Monday, June 11, 2007

Pedophilia is irresponsible and a choice to be so.

Adults ALL have choices. (Even if your locked up in prison or jail. If your a regular 9-5 worker, even if your an elite soldier, if your handicapped, ill, terminally ill or some what learning disabled.)

When your 2 years old.. you choose that you "DO NOT WANT TO" do something. Or you scream and cry because you want something. Your not sure why... you just want it.

As we mature, we make choices daily, including those based on our emotions, desires and goals.

You will decide as an adult what is pleasure and what is pain.

You will decide if you drink, eat, sleep, and dress, work or go to college.

Likewise you decide to love. If your a pedophile with a young friend your deciding to secretly lust over that child, and then your deciding you hate that child the minute you touch them out of the a kiss, touch, fondle, molest, rape...etc.)

It's evident that if you do not take responsibility for your sexual desires, the chances are greater that you are a deviant and use children and or animals for sex and masturbatio
n purposes.

It is the adult's responsibility to live with their choices. If you or your pedophile friend chooses to be a pedophile and lust after kids, they (you) (him) are CHOOSING to do so by embracing the thought and being sexually attracted to it. ( I am attracted to roses.. but I know better than to try to have sex with them.)

If humans did what so ever the penis or vagina desired, this world would be a much more nasty horrible place....much more worse than it is now.

If you sit at your computer and masturbate to child porn, child models or child stars.. YOU are making that decision, and you take responsibility for the action you have chosen to make... which is masturbating looking at a child or children and thinking sexual thoughts, thinking of sexual actions, thinking of touching a child.

Most pedophiles blame society for masturbating to child porn and molesting their young friends.
And if they cannot blame society they blame the child they are molesting.

Being responsible includes responsibility for others as well. If you are responsible for others, you more than likely would not hurt them because your responsible for them!

An example would be similar to:
{A dude likes to shave his head and sit in the middle of the freeway to masturbate.
Not only is he bringing disaster to himself, but to the drivers who are driving down the freeway.}

That dude makes the choice to bring danger to others, as well as himself, yet he disregards their choices and decides that they are not as important as he is, so he goes to sit in the freeway, wanking off anyways. Pretty soon he causes a 20 car pile-up...the crash kills 15 people, injuring 5 seriously.

Because of this guys bad choices 15 people are dead and 5 are injured!

Did this man decide to kill 15 people? No. He never thought that far.
He decided for himself, and chose to bring disaster for others, through his selfishness.

This is the same for the pedophile who decides to look upon a child as an sexual object.

When you decide to be a pedophile, you lust after children...if you molest... you have sexualized and devoured the child of your choice because of your penis or vagina.
That is a choice.

This is my response to the following crap posted at sada's live journal.

Back in the crap ol' days of in which I fought with fanatics, "violet" said something. That something was this:


when you "grow up" you will realize that a conversation is between people, not just one person talking.
You want to be heard?
Do your homework, read every word in my blog and other anti's and come back and apologize for being rude and ignorant.

My reply was please "go fuck yourself with a bloody spoon you piece of shit" So y'know what? I went all the way to the beginning of her blog and started reading (instead of trying to go backwards, which I did actually try to do...seriously!) Yeah...

Oh good job,yes, take the advice of fanatics, Sada, go on well, take the advice!

Look, before I used to group pedophiles and child molesters together, I'll admit it, but during all the Strikethrough'07 and Fandom vs. Fanatics mess, I decided 'let's look up the real definitions'. And after seeing people with the 'trigger words' in their interests being, well, discriminated against, and then to go and try to defend fandom, only to be slandered with the name 'pedophile' (which is not good to be called in today's close-minded world) the little voice in my brain said, "Hey...KT, you and I both know that, while we may not agree with lust for children, it's not right for innocent people who just happen to have these desires be grouped with those who act on desires and hurt others. That sort of descrimination hurts everyone." So now, I say "If someone wants to lust over anything, hell, let it BE! If they are not hurting anybody or themselves or if they are not in danger of hurting anybody or themselves, sit down, shut up, and leave them the fuck ALONE!"

But, sadly, in this exploration of her blog, she groups pedophiles with the child-molestors constantly. Funny thing is, she even states that if you think wishing suicide on a pedophile is cruel, "then you must be a molesting pedophile" [post on September 23, 3006.] Even sadder is the fact that I started laughing at some of the things she wrote. I'm sorry's one of those laughs that make you feel really, really, really bad, like shitty piss-dirt bad, because this person was fucking abused and you should not laugh at their world views, but at the same time, it's like, "dude, WHAT!?!"

