Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fizzzzzzz exposed giving advice to mentally unstable Pedophiles!

Fizzzzz Is Altered Ego on Boychat.

He is addressing LP in the following post, where LP is concerned if he should seek out ways to spend time with boys, even though he (LP) is admitting mental instability.

Ah anger

Posted by Altered Ego on 2007-April-3 20:32:02, Tuesday
In reply to NO posted by LP on 2007-April-3 19:39:03, Tuesday

Anger from the threat of having your little negativity "baby" taken away from you? The only thing *you* can be bothered to nurture?

"new boys come along and so a reasonably happy cycle continues"

"Yeah, every few years you get to spend a few brief moments with a boy, before his parents stop all contact and leave you alone and devestated".

No ALL THE TIME I have moments with boys -that only happened ONCE.
I worked at it, as I still do -it doesn't come from nowhere, and it IS worth it. I've been there, done it, am STILL doing it and it works.
The current situation is going ok btw -presuming you were going to throw that one in my face.

"the pathetic outcome that you describe"
What? one of making sure I ALWAYS have at least one boy around me that loves me and who I love? How is that pathetic?

Why bother? Because BY DEMONSTRATION it works for me. I don't feel the way you do because I fucking worked at it -as YOU can.

Do you REALLY want to end up like this.....

Here is a reminder of Fizzzzzz
Fizzzz young friend is bisexual, Fizz encourages "observing together".

Fizzzzzzzzzzzzzz admits he always has a boy around him, thus encouraging LP to work at it, even though LP is unstable, even though LP has many reasons why he should keep away from children.

Fizzzzzz the pedo (altered ego) the molester exposed yet again. I'm watching you fizzz you better be sure of that!