Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why I can't be a whore

because I was abused sexually and physically starting from early on into my late teens?

You must be reading this and asking yourself why I am asking that question.
And these...

Why arn't I a violent *pimp* lady or a whore now?
What is holding me back?
Why don't I have urges to abuse others?
Why am I doing anything I can to protect children?
Why am I against normalizing pedophilia?

The answer can only be that some survivors have more drive than others, more intelligence?
Maybe. More conscious thought? hmmm. More care for others? No.
I think it is because some can talk about it and some can't.
I think that the real truth in pain is just how painful that truth can be.

What about pedophiles?
A pedophiles brain did not evolve appropriately, and maybe that is why they are pedophiles. Maybe their brain is prehistoric? Sexually abusing children is likewise to cannibalism, in that it defiles it's own, and comparative to some wild animal species that kill their young. But the difference is that in nature, the predators who kill their young do it for mating purposes, or because of lack of food or space or to dominate so that they can start their own "pack".

But using that same logic we still can't decipher why a pedophile would say he was abused... and that is why he abuses.

Even writing that sentence perplexes me!

I often question those pedophiles whose stories of sexual relations with an "adult friend" was so nice and how much they liked it.


I know a few male survivors in real life.

One I will name "Mike".

Mike is 20 yrs old, he is in trouble with the law, on drugs, no plans for the future.
His Mom is a crackhead, his Dad is somewhere...unreliable...and he only has a girlfriend, who is

Mike was sexually abused by a pedophile when he was 6-10 yrs old.
The abuse went on because his Mom was on drugs ... she didn't notice.

Mike and other boys told and the Authorities, they arrested and convicted and sentenced the pedophile to prison but via his parole was ordered to pay 10 thousand dollars to each of his victims.
The pedophile died the other day.
Of course he never paid his debts. He never even gave an apology. In the meantime this boy is now a man who still suffers because of his childhood and will all of his life.

Society must understand that not only do the victim's of sexual abuse get molested, they also suffer in many other ways. Too many to list here... but this is a start:
Low self esteem is one very big issue with survivors, as well as drug use, promiscuity and suicide, PSTD and depression. Sexual dysfunctions ( I am not talking about pedophilia I am talking about genuine ASEXUAL feelings, and other sexual dysfunctions that make it hard for that person to have sex, masturbate or feel loved.) The genuine distrust of people never goes away. Its like a door was openned too early, and that door never closes.
The dirtiness never goes away, the feelings of unworthiness, the loneliness that you gain from having no trust in humans is unexplainable.
Because of these issues the child who is now an adult has... because of a perverts penis, they live in poverty in slums, depressed and never know happiness. Some become criminals because they cannot function properly in society because of their abuse, and the repercussions from it.

However, there are many survivors who are striving for a better place to raise kids, and work to achieve this everyday in some way or another.

I am sickened by even a hint that a child sexual abuse survivor could become a molesting pedophile. That is the most atrocious insult to other survivors there is!

I am not a whore because I realized that what happened to me as a child was not right!
I cannot ever be a whore because I value myself.

I value myself because I found a cause to fight for... and I will fight for Children's right not to be sexualized nor abused by adults until the day I die.

Monday, June 18, 2007

This Saturday, June 23, 2007 - Stand up against International Boylove Day!

Protest International Boylove Day

International Boylove Day (IBLD) is another holiday made up by pedophiles, to further promote child abuse.

The pedoheads often celebrate it by lighting a blue candle either in their own home or a public place.

To protest IBLD show your support for childrens innocence by burning a white candle and/or by placing this banner on your website/blog:

Protest International Boylove Day

This Saturday, June 23, 2007 - Stand up against International Boylove Day!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lets give this judge some love!

News Source

Ex-Customs agent gets 6,242 years in prison in sex abuse case

Arizona Daily Star

TUCSON - A former U.S. Customs agent who was convicted of sexually exploiting a young girl over a two-year period has been sentenced to more than 6,000 years in prison.

Jay Bernard Gillilland, 38, was found guilty by Santa Cruz County Superior Court jury in February on 174 counts of sexual conduct with a minor, 100 counts of child molestation, 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a child and one count of child abuse.

This monster did horrible things to a little girl for 2 years.
It was proven that he is a pedophile molester and a child porn addict.

