourself you are permitting yourself to lust over the innocent children. You are lusting over a child, who is learning about the world, where sex comes later.
A child who has no need of sex or sex play with an adult at a early age!

Although it is natural that a child experiment with masturbation on his own, and with another of his own age it is irresponsible for an adult to encourage, watch or do-- in front of a child.
Doing these things opens a door that doesn't need to be opened, in other words a child is not mentally ready to have sex with anyone, and that is why a *boy* usually hates *girls* and vise versa, versa vise for a few years in their childhood.

When are Children sexually mature?
A pre-pubescent child has no way to take in sexual activity (for example.. what just happened to me?) therefore if he or she is molested at an early age it is a life changing event.
A toddler cannot decipher the feelings and thoughts associated with responsible adult sex.
They are not capable of consenting because of that reason as well as their bodies not being ready.

Are older children ready for sex? Lets say 10 year olds?
No. Again, they are not mature enough to be parents, thus, they are not mature enough for sex.
By molesting a 10 year old boy, the man or woman is staining his views on sex, and love and it will effect him for the rest of his life!
Not only are girls insides not fully developed, they are not ready to be Mothers at 10 years old.

Are older teens ready for sex?
We know that teenagers are having sex usually by the time they are 18, and therefore, there is not a lot we can do to stop it.. but make sure they are protected and safe.
We can limit activities, we can monitor computers, we can talk to them.
Doing whatever we can as our children mature, to keep them safe is the responsible thing to do!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sick Fizzzzzzzzzzz

More evidence that boychat is a haven of criminal behaviour:

'R13' just came out to me as bisexual Posted by fizz on 2007-March-9 23:23:55, Friday

"I think I handled it well, telling him it makes no difference to who he is. I also told him I still think he's the wonderful person I have always thought him to be and if there is one difference, it's that he is even more special to me because he felt safe enough to share this with me."

*Sigh* it makes me feel permitted to tell him about me, but I don't think I should. It certainly puts a new slant on things though.


I bet this nasty pedophile is grooming this child for sex. Saying "Your even more special to me" is complete bullshit pedo talk. That is proof of a relationship gone or going to far.

Here is a later response to hyacinth saying that bisexuals usually only like half of their bisexual urges.

that thought did cross my mind Posted by fizz on 2007-March-10 07:48:42, Saturday

...but I'll let him have it this way if thats what he's comfortable with.

I hope in a few weeks time he settles into it to a point where we can light heartedly 'observe' together.

Then again, that means I might have to be slightly deceptive to him (ie. telling him I'm also bi).

We'll see.

Hrmmm..... "observe" together? This is a crime soon to be committed!

So he plans on lying to the boy, to gain more trust...typical pedophile!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More pedo advice from zlurker on girlchat

I am not amazed at stupidity as I was a year ago.

I am no longer absorbed in shock, like I was... when reading the garbage that spewed from pedophile lips.

The utter trash that they brainwash each other with, they wish to brainwash society.
Pss: Pedos! You will never get anywhere except in prison if you offend a child! And hopefully you will never get out to hurt another child again!

Zlurker or gl miester the one and the same blogger/girlchat poster is yet again, on the top of my shit list.
On the following post a pedo who is admitting he cannot be around children, and having a hard time of it could use ideas how not to molest children:

posted by tyciol on Monday, March 5 2007 at 08:59:24am:
It's these two sorts of entrapment that motivate me not to
just behave within the law, but to be in general very pedophobic and avoid
children. When I must deal with them I try to minimize it, I almost have to seem
brash and hateful and it kind of hurts not just to me, but to know that it
probably hurts them. I know it's probably excessively paranoid but I guess I
just don't like risks like that, because legal systems and society are just too
interpretable and person-based, while personal testimonies are so flawed. To
live in peace you basically have to isolate yourself and be

But instead Zlurker is handing out advice how to get closer to children or parents. Again it looks like Zlurker is the advocate on how to seduce a family into trusting you with their children.

Zlurker has to reply shaming tyciol for thinking "that" way!
Oh I was "in denial too".

