Wednesday, April 11, 2007

K the pedo at boychat

More pedophile's come out of the cockroach holes to admit their deviance.

Sleepless night

Posted by K on 2007-April-11 15:59:00, Wednesday

I got a grand total of 2 hours of sleep last night. I just couldn't stop thinking about my YF (all too many nights are spent in similar fashion since I met him). I was so excited about the fact the I'll be seeing him tonight (only a few more hours to go!) I went to work today sleep deprived and hung over (I've been drinking a bit too much since YF came into my life). This obsession is definitely taking its toll on my job. Oh well - I get to see him tonight!!!!!

Read that again.... since his young friend came into his life... he is drinking more.
This is telling in that so many pedophiles exhibit this same behavior when a child comes into
their life. They get on this "high" and start making bad decisions.

K's drinking will help him become brave to exploit this boy. The "liquid courage" gives him an advantage because he can blame the alcohol if things go too far. So in his mind he can
say it wasn't his fault when he gets into trouble for molesting the boy.

Also the drinking gives him an advantage by offering some to the boy, so that the boy will get drunk and give the pedophile what he wants most: Sex with children.

K's obsession will remain strong until he goes to far, and then it will turn to paranoia and guilt.
The paranoia and guilt will manifest into more and more touching and molestation.

Obsession and alcohol do not mix, and especially when a pedophile is doing the obsession and drinking around a child!