Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lets give this judge some love!

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Ex-Customs agent gets 6,242 years in prison in sex abuse case

Arizona Daily Star

TUCSON - A former U.S. Customs agent who was convicted of sexually exploiting a young girl over a two-year period has been sentenced to more than 6,000 years in prison.

Jay Bernard Gillilland, 38, was found guilty by Santa Cruz County Superior Court jury in February on 174 counts of sexual conduct with a minor, 100 counts of child molestation, 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a child and one count of child abuse.

This monster did horrible things to a little girl for 2 years.
It was proven that he is a pedophile molester and a child porn addict.

The following is an example of typical pedohead thinking .... even when a man has been found guilty and sentenced this extreme the pedophiles cannot accept responsibility.
The pedophiles at boychat make fun and light and even blame America!

Posted by gr on 2007-June-16 07:57:35, Saturday
In reply to Ex-Customs agent gets 6,242 yrs. in sex abuse case posted by newshound on 2007-June-16 05:48:23, Saturday
If I had been the judge, I would have shrugged and said: Oh, so he did nothing. And I would have given him 0 days in prison.

Their concepts and values are so warped, so preposterous.

This is typical of pedophiles, they are too cowardly to admit that their lust is wrong and harmful.
Its all here in black and white with some violet thrown in... The Truth about pedophiles.

I do not need to lie they do it all themselves.

Again I would like to thank this judge for the sentence this monster received.
Lets hope he dies an awful death in a few years after being raped repeatedly by big bad bubba with a chip on his shoulders against pedophiles.

On Friday Judge James A. Soto threw
out a complaint from jaypedohead's lawyer saying that his sentence was cruel and unusual punishment.
"The defendant is asking you to look into the future to see if there is danger," he said. "That's too much perspective."

Nevertheless, Soto granted Kendall 48 hours to try to convince the court of appeals to issue a stay. Kendall was unsuccessful. Thursday, he and O'Sullivan got to the heart of the sentencing.

"This has been a very difficult case for everyone involved," O'Sullivan said. "The court has to look at what is fair and just in relation to the offense. These acts in history have been regarded as some of the most heinous that one human being can inflict on another. In two states, it carries a penalty of death. What the defendant did to his own flesh and blood, his own daughter, deserves nothing less than a life sentence."

During the trial, the number of counts has provided the most friction between Kendall and O'Sullivan. Thursday, they continued the argument, which has bubbled up at nearly every hearing since the trial.

O'Sullivan said, "This may seem shocking to the consciousness of the people but the reality is, the defendant committed every one of those acts."

Before handing down the sentence, Soto addressed Gillilland.

"Mr. Gillilland, I am struck by the statements you've given to the court. It's apparent to me that you were grooming your daughter for your own personal satisfaction regardless of the lifetime of psychological trauma she would face. It appears to me that you don't think you did anything wrong, but what you did was horrific."

And the children cried AMEN Judge Soto! AMEN!!