Friday, April 27, 2007

So you think you have what it take to be an activist? You think you got the balls to stand up to the world and say your a pedophile?

First and foremost, an activist should have a valid cause to fight for.
Molesting children and looking at sexualized child images are illegal, and yet pedophiles break the law in advocating this illegal activity, and others by doing it.

Some pedophiles believe they have the right to change societies views about pedophilia and child molestation. These pedophiles have staunch beliefs that the world will actually agree to child molestation if they say the right thing. "Saying the right thing" is translated into "tell them anything! Lie if you have to!"

Look at blueribbon the daddybeater. He thinks he KNOWs it all. He is what.. 18? How can he know anything except how to best jackoff to child porn without his parents catching him?

Here is a couple lists of molesters and wannabe molesters who are willing to out themselves for pedophilia and molesting children. (Some are already out. Some are not. But I am sure of one thing... MOST of these activists are child molesters.. and have been or still are on the sex offenders registry.

BoyLove activist roster

Posted by French Toast on 2007-April-24 11:36:50, Tuesday

I wonder who here will self-identify as an activist, or, want to be activist. I guess I will offer that an activist will work to engage the non-boylover population in discussions and education about boylove.

If you are interested in doing that please let us know. If you think someone else would make a good activist please nominate them.

To start the roster, I'll nominate:

Kevin Brown
Daniel Lièvre
Bill Evans

Re: BoyLove activist roster

Posted by BLueRibbon on 2007-April-24 17:25:43, Tuesday
In reply to boy im a pedoasshole posted by French Toast on 2007-April-24 11:36:50, Tuesday

Yeah, I consider myself an "activist," but if you drop the strict definition of "activism," most people posting here are activists in the sense that they're standing up against society's pathetic "we want to know who you pervs are only if you're self-loathing criminals" attitude.

.. But by the stricter definiton of activism as "a deliberate attempt to cause political or social change," I guess the number of BL activists is lower.

Here are a few more people who I guess fall under the definition of "activists" -

  • Dave Reigel (and associated nicks)
  • Dylan Thomas
  • ILGO
  • Jillium
  • Lindsay Ashford
  • lek
  • Norbert
  • Pedophile Expert
  • Steve-D
  • Xanadu
  • zlurker

Some of those guys concentrate more on GL activism, but work with the BL community.

These cowardly pedophiles are willing to voice their opinions on having sex with children, and how good it is for the child.
They write blogs, web pages, and make videos pertaining to the legalization of child porn and child molestation.

This post can only be ended one way:

Pedophiles are the ignorant deviants of society and until we lock them up for 25 years to life on first offenses, they will never stop hurting children, and they will never regret molesting children.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The SICK pedophile mindset

Here is Santi boylover pedophile ... The hater.
I will refer to him as the hater because he is prejudiced and small minded about people from different countries.

Who ever said pedophiles were handed out brains?
Certainly not anyone who deals with pedophiles on a daily basis.

The post below is referring to a boychat thread talking about Law Enforcement Officers who masturbate to the child porn they confiscate from pedophiles. We all know this is a bunch of crap, any of you wonderful LEO who are reading this, please take no offense from me! This is what the pedophiles are saying. I in NO way support it.

yeah, right!

Posted by Santi on 2007-April-15 21:55:49, Sunday
In reply to burnedoutasses posted by not for this on 2007-April-15 21:47:06, Sunday

The ones that do this job usually love it, whether or not they constantly complain of the creeps and cry for the helpless victims. The jacking off, nevertheless, continues.

Kids are sexy, period. Whomever disagrees is a retardo or needs Viagra.


I could really care a less about what some idiot perv from Spain thinks about Law Enforcement Officers.
But.. his last sentence ...this sentence is crime in a few places and very telling about how his brain works.

It is NOT normal to sexualize children! And in many countries writing about children that way is a crime in itself.

Pedophiles are deep in their obsessions and fantasies, so much as to think the world would actually agree with them about a child being a sex object.

No Santi we do not agree.
Your sick and soon to be in prison!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

K the pedo at boychat

More pedophile's come out of the cockroach holes to admit their deviance.

Sleepless night

Posted by K on 2007-April-11 15:59:00, Wednesday

I got a grand total of 2 hours of sleep last night. I just couldn't stop thinking about my YF (all too many nights are spent in similar fashion since I met him). I was so excited about the fact the I'll be seeing him tonight (only a few more hours to go!) I went to work today sleep deprived and hung over (I've been drinking a bit too much since YF came into my life). This obsession is definitely taking its toll on my job. Oh well - I get to see him tonight!!!!!

Read that again.... since his young friend came into his life... he is drinking more.
This is telling in that so many pedophiles exhibit this same behavior when a child comes into
their life. They get on this "high" and start making bad decisions.

K's drinking will help him become brave to exploit this boy. The "liquid courage" gives him an advantage because he can blame the alcohol if things go too far. So in his mind he can
say it wasn't his fault when he gets into trouble for molesting the boy.

