Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jonas Bark = dog shit

Here is an example of what we have been trying to point out for a long time about boychat.
(and girlchat.)
Pedophiles who are living in this sickness and embracing this sickness are giving each other support and advice on how to molest kids.

Start reading here
about a pervert who writes in .. he is hoping to molest a deaf little boy.. a prime target.
His target, a little boy unable to hear, no daddy and a mommy who must be dumber than a box of rocks!!

How SAD that there are still stupid parents in our world who do not care to check out people before they move in! Otherwise she could find out that this jerk has been on the Sex Offender Registry.

How AWFUL that we still have these types of hard up- desperate women having babies ..... so many of these babies will be victims of sexual predators...and yet.. they just keep on keeping on.
Making the children pay for their stupidity!

You come when a boy fingers you?

Posted by jonasBark on 2007-May-6 13:30:51, Sunday
In reply to May not get the chance to molest this deaf boy posted by Jackanapes on 2007-May-6 12:48:54, Sunday

Seeing a cute boy pointing his index finger at me and repeatedly curling it towards himself....well he doesn't have to say anything for I know he wants me to come...

Sounds like you already know all you really need to know. The rest is all body language. LOL!

Best thing I can imagine about having a deaf YF is that he'll never hear me when I say, "I love you."

So, I'd be showing him instead.

{{{wags tail}}}

jonas bark your a real piece of stinky shit. jonasBark = dog shit more smelly pedospeak crap.
You really suck at giving advice.
My suggestion to you is please.. go walk across the nearest freeway drunk and blind.