Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More pedo advice from zlurker on girlchat

I am not amazed at stupidity as I was a year ago.

I am no longer absorbed in shock, like I was... when reading the garbage that spewed from pedophile lips.

The utter trash that they brainwash each other with, they wish to brainwash society.
Pss: Pedos! You will never get anywhere except in prison if you offend a child! And hopefully you will never get out to hurt another child again!

Zlurker or gl miester the one and the same blogger/girlchat poster is yet again, on the top of my shit list.
On the following post a pedo who is admitting he cannot be around children, and having a hard time of it could use ideas how not to molest children:

posted by tyciol on Monday, March 5 2007 at 08:59:24am:
It's these two sorts of entrapment that motivate me not to
just behave within the law, but to be in general very pedophobic and avoid
children. When I must deal with them I try to minimize it, I almost have to seem
brash and hateful and it kind of hurts not just to me, but to know that it
probably hurts them. I know it's probably excessively paranoid but I guess I
just don't like risks like that, because legal systems and society are just too
interpretable and person-based, while personal testimonies are so flawed. To
live in peace you basically have to isolate yourself and be

But instead Zlurker is handing out advice how to get closer to children or parents. Again it looks like Zlurker is the advocate on how to seduce a family into trusting you with their children.

Zlurker has to reply shaming tyciol for thinking "that" way!
Oh I was "in denial too".

I have no words for this but a big puke spray across zlurkers keyboard:

Re: The Limtis of Expression Posted by zlurker on Tuesday, March 6 2007 at 03:41:35pm

I think you are a little pessimistic. But, so much depends on your individual situation. Your age, your AoA, the "impression" you make on the parents of the girls in your AoA.

Years ago I too avoided interacting with little girls, mostly because I was in denial of having that attraction. Having fully embraced the little girls in my life, I now know there is no going back. My friendships, interaction, and play time with girls are some of the most important and cherished aspects of my life.


I understand "playtime" to be when he is molesting the child.

"Playtime" is a pedo term meaning THEIR playtime.
I UNDERSTAND this because I know how pedophiles work. Some child is his victim, right now, maybe more than one!!!

He is dangerous!

This man has got to be stopped!