Tuesday, April 03, 2007

BoyChatters don't care for children

The proof that pedophiles hate children is in their actions and their words.

These self professed child lusters have no problem allowing mentally unstable people to take care of children, be that at school or church, or at the local swimming pool.
According to pedophiles, if your a pedophile, it doesn't matter how your mental condition is, just go work with kids.
How much more clear does it have to be?
Pedophiles HATE children.

If you read the following messages posted at boychat, you will quite understand how twisted pedophiles are in their thoughts and actions.

Genuine Question

Posted by LP on 2007-April-2 20:14:34, Monday

Should someone with my psychological unpredictability (negativity, anger, depression, self-hatred, frustration, etc.) work with young children?

I may need to make an important decision.

So here the webmaster of boychat responds:

The way I'd answer this question...

Posted by Dylan Thomas on 2007-April-3 03:00:10, Tuesday
In reply to Genuine Question posted by LP on 2007-April-2 20:14:34, Monday

...would be to cast is as, "Would I want my own kids to be around someone with your negativity, anger, depression, self-hatred, frustration, etc.?"

And my answer is sure. I think my kids would do you a world of good.

(And by the way, whatever other psychological problems you may or may not have, I've never noticed "unpredictability" to be a part of the list.)

Much Love,
Dylan Thomas

So the webmaster of boychat is encouraging a mentally unstable person to work with kids.
This is the kind of support pedophiles receive from boychat. Boychatters are enabling each other in their quest to molest children.

Slime can change it's shape, but never it's smell.