But I laughed. I should feel ashamed, I seriously should, but...this just...I can't describe. It's like...religious fanatacism at worst? I mean, there is seriously no fact behind any of this...demons are religious and mythological. Not factual.

"Being a pedophile is NOT I repeat NOT a sexual orientation. It is being demon possessed and willing to ruin a childs' life for their sexual desires." [September 22, 2006 6:50 PM]

"Pedophiles are demons from hell..." [September 22, 2006 1:32 PM]

And she calls me ignorant....I'd like to know what religion she is. Obviously she's Christian but...Damn.

I don't like to link, but I'll give the URL because this....just makes no sense. Please somebody clarify. [
hat-is-difference.html ] So, according to that post, it's okay if a heterosexual or homosexual person rapes his/her attraction because ohnoes the rapists aren't immoral, no not at all, they aren't "selfish", no they care, they fucking care about the person they rape. Now, I'm not saying that child molestation is okay, no way in hell, but talking like no, the only crime that's selfish, immoral, and consciously planned with repercussions for the victim is child molestation. Rape? Pfft, nah, that's alll for the good of the victim, they've no repercussions, naw, don't you think on it. Somebody tell me if they got the same message from that post, or if it's just me.

Murder has repercussions: there's a fucking BODY. Rape has repercussions: there's the possbility of STDs, trauma, possibility of pregnancies, and sometimes injury or even death if it was violent. Hell, robbing a business has repercussions: loss of money, possible paranoia/trauma towards individuals at business, violence if it gets out of hand. Those three acts are all immoral/unethical, all conscious in some way or the other*, and all of them have repercussions.

I just...urgh, shit like this just...."If your actual lust was motivated out of love you would stop lusting all together" [September 22, 2006 1:32 PM.] Okay, I say, let people fucking lust if they want to lust, they aren't hurting others if they partake in a little fantasy in their minds once in a wee while. Catholicism says masturbation is a sin, as many are quick to quote, but those many forget the part where the Catechism of the Catholic Church also states that under certain circumstances, the gravity of the sin can be minimized and sometimes even wiped out altogether. That means, fanatics, that God doesn't want people to bottle up their desires and feelings to the point where they snap and go batshit crazy**.

If everyone bottled up desires of anger or lust or envy or whatever, when those people snap, all hell breaks lose. If I didn't curse or rant everyday but instead I bottled up all my anger, I'd have snapped a long time ago and it wouldn't have been pretty. This is why I made this post: to let lose some frustration and anger at what I think is fanatacism that can and does hurt more than it does good. If a pedophile, one who likes children, not necessarily molests children (get it right), wants to fantasize once in awhile about having sex with a child, let them fantasize goddamit! They wanna masturbate to a fantasy about a nonexistant child, fucking let them! Then maybe (just maybe) they can get rid of that tension of jackass fanatics bitching about 'lust is a no-no!' and get on with their life, go to work, hang with their guys/girls, maybe even play boardgames with their children if they so chose to have some. It's a desire.

Desires don't make you monsters; choices do.

*assuming the murder is actual murder not 'omg they came outta nowhere and I couldn't stop the car fast enough!' accidental deaths
** example: Frollo (sorry but it's true.)
*** man my icon's contradictory


Posted by: Oujo-sama, Peaches (nutsoba)
Posted at: June 11th, 2007 07:22 am (UTC)

You always have a choice. There is no such thing as not having a choice really.

Interesting read, and this...Violet seems to have a grudge against you and no real arguments, as far as I've seen above.

Some people just don't get it, or refuse to change their opinions...*sigh*

Posted by: The Psychotic Ferret (manicr)
Posted at: June 11th, 2007 08:21 am (UTC)

On the dot, oujo-chan! I checked Violet's page (and follwed the "argument") and whoa is she delusional in I'm-really-sorry-for-her kind of way...

Posted by: The Psychotic Ferret (manicr)
Posted at: June 11th, 2007 08:25 am (UTC)

You know, I surprise myself every time i actually read and follow up on this debacle, it's like a roadside freak-show on Violet's behalf.

There is no reasoning with fanatics especially when it comes to freedom of choice and free will. She won't budge, Sada-chawn. Yet I commend you for the anti-crusade. *thumbs up*

Is it terribly wrong of me to snicker through this post due the "oh humanity!" factor?

Posted by: IDOL HANDS (theidolhands)
Posted at: June 11th, 2007 08:54 am (UTC)
Wow, this is a good post.

I'm a random passer-by from a group that was affected by the recent strike-out. I was sent here. I'm putting this in my memories and I may have to friend you. I absolutely agree with what you said and understand your frustration at the person you were (could it be called?) communicating with.