Friday, April 27, 2007

So you think you have what it take to be an activist? You think you got the balls to stand up to the world and say your a pedophile?

First and foremost, an activist should have a valid cause to fight for.
Molesting children and looking at sexualized child images are illegal, and yet pedophiles break the law in advocating this illegal activity, and others by doing it.

Some pedophiles believe they have the right to change societies views about pedophilia and child molestation. These pedophiles have staunch beliefs that the world will actually agree to child molestation if they say the right thing. "Saying the right thing" is translated into "tell them anything! Lie if you have to!"

Look at blueribbon the daddybeater. He thinks he KNOWs it all. He is what.. 18? How can he know anything except how to best jackoff to child porn without his parents catching him?

Here is a couple lists of molesters and wannabe molesters who are willing to out themselves for pedophilia and molesting children. (Some are already out. Some are not. But I am sure of one thing... MOST of these activists are child molesters.. and have been or still are on the sex offenders registry.

BoyLove activist roster

Posted by French Toast on 2007-April-24 11:36:50, Tuesday

I wonder who here will self-identify as an activist, or, want to be activist. I guess I will offer that an activist will work to engage the non-boylover population in discussions and education about boylove.

If you are interested in doing that please let us know. If you think someone else would make a good activist please nominate them.

To start the roster, I'll nominate:

Kevin Brown
Daniel Lièvre
Bill Evans

Re: BoyLove activist roster

Posted by BLueRibbon on 2007-April-24 17:25:43, Tuesday
In reply to boy im a pedoasshole posted by French Toast on 2007-April-24 11:36:50, Tuesday

Yeah, I consider myself an "activist," but if you drop the strict definition of "activism," most people posting here are activists in the sense that they're standing up against society's pathetic "we want to know who you pervs are only if you're self-loathing criminals" attitude.

.. But by the stricter definiton of activism as "a deliberate attempt to cause political or social change," I guess the number of BL activists is lower.

Here are a few more people who I guess fall under the definition of "activists" -

  • Dave Reigel (and associated nicks)
  • Dylan Thomas
  • ILGO
  • Jillium
  • Lindsay Ashford
  • lek
  • Norbert
  • Pedophile Expert
  • Steve-D
  • Xanadu
  • zlurker

Some of those guys concentrate more on GL activism, but work with the BL community.

These cowardly pedophiles are willing to voice their opinions on having sex with children, and how good it is for the child.
They write blogs, web pages, and make videos pertaining to the legalization of child porn and child molestation.

This post can only be ended one way:

Pedophiles are the ignorant deviants of society and until we lock them up for 25 years to life on first offenses, they will never stop hurting children, and they will never regret molesting children.