Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Live Journal takes a stand!

I just want to say a big THANKS to Live Journal for finally deleting the trash that pedophiles spew on Live Journal.

Thanks for taking a stand for Children, and not for supposed free speech that included raping and molesting children.

Thanks to Warriors for Innocence, Thanks to Sues and thanks to everyone involved in completing this mission.
It is worth it.

And as a warning! Any pedohead that posts here again will be edited without notice, using words of MY choice.
Any insults from you to me will be directed back at yourself.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

LOL! Another pedoretard!

Blueribbon, the boylovers daddy beater activist has wrote a retarded web page aimed at child/teenager readers to manipulate and lie to them about pedophiles.
Blueribbon thinks that some actual child will read this, instead of some horny old pervert with his hands in his drawers....and us.

Minor-oriented Activism

Posted by BLueRibbon on 2007-May-27 18:07:30, Sunday

We are constantly debating with adults, explaining the difference between paedophilia and adult-child sex, explaining why their assumptions are wrong.... but it's impossible to ignore the fact that we have, so far, achieved virtually nothing of any substance.

The problem is that adults generally have closed minds and pre-conceived ideas about controversial or emotive subjects, which makes adult-oriented paedophile activism an exercise in banging one's head against the wall.

We need to explain ourselves to children, not adults. The process will of course be slow, but when these children become adults and have their own children, they will - if we're successful - realise that someone being a paedophile does not make that person a threat to their children, which will hopefully reduce their concerns about paedophiles spending time with children.

I am aware of Lindsay Ashford's SNS website, but I personally feel that it is inappropiate. I also don't personally agree with sexual activity between adults and children.... and I feel that those who are determined to decriminalise such activity are wasting their time while the mere attraction is considered "inappropiate." <--YEAH RIGHT BLUE RIBBON! YOU LIAR!!

We need to make minors aware of the movement to push for the acceptance of paedophilia, we need to explain to them the difference paedophilia and adult-child sex.... we need to explain that nobody should be discriminated against simply because of who they are attracted to and we need to make it clear to them that paedophiles are not dangerous to children unless they are unable to control their sexual urges.

Is it indoctrination? Not really, it's counter-indoctrination....

Examine this part closer:
We need to explain ourselves to children, not adults. The process will of course be slow, but when these children become adults and have their own children, they will - if we're successful - realise that someone being a paedophile does not make that person a threat to their children, which will hopefully reduce their concerns about paedophiles spending time with children.
His cognitive disorder is out of control. He thinks that manipulating children is the way to get more accepted into society.

Using children is a pedophilia trait, and now this one is trying to use them to gain way into rational society.
Pedophiles think of how to use children almost 24 hours a day.
Using them for sex, and then using them for an excuse as to why they molested them. Using them for child pornography, and taking their pictures without permission to use them for masturbation purposes, or to show off, or trade for child porn.
And now, they are using them to further their agenda.

How obvious can it be that pedophiles are destroyers of life?

Monday, May 21, 2007

What does a child feel who is sexually abused?
Often scared and muted.

Usually the molesting pedophile has the child completely under control
before going further than cuddling and touch play.

The first pedophile to molest me was my uncle. He was 20 when he died.
He drowned.
I was a baby. Maybe less than 2 yrs old, or around 2. However I have experienced flashbacks of him doing things to me when he changed my diaper.

And then his grandfather. The tongue man. The sicko who first french kissed me: my great-grandfather when I was 4.

I couldn't cut out his tongue.
I was too small and helpless, and so I tried to avoid him.
I know I avoided him as best as a small child could.
I hid in grandma's flowers.
She had the most beautiful flower garden, and I loved it there.
It was private, with hiding places. Big huge flowering bushes you could crawl underneath.

I have a memory of the time my Grandmother refused to allow him to take me alone.
She came with us. Its just little flashes but I remember feeling happy about it, and glad I didn't have to sit in the front seat.

My childhood memories are few and far between. Under hypnosis I have remembered some things, which were better off forgotten.
I have long expansions of time as nothingness, blackness, and lost.

I woke up when I was 11.
I remember coming alive, seeing the sun for the first time.
Looking out the window, I sucked in my first breath of air.
I was dead before.

I had the memory even that day.. but it felt like it happened to someone else. It was more like a movie. Unreal and far far away.

Sure... I suppose slicing my arm up when I was 10, in the woods, and wanting to die was a cry for help. It fell on deaf ears. No human came to my rescue.
I learned I had no human worth, at age 10.

All people wanted to do was hurt me, they touched me, they raped me, they used me.
All people wanted to do was inflict their anger on me, and rip me to pieces.

I was a burden, a piece of property, a little body to be used, beaten...silenced.

My Father ... I have one memory of my Dad in which he is combing my hair.
One memory of that tenderness, and feeling like he liked me.
I don't remember why he combed my hair, I think it is because my Mom beat my head with the hair brush .... it hurt so bad when she combed my hair.
I cried and pulled in my neck.
I have dents in my head from that brush and dents in my heart from the hurt.

But I cannot say that he brushed my hair out of love or wanting to.
Some one forced him.
The only other way I knew my Dad's touch was in violence.
He beat me at least once a week.

And if he wasn't beating me he was telling me how stupid and worthless I was.
I have witnesses.
3 to be exact. My real siblings.
They witnessed my dad physically abusing me, throwing me into walls, choking me, hitting me with the belt buckle because he was so angry he just hit me.... not caring about with which end.
They witnessed my dad telling me how stupid and worthless I am.
They witnessed it all.
And they didn't come to my rescue.

They chimed in with the verbal abuse of me.