The following is an example of typical pedohead thinking .... even when a man has been found guilty and sentenced this extreme the pedophiles cannot accept responsibility.
The pedophiles at boychat make fun and light and even blame America!

Posted by gr on 2007-June-16 07:57:35, Saturday
In reply to Ex-Customs agent gets 6,242 yrs. in sex abuse case posted by newshound on 2007-June-16 05:48:23, Saturday
If I had been the judge, I would have shrugged and said: Oh, so he did nothing. And I would have given him 0 days in prison.

Their concepts and values are so warped, so preposterous.

This is typical of pedophiles, they are too cowardly to admit that their lust is wrong and harmful.
Its all here in black and white with some violet thrown in... The Truth about pedophiles.

I do not need to lie they do it all themselves.

Again I would like to thank this judge for the sentence this monster received.
Lets hope he dies an awful death in a few years after being raped repeatedly by big bad bubba with a chip on his shoulders against pedophiles.

On Friday Judge James A. Soto threw
out a complaint from jaypedohead's lawyer saying that his sentence was cruel and unusual punishment.
"The defendant is asking you to look into the future to see if there is danger," he said. "That's too much perspective."

Nevertheless, Soto granted Kendall 48 hours to try to convince the court of appeals to issue a stay. Kendall was unsuccessful. Thursday, he and O'Sullivan got to the heart of the sentencing.

"This has been a very difficult case for everyone involved," O'Sullivan said. "The court has to look at what is fair and just in relation to the offense. These acts in history have been regarded as some of the most heinous that one human being can inflict on another. In two states, it carries a penalty of death. What the defendant did to his own flesh and blood, his own daughter, deserves nothing less than a life sentence."

During the trial, the number of counts has provided the most friction between Kendall and O'Sullivan. Thursday, they continued the argument, which has bubbled up at nearly every hearing since the trial.

O'Sullivan said, "This may seem shocking to the consciousness of the people but the reality is, the defendant committed every one of those acts."

Before handing down the sentence, Soto addressed Gillilland.

"Mr. Gillilland, I am struck by the statements you've given to the court. It's apparent to me that you were grooming your daughter for your own personal satisfaction regardless of the lifetime of psychological trauma she would face. It appears to me that you don't think you did anything wrong, but what you did was horrific."

And the children cried AMEN Judge Soto! AMEN!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Zlurker the pedohead

Here's another cowardly post by zlurker!! He is still writing lies and pedoism's!
gloriousgirls2 wrote,
Why we Should Ignore "Antis"
After re-posting my old "An Answer for Violet" post, I decided to see what Violet was up to these days. Of course, I've suggested many times the idea of just ignoring the various "antis" and not wasting our time trying to refute their lies (truths) and other idiotic statements. (Besides, as the recent Livejournal Strikeout shows, they are probably their own worst enemy :-) I still hold the opinion that Antis are best ignored, but, I do occasionally check in to their sites to see what they're up to. Usually I skim their sites quickly, and move on to more important matters. But after my recent visit to Violet's blog, I just had to make a post of my own.

Violet's command of logic and reason has always been highly suspect, but she's really out-done herself this time. In her recent post she describes some of the abuse she supposedly endured as a child. (I say "supposedly" because I know she has written plenty of nasty lies about me, so I consider everything she writes to be suspect.)

A sad story... if it's true. No little girl (no one for that matter) should ever be treated that way. If that was Violet's life as a child, then I truly feel sorry for what happened to her.

But, I nearly fell out of my chair when I read the post she had made just before the one describing her alleged abuse. In it, the Violet who alleges molestation by her Uncle and Great-Grandfather, the Violet who alleges physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her mother and father, yes, that same Violet tells us

(Of course us NORMAL people know that real child lovers =parents, and caretakers would never see a child as a sexual object as pedophiles do.)

The irrationality steps up another notch in this post where she declares

We know that pedophiles are cowards, so beware... when posting on my blog as anonymous you get called a pedophile.

Simple as that.

The dichotomy between Violet's description of her own parents and her statement that "real child lovers =parents" just leaves me flabbergasted. (Besides, I'm a parent, so by Violet's logic I'm both a monster and a real child lover :-) Her declaration that anyone posting anonymously on her blog is a pedophile just makes me laugh.

