Friday, March 02, 2007

More unsupport at Boychat

Here is more evidence that boychatters are more worried about covering their illegal activities online than"getting better and becoming a more productive part of Society".


Posted by here on 2007-March-3 02:08:16, Saturday

any of you guys have shit on your disk that has to be removed (i.e. deleted mpg's or pics) i know some of you do and would appreciate some advice on what program would help me out! please im beeging for help and im scared tonite... desperate... alone...any suggestion please

Here are some replies from Pedo Bill Evans... obviously on the Sex Offenders list, offers little advice other than stay away from Child porn (that shit) and 'get a real boy'.

Silly boy!!!

Posted by Bill Evans on 2007-March-3 08:18:05, Saturday
In reply to help posted by here on 2007-March-3 02:08:16, Saturday

More BL's get brought undone by having illegal content on their computers than any other single factor. Be safe in future and stay well away from that shit. I've never yet been given a nice warm hug by a photo...

The first time my home was searched, they pigs seized my computer, camera and other assorted computer spare parts. It was clean except for a single photo one of the boys took of another boy, and which I didn't know existed. Last time they searched, the search warrant didn't even include the right to search electronic media. They knew they would be wasting their time, and they ain't that smart. After all, they've been beautifully conned by a 12 y/o.

Real good there pedohead! Blame the child of course!

So the thread goes on... finally the pedo who started the thread explains why he is so upset:

Re: What's happening?

Posted by here on 2007-March-3 02:42:45, Saturday
In reply to What's happening? posted by Arion Neos on 2007-March-3 02:40:00, Saturday

im weeping! long story short... things went too far with y/f sister listened in on the phone tonite... i dont know what else to say she hasnt said anything yet that i know of... im scared to death

Hrmmm so where in this conversation do any boychatters give heed to this pedo who is obviously crossing the line with a child? Where is the concern for the child?
Where is the help in becoming a productive part of society?
There is NONE!

He only get tips how to hide and get rid of child porn on his computer.

Re: It's okay and easy to deal with.

Posted by here on 2007-March-3 03:02:15, Saturday
In reply to It's okay and easy to deal with. posted by Arion Neos on 2007-March-3 02:57:12, Saturday

thanx again for the responses im not really worried about the comp its the y/f that has me worried and the sis and the fam im so.. i dont know

again thanx for all the tips

So here we are! The reply to this?

That's harder.

Posted by Arion Neos on 2007-March-3 03:04:07, Saturday
In reply to Re: It's okay and easy to deal with. posted by here on 2007-March-3 03:02:15, Saturday

I don't think anyone can help you there; it depends on what was said and what the fam knows.

Again I ask...
Where is the concern that the child is ok?
No where in this whole conversation does fellow boychatters become concerned... hmmm. they profess to be *child lovers*.. yet they have no concern for children.

They are not accountable to each other or themselves and boychat is not helping at all.