No one could stop this man. He hated my guts.

Look me in the eye
tell me why
look me in the face
tell me why
look at my bruises
tell me why
they never heal.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Girlchatters discuss sexual attraction to their own children

So some pedophile from girlchat wants to know if his buddies get off on their kids.
He is asking the same molesters and monsters who encourage and advocate children as sexual objects for the truth. GOOD LUCK!! LOL!

Re: Calling GL fathers of girls!

Posted by zlurker on Wednesday, May 16 2007 at 11:21:30pm
In reply to Calling GL fathers of girls! posted by TrueMan on Wednesday, May 16 2007 at 11:16:18am

I am a GL father, and I have one daughter who is actually in my AoA. I am somewhat erotically attracted to her, but not nearly as much so as I am to many other LGs. She is of course very special to me, and I have enormous patience with her.

The big question of course is why am I not attracted to her like I am to many of her friends and other LGs in my life. I think there are a number of reasons for this. First, though I am attracted to many LGs, I am not attracted to all of them, or to all equally. Second, is probably some combination of changing all those poopy diapers and just general familiarity. The third, and what I think is the most significant reason is something that I cannot reveal here due to security and privacy concerns. Sorry about that :-(


What is Zlurker unwilling to disclose? Certainly he is a open legal book is he not?
What could be the most important reason why he says:
The third, and what I think is the most significant reason is something that I cannot reveal here due to security and privacy concerns. Sorry about that :-(

Now to me, the one and only reason not to get sexually aroused by your own children would be because they are your children Zlurker. (Of course us NORMAL people know that real child lovers =parents, and caretakers would never see a child as a sexual object as pedophiles do.)
Yet, Zlurker says this is the first reason, but the 3rd reason is more important than this!

I am not confused.
And not surprised.

Zlurker calls himself a Child lover .... pedophiles are not concerned with the mental or emotional welfare of the children they abuse. Moreover they are so selfish that they simply block out the truth, that this little life is a child, not to be taken advantage of!

I found something I copied a while ago, another post in which Zlurker the pig says:

Re: first Child Love TV vidcast

Posted by zlurker on Sunday, May 13 2007 at 10:32:35pm
In reply to Re: first Child Love TV vidcast posted by Hot Tranny Man on Sunday, May 13 2007 at 11:43:33am

Gotta say that I am with Norbert and a few others on this one. I believe that children of any age can give consent to physical intimacy and pleasure.

I think the whole idea of "informed consent" is nothing more than a red herring. I think most adults entering sexual relationships with other adults are not able to give informed consent, so why should the inability to give informed consent prevent children from entering a relationship with an adult?

Parents and guardians regularly give informed consent on behalf of their children for all sorts of activities, and doing so for physical intimacy should not be treated any different.


How telling is it that in his sickness he says that ADULTS are unable to give informed consent in a sexual relationship with another adult? Excuse me piggyman... your even more ignorant than I thought. What a cognitive distortion!

WTF? This guy is NUTS!

Here is the definition of "informed consent"
informed consent

Consent by a patient to a surgical or medical procedure or participation in a clinical study after achieving an understanding of the relevant medical facts and the risks involved.

His mental illness is completely swallowing him up!
Zlurker needs LOCKING up ASAP!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jonas Bark = dog shit

Here is an example of what we have been trying to point out for a long time about boychat.
(and girlchat.)
Pedophiles who are living in this sickness and embracing this sickness are giving each other support and advice on how to molest kids.

Start reading here
about a pervert who writes in .. he is hoping to molest a deaf little boy.. a prime target.
His target, a little boy unable to hear, no daddy and a mommy who must be dumber than a box of rocks!!

How SAD that there are still stupid parents in our world who do not care to check out people before they move in! Otherwise she could find out that this jerk has been on the Sex Offender Registry.

How AWFUL that we still have these types of hard up- desperate women having babies ..... so many of these babies will be victims of sexual predators...and yet.. they just keep on keeping on.
Making the children pay for their stupidity!

You come when a boy fingers you?

Posted by jonasBark on 2007-May-6 13:30:51, Sunday
In reply to May not get the chance to molest this deaf boy posted by Jackanapes on 2007-May-6 12:48:54, Sunday

Seeing a cute boy pointing his index finger at me and repeatedly curling it towards himself....well he doesn't have to say anything for I know he wants me to come...

Sounds like you already know all you really need to know. The rest is all body language. LOL!

Best thing I can imagine about having a deaf YF is that he'll never hear me when I say, "I love you."

So, I'd be showing him instead.

{{{wags tail}}}

jonas bark your a real piece of stinky shit. jonasBark = dog shit more smelly pedospeak crap.
You really suck at giving advice.
My suggestion to you is please.. go walk across the nearest freeway drunk and blind.

Friday, May 04, 2007

There are message boards called BC and GC
which are bad places for your kids to be
a lust for children they do share
the monsters lurk.. its quite unfair
but this is what happens when perverts are free,
and not locked away for good... to make life safer for kids to be.

SEX OFFENDERS hang out online
claiming they are safe and fine
BUT! sooner or later the truth is out!
...their terrified victim's tell!
Make it law worldwide that the offender goes straight to 25 yrs of prison hell!

Take the pedophile out of the game!
A boylover or girlover is one and the same
a pedophile, or monster is a better name.
They lust after children, naming it love
but really * if they could touch *... is all they think of.

A Pedophile's mouth is full of gasses
(amongst other things...) Like lies, and manipulations
blaming the victim!
the words they speak are all the same
and they try to make us think they are sane?!

Pedophiles lust over your children!

Please keep your children safe!