Also the drinking gives him an advantage by offering some to the boy, so that the boy will get drunk and give the pedophile what he wants most: Sex with children.

K's obsession will remain strong until he goes to far, and then it will turn to paranoia and guilt.
The paranoia and guilt will manifest into more and more touching and molestation.

Obsession and alcohol do not mix, and especially when a pedophile is doing the obsession and drinking around a child!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Simply put

Pedophiles are immensely addicted to thoughts of sex with children because they refuse to think of anything else!

Most heterosexuals do not obsess about sex 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are able to move past those thoughts and into normal daily living.

The pedophile (label label sexual deviant) cannot get past the sexual thoughts to maintain a normal life. Its in their control but they embrace the terrible thoughts, instead of throwing them away!

Some people today want the world to embrace their perversions so that they feel normal.
Feeling normal is something the pedophile needs in order to blend in with society... that way they feel like their secret is still in the bag....relieved they have "no worries".

Being deviant takes no self control, no self respect, and no respect for those your deviant against.

Being deviant causes pedophiles to delve deeper into their thoughts and urges, telling themselves "your fine ...your fine... touch the child again...masturbate to child porn again..." thoughts like these are common among pedophiles.

These thoughts lead to real touching, this is why we must consider permanent alternatives for the offending pedophiles. Alternatives can include natural life in prison, locked up in a mental facility for natural life, or a sort of lifetime campus for pedophiles, where children cannot enter.

The deviant thoughts are so prevalent.... like a powerful evil that is wrapping itself up and around the mind.
And still the pedophile takes hold of the thoughts, instead of tossing them out. Pedophiles refuse to understand children or respect them.
Only in the pedo's sick little mind does the child enjoy any sort of sexual encounter.

Because pedophilia is a mental illness, we should medicate/lock them up as soon as they admit the feelings or get into trouble! No choice! The child doesn't get a choice! Neither should the pedophile!
Spare a child by keeping pedophiles out of the equation!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fizzzzzzz exposed giving advice to mentally unstable Pedophiles!

Fizzzzz Is Altered Ego on Boychat.

He is addressing LP in the following post, where LP is concerned if he should seek out ways to spend time with boys, even though he (LP) is admitting mental instability.

Ah anger

Posted by Altered Ego on 2007-April-3 20:32:02, Tuesday
In reply to NO posted by LP on 2007-April-3 19:39:03, Tuesday

Anger from the threat of having your little negativity "baby" taken away from you? The only thing *you* can be bothered to nurture?

"new boys come along and so a reasonably happy cycle continues"

"Yeah, every few years you get to spend a few brief moments with a boy, before his parents stop all contact and leave you alone and devestated".

No ALL THE TIME I have moments with boys -that only happened ONCE.
I worked at it, as I still do -it doesn't come from nowhere, and it IS worth it. I've been there, done it, am STILL doing it and it works.
The current situation is going ok btw -presuming you were going to throw that one in my face.

"the pathetic outcome that you describe"
What? one of making sure I ALWAYS have at least one boy around me that loves me and who I love? How is that pathetic?

Why bother? Because BY DEMONSTRATION it works for me. I don't feel the way you do because I fucking worked at it -as YOU can.

Do you REALLY want to end up like this.....

Here is a reminder of Fizzzzzz
Fizzzz young friend is bisexual, Fizz encourages "observing together".

Fizzzzzzzzzzzzzz admits he always has a boy around him, thus encouraging LP to work at it, even though LP is unstable, even though LP has many reasons why he should keep away from children.

Fizzzzzz the pedo (altered ego) the molester exposed yet again. I'm watching you fizzz you better be sure of that!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

BoyChatters don't care for children

The proof that pedophiles hate children is in their actions and their words.

These self professed child lusters have no problem allowing mentally unstable people to take care of children, be that at school or church, or at the local swimming pool.
According to pedophiles, if your a pedophile, it doesn't matter how your mental condition is, just go work with kids.
How much more clear does it have to be?
Pedophiles HATE children.

If you read the following messages posted at boychat, you will quite understand how twisted pedophiles are in their thoughts and actions.

Genuine Question

Posted by LP on 2007-April-2 20:14:34, Monday

Should someone with my psychological unpredictability (negativity, anger, depression, self-hatred, frustration, etc.) work with young children?

I may need to make an important decision.

So here the webmaster of boychat responds:

The way I'd answer this question...

Posted by Dylan Thomas on 2007-April-3 03:00:10, Tuesday
In reply to Genuine Question posted by LP on 2007-April-2 20:14:34, Monday

...would be to cast is as, "Would I want my own kids to be around someone with your negativity, anger, depression, self-hatred, frustration, etc.?"

And my answer is sure. I think my kids would do you a world of good.

(And by the way, whatever other psychological problems you may or may not have, I've never noticed "unpredictability" to be a part of the list.)

Much Love,
Dylan Thomas

So the webmaster of boychat is encouraging a mentally unstable person to work with kids.
This is the kind of support pedophiles receive from boychat. Boychatters are enabling each other in their quest to molest children.

Slime can change it's shape, but never it's smell.