I hope it's clear that the point of this post is not to refute what Violet says. To do so would be a total waste of time. The point is that Child Lovers should not waste their time debating "antis". The quest for civil liberties for law-abiding Child Lovers is not helped by debating those people who are adamant about denying civil liberties to others solely on the basis of their sexual orientation.

You can question my truth all you want, but you cannot change what I know.

I know what happened to me as a child, and I know how a good parent should be and that is never ever abusive to them in any way what-so-ever. This also means not being sexually attracted to your own children! OR any child! Because your sexually addicted to children you are NOT a real child lover.

You do not have civil liberties to sexually abuse children now or EVER!
Arguing with us Anti's IS a lost cause because we are on the side of the law, and morality, which you know little of.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

philosophy the pedohead

Reading GC just now I came across philosophy. This idiot must be a student of zlurker's since zlurker advocates coming out of the toy box.... and honestly coming out of the toy box is a good idea...although I have no understanding of the women who would condone such deviant behavior.

Came out of the toybox to my RL girlfriend

Posted by philosophy on Thursday, June 14 2007 at 03:13:11pm

So I told my girlfriend about my pedophilia. Surprisingly she didn't run., and I think it is going to make our relationship stronger. It's strange because she is the first person I have ever told that has stayed by side. IT was really quite exilerating.

The captain gets all excited...

That's brilliant!

Posted by The Captain on Thursday, June 14 2007 at 03:19:56pm
In reply to Came out of the toybox to my RL girlfriend posted by philosophy on Thursday, June 14 2007 at 03:13:11pm

If you don't mind me asking, how did she bring it up and what did she say? I'm so pleased for you! The more people who know, the easier it becomes :-) We WILL change public opinion yet :-)

Captain you will not change anything except your address, and that is to the nearest prison.

Re: That's brilliant!

Posted by philosophy on Thursday, June 14 2007 at 07:01:16pm
In reply to YOUR A MONSTER! posted by The Captain on Thursday, June 14 2007 at 03:19:56pm

Well, I brought it up. I thought it would be better to just tell her the truth. She didn't really say anything. I admitted to haveing an addiction to something ans she asked me what.So I had to tell her about when I was had a problemn with CP. She told me that she had similar problems with all sorts or porn. She knows that I would never do anything to a child, and knows that I don't even see children sex objects.

Here we go with the pedohead promise! She KNOWS?!?!

How does she know?

She doesn't know!

And if she were smart she would realize he IS a threat to children because he is addicted to child porn and see's children as sexual objects.

Since we know that this pedophile masturbates to child pornography, we know he looks at children as sexual objects, and masturbates to them being abused.

How much more clear does it have to get?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pedophilia is irresponsible and a choice to be so.

Adults ALL have choices. (Even if your locked up in prison or jail. If your a regular 9-5 worker, even if your an elite soldier, if your handicapped, ill, terminally ill or some what learning disabled.)

When your 2 years old.. you choose that you "DO NOT WANT TO" do something. Or you scream and cry because you want something. Your not sure why... you just want it.

As we mature, we make choices daily, including those based on our emotions, desires and goals.

You will decide as an adult what is pleasure and what is pain.

You will decide if you drink, eat, sleep, and dress, work or go to college.

Likewise you decide to love. If your a pedophile with a young friend your deciding to secretly lust over that child, and then your deciding you hate that child the minute you touch them out of the a kiss, touch, fondle, molest, rape...etc.)

It's evident that if you do not take responsibility for your sexual desires, the chances are greater that you are a deviant and use children and or animals for sex and masturbatio
n purposes.

It is the adult's responsibility to live with their choices. If you or your pedophile friend chooses to be a pedophile and lust after kids, they (you) (him) are CHOOSING to do so by embracing the thought and being sexually attracted to it. ( I am attracted to roses.. but I know better than to try to have sex with them.)

If humans did what so ever the penis or vagina desired, this world would be a much more nasty horrible place....much more worse than it is now.

If you sit at your computer and masturbate to child porn, child models or child stars.. YOU are making that decision, and you take responsibility for the action you have chosen to make... which is masturbating looking at a child or children and thinking sexual thoughts, thinking of sexual actions, thinking of touching a child.

Most pedophiles blame society for masturbating to child porn and molesting their young friends.
And if they cannot blame society they blame the child they are molesting.

