Friday, June 01, 2007

What's going on?

After the initial shock of their journals being deleted, and why, we knew we would get some pedophiles around looking for someone to blame.
However, I am quite surprised that so many supposed non-pedophiles are still posting rude comments to me.

I wonder how many of these supposed non-pedophiles are real.

We have witnessed many pedophiles playing as a young child to other pedophiles. We know that pedophiles are cowards, so beware... when posting on my blog as anonymous you get called a pedophile.

Simple as that.

I deleted an anonymous comment that attacked my childhood abuse, and even implied that I was given false memories.
Now let me be clear... There is a lot more that happened to me than I can remember.
I dissociated as a small child to be able to remain alive.
Its not my fault I was abused, nor is it my fault it you do not believe me.

No explanations required.

The abuse I suffered as a child is real. And I'll not allow you nor anyone else to belittle me again.


I guess what you do not understand is that working against pedophiles, is a thankless job. So you go to your journal and write about me, I guess to get comradeship in to make fun of me and laugh at my experiences, and then blame me for taking your journal away. As if your writing or your actions do anything to me. Believe me I have come to expect cruelty and abuse from humans.

Making the world a safer place for children begins in the home, with the parents, grandparents and other care givers.
Teaching parents how to keep their child safe is of number one importance.
So many people have children too young, and too dumb, and the child pays the most terrible price for it. This is why parenting classes should be mandatory before childbirth for all people.

The pedophiles that I deal with on a daily basis are cruel, hateful, spiteful, ignorant, selfish liars who do not deserve any kindness or respect.
They do not respect children, they lust and sexualize them.

My blog is about these cruel heartless people, not about me.
I have added in some posts about me, but this blog is aimed at how pedophiles are and exposing them to the world.