Friday, May 04, 2007

There are message boards called BC and GC
which are bad places for your kids to be
a lust for children they do share
the monsters lurk.. its quite unfair
but this is what happens when perverts are free,
and not locked away for good... to make life safer for kids to be.

SEX OFFENDERS hang out online
claiming they are safe and fine
BUT! sooner or later the truth is out!
...their terrified victim's tell!
Make it law worldwide that the offender goes straight to 25 yrs of prison hell!

Take the pedophile out of the game!
A boylover or girlover is one and the same
a pedophile, or monster is a better name.
They lust after children, naming it love
but really * if they could touch *... is all they think of.

A Pedophile's mouth is full of gasses
(amongst other things...) Like lies, and manipulations
blaming the victim!
the words they speak are all the same
and they try to make us think they are sane?!

Pedophiles lust over your children!

Please keep your children safe!