Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sick Fizzzzzzzzzzz

More evidence that boychat is a haven of criminal behaviour:

'R13' just came out to me as bisexual Posted by fizz on 2007-March-9 23:23:55, Friday

"I think I handled it well, telling him it makes no difference to who he is. I also told him I still think he's the wonderful person I have always thought him to be and if there is one difference, it's that he is even more special to me because he felt safe enough to share this with me."

*Sigh* it makes me feel permitted to tell him about me, but I don't think I should. It certainly puts a new slant on things though.


I bet this nasty pedophile is grooming this child for sex. Saying "Your even more special to me" is complete bullshit pedo talk. That is proof of a relationship gone or going to far.

Here is a later response to hyacinth saying that bisexuals usually only like half of their bisexual urges.

that thought did cross my mind Posted by fizz on 2007-March-10 07:48:42, Saturday

...but I'll let him have it this way if thats what he's comfortable with.

I hope in a few weeks time he settles into it to a point where we can light heartedly 'observe' together.

Then again, that means I might have to be slightly deceptive to him (ie. telling him I'm also bi).

We'll see.

Hrmmm..... "observe" together? This is a crime soon to be committed!

So he plans on lying to the boy, to gain more trust...typical pedophile!