Saturday, June 16, 2007

Zlurker the pedohead

Here's another cowardly post by zlurker!! He is still writing lies and pedoism's!
gloriousgirls2 wrote,
Why we Should Ignore "Antis"
After re-posting my old "An Answer for Violet" post, I decided to see what Violet was up to these days. Of course, I've suggested many times the idea of just ignoring the various "antis" and not wasting our time trying to refute their lies (truths) and other idiotic statements. (Besides, as the recent Livejournal Strikeout shows, they are probably their own worst enemy :-) I still hold the opinion that Antis are best ignored, but, I do occasionally check in to their sites to see what they're up to. Usually I skim their sites quickly, and move on to more important matters. But after my recent visit to Violet's blog, I just had to make a post of my own.

Violet's command of logic and reason has always been highly suspect, but she's really out-done herself this time. In her recent post she describes some of the abuse she supposedly endured as a child. (I say "supposedly" because I know she has written plenty of nasty lies about me, so I consider everything she writes to be suspect.)

A sad story... if it's true. No little girl (no one for that matter) should ever be treated that way. If that was Violet's life as a child, then I truly feel sorry for what happened to her.

But, I nearly fell out of my chair when I read the post she had made just before the one describing her alleged abuse. In it, the Violet who alleges molestation by her Uncle and Great-Grandfather, the Violet who alleges physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her mother and father, yes, that same Violet tells us

(Of course us NORMAL people know that real child lovers =parents, and caretakers would never see a child as a sexual object as pedophiles do.)

The irrationality steps up another notch in this post where she declares

We know that pedophiles are cowards, so beware... when posting on my blog as anonymous you get called a pedophile.

Simple as that.

The dichotomy between Violet's description of her own parents and her statement that "real child lovers =parents" just leaves me flabbergasted. (Besides, I'm a parent, so by Violet's logic I'm both a monster and a real child lover :-) Her declaration that anyone posting anonymously on her blog is a pedophile just makes me laugh.

I hope it's clear that the point of this post is not to refute what Violet says. To do so would be a total waste of time. The point is that Child Lovers should not waste their time debating "antis". The quest for civil liberties for law-abiding Child Lovers is not helped by debating those people who are adamant about denying civil liberties to others solely on the basis of their sexual orientation.

You can question my truth all you want, but you cannot change what I know.

I know what happened to me as a child, and I know how a good parent should be and that is never ever abusive to them in any way what-so-ever. This also means not being sexually attracted to your own children! OR any child! Because your sexually addicted to children you are NOT a real child lover.

You do not have civil liberties to sexually abuse children now or EVER!
Arguing with us Anti's IS a lost cause because we are on the side of the law, and morality, which you know little of.