I have no words for this but a big puke spray across zlurkers keyboard:

Re: The Limtis of Expression Posted by zlurker on Tuesday, March 6 2007 at 03:41:35pm

I think you are a little pessimistic. But, so much depends on your individual situation. Your age, your AoA, the "impression" you make on the parents of the girls in your AoA.

Years ago I too avoided interacting with little girls, mostly because I was in denial of having that attraction. Having fully embraced the little girls in my life, I now know there is no going back. My friendships, interaction, and play time with girls are some of the most important and cherished aspects of my life.


I understand "playtime" to be when he is molesting the child.

"Playtime" is a pedo term meaning THEIR playtime.
I UNDERSTAND this because I know how pedophiles work. Some child is his victim, right now, maybe more than one!!!

He is dangerous!

This man has got to be stopped!

Friday, March 02, 2007

More unsupport at Boychat

Here is more evidence that boychatters are more worried about covering their illegal activities online than"getting better and becoming a more productive part of Society".


Posted by here on 2007-March-3 02:08:16, Saturday

any of you guys have shit on your disk that has to be removed (i.e. deleted mpg's or pics) i know some of you do and would appreciate some advice on what program would help me out! please im beeging for help and im scared tonite... desperate... alone...any suggestion please

Here are some replies from Pedo Bill Evans... obviously on the Sex Offenders list, offers little advice other than stay away from Child porn (that shit) and 'get a real boy'.

Silly boy!!!

Posted by Bill Evans on 2007-March-3 08:18:05, Saturday
In reply to help posted by here on 2007-March-3 02:08:16, Saturday

More BL's get brought undone by having illegal content on their computers than any other single factor. Be safe in future and stay well away from that shit. I've never yet been given a nice warm hug by a photo...

The first time my home was searched, they pigs seized my computer, camera and other assorted computer spare parts. It was clean except for a single photo one of the boys took of another boy, and which I didn't know existed. Last time they searched, the search warrant didn't even include the right to search electronic media. They knew they would be wasting their time, and they ain't that smart. After all, they've been beautifully conned by a 12 y/o.

Real good there pedohead! Blame the child of course!

So the thread goes on... finally the pedo who started the thread explains why he is so upset:

Re: What's happening?

Posted by here on 2007-March-3 02:42:45, Saturday
In reply to What's happening? posted by Arion Neos on 2007-March-3 02:40:00, Saturday

im weeping! long story short... things went too far with y/f sister listened in on the phone tonite... i dont know what else to say she hasnt said anything yet that i know of... im scared to death

Hrmmm so where in this conversation do any boychatters give heed to this pedo who is obviously crossing the line with a child? Where is the concern for the child?
Where is the help in becoming a productive part of society?
There is NONE!

He only get tips how to hide and get rid of child porn on his computer.

Re: It's okay and easy to deal with.

Posted by here on 2007-March-3 03:02:15, Saturday
In reply to It's okay and easy to deal with. posted by Arion Neos on 2007-March-3 02:57:12, Saturday

thanx again for the responses im not really worried about the comp its the y/f that has me worried and the sis and the fam im so.. i dont know

again thanx for all the tips

So here we are! The reply to this?

That's harder.

Posted by Arion Neos on 2007-March-3 03:04:07, Saturday
In reply to Re: It's okay and easy to deal with. posted by here on 2007-March-3 03:02:15, Saturday

I don't think anyone can help you there; it depends on what was said and what the fam knows.

Again I ask...
Where is the concern that the child is ok?
No where in this whole conversation does fellow boychatters become concerned... hmmm. they profess to be *child lovers*.. yet they have no concern for children.

They are not accountable to each other or themselves and boychat is not helping at all.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

More admissions of molestations by boychatters.

I have tits. You have tits. We all..

Posted by hyacinth on 2007-March-1 01:30:41, Thursday
In reply to Boys with tits posted by fizz on 2007-February-28 21:39:13, Wednesday

We are a tit filled society.
Yes, boys have tits.
And girls have tits.
And men have tits.
Women just have bigger tits.

I have personally felt lots
of boy tits. Well, none for
the last 25 years anyway.
But before that, and yes,
boys do like to be felt up,
just like girls.


This sick pedo needs to be tracked down. Yep... here we have another proud molester hanging around boychat.