Monday, April 09, 2007

Simply put

Pedophiles are immensely addicted to thoughts of sex with children because they refuse to think of anything else!

Most heterosexuals do not obsess about sex 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are able to move past those thoughts and into normal daily living.

The pedophile (label label sexual deviant) cannot get past the sexual thoughts to maintain a normal life. Its in their control but they embrace the terrible thoughts, instead of throwing them away!

Some people today want the world to embrace their perversions so that they feel normal.
Feeling normal is something the pedophile needs in order to blend in with society... that way they feel like their secret is still in the bag....relieved they have "no worries".

Being deviant takes no self control, no self respect, and no respect for those your deviant against.

Being deviant causes pedophiles to delve deeper into their thoughts and urges, telling themselves "your fine ...your fine... touch the child again...masturbate to child porn again..." thoughts like these are common among pedophiles.

These thoughts lead to real touching, this is why we must consider permanent alternatives for the offending pedophiles. Alternatives can include natural life in prison, locked up in a mental facility for natural life, or a sort of lifetime campus for pedophiles, where children cannot enter.

The deviant thoughts are so prevalent.... like a powerful evil that is wrapping itself up and around the mind.
And still the pedophile takes hold of the thoughts, instead of tossing them out. Pedophiles refuse to understand children or respect them.
Only in the pedo's sick little mind does the child enjoy any sort of sexual encounter.

Because pedophilia is a mental illness, we should medicate/lock them up as soon as they admit the feelings or get into trouble! No choice! The child doesn't get a choice! Neither should the pedophile!
Spare a child by keeping pedophiles out of the equation!