Being responsible includes responsibility for others as well. If you are responsible for others, you more than likely would not hurt them because your responsible for them!

An example would be similar to:
{A dude likes to shave his head and sit in the middle of the freeway to masturbate.
Not only is he bringing disaster to himself, but to the drivers who are driving down the freeway.}

That dude makes the choice to bring danger to others, as well as himself, yet he disregards their choices and decides that they are not as important as he is, so he goes to sit in the freeway, wanking off anyways. Pretty soon he causes a 20 car pile-up...the crash kills 15 people, injuring 5 seriously.

Because of this guys bad choices 15 people are dead and 5 are injured!

Did this man decide to kill 15 people? No. He never thought that far.
He decided for himself, and chose to bring disaster for others, through his selfishness.

This is the same for the pedophile who decides to look upon a child as an sexual object.

When you decide to be a pedophile, you lust after children...if you molest... you have sexualized and devoured the child of your choice because of your penis or vagina.
That is a choice.

This is my response to the following crap posted at sada's live journal.

Back in the crap ol' days of in which I fought with fanatics, "violet" said something. That something was this:


when you "grow up" you will realize that a conversation is between people, not just one person talking.
You want to be heard?
Do your homework, read every word in my blog and other anti's and come back and apologize for being rude and ignorant.

My reply was please "go fuck yourself with a bloody spoon you piece of shit" So y'know what? I went all the way to the beginning of her blog and started reading (instead of trying to go backwards, which I did actually try to do...seriously!) Yeah...

Oh good job,yes, take the advice of fanatics, Sada, go on well, take the advice!

Look, before I used to group pedophiles and child molesters together, I'll admit it, but during all the Strikethrough'07 and Fandom vs. Fanatics mess, I decided 'let's look up the real definitions'. And after seeing people with the 'trigger words' in their interests being, well, discriminated against, and then to go and try to defend fandom, only to be slandered with the name 'pedophile' (which is not good to be called in today's close-minded world) the little voice in my brain said, "Hey...KT, you and I both know that, while we may not agree with lust for children, it's not right for innocent people who just happen to have these desires be grouped with those who act on desires and hurt others. That sort of descrimination hurts everyone." So now, I say "If someone wants to lust over anything, hell, let it BE! If they are not hurting anybody or themselves or if they are not in danger of hurting anybody or themselves, sit down, shut up, and leave them the fuck ALONE!"

But, sadly, in this exploration of her blog, she groups pedophiles with the child-molestors constantly. Funny thing is, she even states that if you think wishing suicide on a pedophile is cruel, "then you must be a molesting pedophile" [post on September 23, 3006.] Even sadder is the fact that I started laughing at some of the things she wrote. I'm sorry's one of those laughs that make you feel really, really, really bad, like shitty piss-dirt bad, because this person was fucking abused and you should not laugh at their world views, but at the same time, it's like, "dude, WHAT!?!"

But I laughed. I should feel ashamed, I seriously should, but...this just...I can't describe. It's like...religious fanatacism at worst? I mean, there is seriously no fact behind any of this...demons are religious and mythological. Not factual.

"Being a pedophile is NOT I repeat NOT a sexual orientation. It is being demon possessed and willing to ruin a childs' life for their sexual desires." [September 22, 2006 6:50 PM]

"Pedophiles are demons from hell..." [September 22, 2006 1:32 PM]

And she calls me ignorant....I'd like to know what religion she is. Obviously she's Christian but...Damn.

I don't like to link, but I'll give the URL because this....just makes no sense. Please somebody clarify. [
hat-is-difference.html ] So, according to that post, it's okay if a heterosexual or homosexual person rapes his/her attraction because ohnoes the rapists aren't immoral, no not at all, they aren't "selfish", no they care, they fucking care about the person they rape. Now, I'm not saying that child molestation is okay, no way in hell, but talking like no, the only crime that's selfish, immoral, and consciously planned with repercussions for the victim is child molestation. Rape? Pfft, nah, that's alll for the good of the victim, they've no repercussions, naw, don't you think on it. Somebody tell me if they got the same message from that post, or if it's just me.

Murder has repercussions: there's a fucking BODY. Rape has repercussions: there's the possbility of STDs, trauma, possibility of pregnancies, and sometimes injury or even death if it was violent. Hell, robbing a business has repercussions: loss of money, possible paranoia/trauma towards individuals at business, violence if it gets out of hand. Those three acts are all immoral/unethical, all conscious in some way or the other*, and all of them have repercussions.

