Friday, June 01, 2007

More pedophile legal concerns...

Here we have a poster concerned about how much to tell their lawyer.
This person is not concerned with the boy he molested.
He is not concerned with paying his debt to society.

He is concerned for himself. Himself... the selfish pedophile molester.

How much do you tell your lawyer?
Posted by Komerat on 2007-June-1 21:28:49, Friday

So we have had extensive discussions on what to say when questioned by police, and all the tactics they use. We learn that, when confronted, you must stick to the same words over and over, "I want a a/my lawyer".

But then what?

When some crappy lazy cheap appointed lawyer is provided for you, and he sits down next to you with the smell of ciggarette and whisky, with his short hanging out, and his 5 o'clock shadow appearing, what do you say then?

Do you tell this lawyer that yes, you did give 11 yr old Nicky a blowjob? Do you tell him that yes, that 150G encrypted file does contain several series of hardcore child porn? Do you tell the lawyer about you fantasies with children? Do you tell him you are a boylover?

And why the hell are you trusting a lawyer with such information? What if he/she is just as much as a CA as the antis on the blogs?

Its get a bit harsh now doesn't it?

Follow ups:

If You Are an American
Posted by el monstro on 2007-June-1 22:25:17, Friday
In reply to How much do you tell your lawyer? posted by Komerat on 2007-June-1 21:28:49, Friday
Be very careful what you tell your lawyer. It will limit his ability to defend you. You can tell him, "Yes, I blew 11 yo Nicky" but he is an officer of the court and after you tell him that you will not be able to testify under oath to the contrary because that is perjury and your attorney won't have any part of that. Let him do all the talking and give him the info has asks for, don't volunteer anything

It is evident the main functions of boychat and girlchat and other places online that cater to pedophiles is to give out legal advice and share child porn via email and IM's and P2P servers. GC and BC posters giving out advice how to groom children, and parents.
And as we have witnessed in the past, it also has another function.... to get the pedophiles together so they can hunt children together and molest them.

There is no function that is legit, because the masturbating pedophile is a loner.
He really does not crave an adult relationship. He craves children, to use up and throw out.
He craves the innocence he takes away, he craves the child's soul, to scour and exploit.

There is no good pedophile.

No pedophile is innocent.

Not ONE.