Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Why is Pedophilia labeled a Mental Illness?

Pedophilia has been labeled a 'Mental Illness' for years, and it has not changed. Pedophiles have become more bold these days, and despite their symptoms...they deny having a mental illness!

This is often the behavior of addicts who are in denial of their addiction.

A pedophile is addicted to the fantasies and sexual thoughts of children.
So many of them, lack the morality to distinguish right from wrong when it comes to their sexual lust, and so they offend...they cannot see past their own fantasy in real life.

Through-out the years pedophiles have had to hide their feelings in order to be sexually deviant and "get away" with the urges they take out on children.
Many times a deviant pedophile will lie, manipulate, force and guilt a child into sexual contact with them.
Encouraging a child to masturbate, or to allow it, is being sexually deviant with a child.

I understand many pedophiles have this mental illness and yet many function great every day at work, and in life, despite this obsession. This child lust goes with them everywhere they go, anywhere they are, and whatever they are doing. It eventually over takes them completely.

Pedophiles.....By allowing this to happen to yourself you are permitting yourself to lust over the innocent children. You are lusting over a child, who is learning about the world, where sex comes later.
A child who has no need of sex or sex play with an adult at a early age!

Although it is natural that a child experiment with masturbation on his own, and with another of his own age it is irresponsible for an adult to encourage, watch or do-- in front of a child.
Doing these things opens a door that doesn't need to be opened, in other words a child is not mentally ready to have sex with anyone, and that is why a *boy* usually hates *girls* and vise versa, versa vise for a few years in their childhood.

When are Children sexually mature?
A pre-pubescent child has no way to take in sexual activity (for example.. what just happened to me?) therefore if he or she is molested at an early age it is a life changing event.
A toddler cannot decipher the feelings and thoughts associated with responsible adult sex.
They are not capable of consenting because of that reason as well as their bodies not being ready.

Are older children ready for sex? Lets say 10 year olds?
No. Again, they are not mature enough to be parents, thus, they are not mature enough for sex.
By molesting a 10 year old boy, the man or woman is staining his views on sex, and love and it will effect him for the rest of his life!
Not only are girls insides not fully developed, they are not ready to be Mothers at 10 years old.

Are older teens ready for sex?
We know that teenagers are having sex usually by the time they are 18, and therefore, there is not a lot we can do to stop it.. but make sure they are protected and safe.
We can limit activities, we can monitor computers, we can talk to them.
Doing whatever we can as our children mature, to keep them safe is the responsible thing to do!