I just...urgh, shit like this just...."If your actual lust was motivated out of love you would stop lusting all together" [September 22, 2006 1:32 PM.] Okay, I say, let people fucking lust if they want to lust, they aren't hurting others if they partake in a little fantasy in their minds once in a wee while. Catholicism says masturbation is a sin, as many are quick to quote, but those many forget the part where the Catechism of the Catholic Church also states that under certain circumstances, the gravity of the sin can be minimized and sometimes even wiped out altogether. That means, fanatics, that God doesn't want people to bottle up their desires and feelings to the point where they snap and go batshit crazy**.

If everyone bottled up desires of anger or lust or envy or whatever, when those people snap, all hell breaks lose. If I didn't curse or rant everyday but instead I bottled up all my anger, I'd have snapped a long time ago and it wouldn't have been pretty. This is why I made this post: to let lose some frustration and anger at what I think is fanatacism that can and does hurt more than it does good. If a pedophile, one who likes children, not necessarily molests children (get it right), wants to fantasize once in awhile about having sex with a child, let them fantasize goddamit! They wanna masturbate to a fantasy about a nonexistant child, fucking let them! Then maybe (just maybe) they can get rid of that tension of jackass fanatics bitching about 'lust is a no-no!' and get on with their life, go to work, hang with their guys/girls, maybe even play boardgames with their children if they so chose to have some. It's a desire.

Desires don't make you monsters; choices do.

*assuming the murder is actual murder not 'omg they came outta nowhere and I couldn't stop the car fast enough!' accidental deaths
** example: Frollo (sorry but it's true.)
*** man my icon's contradictory


Posted by: Oujo-sama, Peaches (nutsoba)
Posted at: June 11th, 2007 07:22 am (UTC)

You always have a choice. There is no such thing as not having a choice really.

Interesting read, and this...Violet seems to have a grudge against you and no real arguments, as far as I've seen above.

Some people just don't get it, or refuse to change their opinions...*sigh*

Posted by: The Psychotic Ferret (manicr)
Posted at: June 11th, 2007 08:21 am (UTC)

On the dot, oujo-chan! I checked Violet's page (and follwed the "argument") and whoa is she delusional in I'm-really-sorry-for-her kind of way...

Posted by: The Psychotic Ferret (manicr)
Posted at: June 11th, 2007 08:25 am (UTC)

You know, I surprise myself every time i actually read and follow up on this debacle, it's like a roadside freak-show on Violet's behalf.

There is no reasoning with fanatics especially when it comes to freedom of choice and free will. She won't budge, Sada-chawn. Yet I commend you for the anti-crusade. *thumbs up*

Is it terribly wrong of me to snicker through this post due the "oh humanity!" factor?

Posted by: IDOL HANDS (theidolhands)
Posted at: June 11th, 2007 08:54 am (UTC)
Wow, this is a good post.

I'm a random passer-by from a group that was affected by the recent strike-out. I was sent here. I'm putting this in my memories and I may have to friend you. I absolutely agree with what you said and understand your frustration at the person you were (could it be called?) communicating with.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Surfr3 is a PEDOPHILE






The Pedophile Label

Posted by Surfr3 on Thursday, June 7 2007 at 03:07:10pm

Hello people,
I noticed that many here are quick to ID themselves as Pedophiles since they are attracted to young girls.However,society tends to labels girl lovers as pedo's in a very negative context.

So why even bother indentifying with this term? The gays don't indentity with being homo-philes and the straits don't label themselves as hetero-philes.Kids attracted to stuffed animals don't think about being plusho-philes. hehe So what's the point?

Isn't anyone attracted to under age of consent girls a pedophile? Under 18 years old? There's a very wide range,right? So, everyone is a pedo to some degree.

It's just that I hear many of you confessing and proclaiming that your a pedophile, which in strait terms is equivalent to low life scum bag.According to their definition.

Gay,strait,bi-sexual,transsexual. Girl Lover works doesn't it? I'm really sick of the P word.Pedophile has way to much negativity attached to it.I'm a Girl Lover for the record of all Love em so much. I hate the word pedophile because it's all over the friggen news.Labelling people as monsters.Pure BS. Just my take on it.

