Sunday, April 15, 2007

The SICK pedophile mindset

Here is Santi boylover pedophile ... The hater.
I will refer to him as the hater because he is prejudiced and small minded about people from different countries.

Who ever said pedophiles were handed out brains?
Certainly not anyone who deals with pedophiles on a daily basis.

The post below is referring to a boychat thread talking about Law Enforcement Officers who masturbate to the child porn they confiscate from pedophiles. We all know this is a bunch of crap, any of you wonderful LEO who are reading this, please take no offense from me! This is what the pedophiles are saying. I in NO way support it.

yeah, right!

Posted by Santi on 2007-April-15 21:55:49, Sunday
In reply to burnedoutasses posted by not for this on 2007-April-15 21:47:06, Sunday

The ones that do this job usually love it, whether or not they constantly complain of the creeps and cry for the helpless victims. The jacking off, nevertheless, continues.

Kids are sexy, period. Whomever disagrees is a retardo or needs Viagra.


I could really care a less about what some idiot perv from Spain thinks about Law Enforcement Officers.
But.. his last sentence ...this sentence is crime in a few places and very telling about how his brain works.

It is NOT normal to sexualize children! And in many countries writing about children that way is a crime in itself.

Pedophiles are deep in their obsessions and fantasies, so much as to think the world would actually agree with them about a child being a sex object.

No Santi we do not agree.
Your sick and soon to be in prison!