Surfr3 repeat after me 3 times for a million times:
You are a monster and a pedophile. You are a monster and a Pedophile. You are a monster and a pedophile.
You are a masturbating pedophile.
You are a monster who lusts after kids.
You are NOT normal.


I can't help but laugh because you are in denial and ashamed about your dirty little secret arn't you....

Friday, June 01, 2007

More pedophile legal concerns...

Here we have a poster concerned about how much to tell their lawyer.
This person is not concerned with the boy he molested.
He is not concerned with paying his debt to society.

He is concerned for himself. Himself... the selfish pedophile molester.

How much do you tell your lawyer?
Posted by Komerat on 2007-June-1 21:28:49, Friday

So we have had extensive discussions on what to say when questioned by police, and all the tactics they use. We learn that, when confronted, you must stick to the same words over and over, "I want a a/my lawyer".

But then what?

When some crappy lazy cheap appointed lawyer is provided for you, and he sits down next to you with the smell of ciggarette and whisky, with his short hanging out, and his 5 o'clock shadow appearing, what do you say then?

Do you tell this lawyer that yes, you did give 11 yr old Nicky a blowjob? Do you tell him that yes, that 150G encrypted file does contain several series of hardcore child porn? Do you tell the lawyer about you fantasies with children? Do you tell him you are a boylover?

And why the hell are you trusting a lawyer with such information? What if he/she is just as much as a CA as the antis on the blogs?

Its get a bit harsh now doesn't it?

Follow ups:

If You Are an American
Posted by el monstro on 2007-June-1 22:25:17, Friday
In reply to How much do you tell your lawyer? posted by Komerat on 2007-June-1 21:28:49, Friday
Be very careful what you tell your lawyer. It will limit his ability to defend you. You can tell him, "Yes, I blew 11 yo Nicky" but he is an officer of the court and after you tell him that you will not be able to testify under oath to the contrary because that is perjury and your attorney won't have any part of that. Let him do all the talking and give him the info has asks for, don't volunteer anything

It is evident the main functions of boychat and girlchat and other places online that cater to pedophiles is to give out legal advice and share child porn via email and IM's and P2P servers. GC and BC posters giving out advice how to groom children, and parents.
And as we have witnessed in the past, it also has another function.... to get the pedophiles together so they can hunt children together and molest them.

There is no function that is legit, because the masturbating pedophile is a loner.
He really does not crave an adult relationship. He craves children, to use up and throw out.
He craves the innocence he takes away, he craves the child's soul, to scour and exploit.

There is no good pedophile.

No pedophile is innocent.

Not ONE.

What's going on?

After the initial shock of their journals being deleted, and why, we knew we would get some pedophiles around looking for someone to blame.
However, I am quite surprised that so many supposed non-pedophiles are still posting rude comments to me.

I wonder how many of these supposed non-pedophiles are real.

We have witnessed many pedophiles playing as a young child to other pedophiles. We know that pedophiles are cowards, so beware... when posting on my blog as anonymous you get called a pedophile.

Simple as that.

I deleted an anonymous comment that attacked my childhood abuse, and even implied that I was given false memories.
Now let me be clear... There is a lot more that happened to me than I can remember.
I dissociated as a small child to be able to remain alive.
Its not my fault I was abused, nor is it my fault it you do not believe me.

No explanations required.

The abuse I suffered as a child is real. And I'll not allow you nor anyone else to belittle me again.


I guess what you do not understand is that working against pedophiles, is a thankless job. So you go to your journal and write about me, I guess to get comradeship in to make fun of me and laugh at my experiences, and then blame me for taking your journal away. As if your writing or your actions do anything to me. Believe me I have come to expect cruelty and abuse from humans.

Making the world a safer place for children begins in the home, with the parents, grandparents and other care givers.
Teaching parents how to keep their child safe is of number one importance.
So many people have children too young, and too dumb, and the child pays the most terrible price for it. This is why parenting classes should be mandatory before childbirth for all people.

The pedophiles that I deal with on a daily basis are cruel, hateful, spiteful, ignorant, selfish liars who do not deserve any kindness or respect.
They do not respect children, they lust and sexualize them.

My blog is about these cruel heartless people, not about me.
I have added in some posts about me, but this blog is aimed at how pedophiles are and exposing them to the world.