Sunday, July 29, 2007

The pedophile's

are mad at me....Stevie please write more creative stories for us to read this really cracked me up!

Especially this one....
Vomiting Leech, is a rather dim bulb, I'm affraid.

Here again... we have the pedophile showing no emotion towards a victim of sexual abuse.
Blaming the victim, ignoring the victim is a pedophile trait, we all know that by now.

See pedophiles are mad at me because I post the truth, and they lie.

We must make them acknowledge what they have done wrong and condone for their actions!
One way would be for them to be made to pay more out of pocket every month or go back to prison!
If they are on the sex offender registry then they must pay an amount to a fund-and that would be separate from their parole or probation fees.
This money would be distributed to victims in need. Many victims of childhood abuse are in need!! Many survivors could use a little help to get them through!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mr piggy man

Zlurker, the piggy man wants us (society) to feel sorry for him. Poor afflicted pedophiles/MAA's
filthy perverted child lusters want to call themselves the "new niggers".

I think pedophiles are more like Nazi's! Destroyers of life!

How can society ever come to accept pedophilia? Never zlurker. Ever.
It is an insult to compare you pedophile destroyers to a race of people of any color.
Your sick distorted thinking will get you in the end.
I bet you can't sleep at night for your urge and anger eats you up.
You filthy pig.

Re: Why are we not understood?

Posted by zlurker on 2007-July-24 16:53:51, Tuesday In reply to Why are we not understood? posted by luvsyngcherries on 2007-July-24 16:03:24, Tuesday

Wish they would leave us alone....were not hurting anyone.
I agree.

But, everyone wants to feel that there is someone lower than them. Right now, for some reason, the lowest of the low are MAAs/pedophiles.

So, those people just one step up from the bottom feel the need to attack MAAs/pedophiles.

I realized a while back that MAAs/pedophiles are the new niggers. Some people also say MAAs/pedophiles are the new Jews, which is equally valid. We are persecuted for who we are, not for what we do. But really, in my town, the names of drunk drivers are regularly published in the local paper.


Again Zlurker... for some reason... pedophiles are the deviants in society. That reason is because they lie, hide, and manipulate to get close to children.
They seed nothing but pain, anger, resentment, fear, revenge...etc...all that
which is destructive instead of a full happy life for the child(ren) they offend!

Look at Zlurkers distortion!!

Pedophiles need to be locked up away from society because of the harm they do to children!
It is not worth the chance!

We must continue to write our Law makers and support one strike laws for offending pedophiles in every State in the USA!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pedophiles are true cowards

Everyday I read some sort of pedophile propaganda, supporting child abuse and child exploitation. It saddens me and maddens me to think of how many children will fall victim to these pedophiles, who insist on molesting children.

The very lowest form of life on Earth.. The Pedophile who preys on innocence and steals lives.

I do not respect pedophiles because they hide and lie and manipulate to molest children more.
They are not honest nor open about their desires and deviancy.
They remain in the shadows waiting to get close enough to a child to keep secrets.
Pedophiles are vile nasty creatures, and this is why I call them demons.

On a message board the perverts were discussing about having a group lead by a therapist, for pedophiles.

Can you say... Posted by Abraxas on Wednesday, June 20 2007 at 10:34:35pm
In reply to psychological support posted by Blue Heaven on Wednesday, June 13 2007 at 09:05:02pm
...kowtow to the moral bigots?

Because that is what you are advocating here...and on Girl Chat.

How about we stand up together, all of us, and tell society to kiss our asses? I like that approach.

KISS your asses?

Oh certainly!! Tell us to kiss your asses... and you, and all your pedohead friends can come out from hell and tell everyone you know that you lust after kids and wish to have sex with their children. Please have the decency and courage to do this!

Wait.. what am I typing? Courage and decency in the same sentence as pedophile? Pedophiles have NONE of that. And I am out of wishes...for today.
We can only hope that one day they will be honest!
Before more children get hurt for life!!

And while your at it pedophiles consider those letters your writing to other sex offenders your ticket to hell.

PLEASE consider being honest and making amends to the children that you have already harmed!

Oh wait... pedophiles are untrustworthy and usually too poor to make monetary amends.


-Poor in spirit
mpty wallet

Friday, July 13, 2007

Life is more than who we are.

When I am listening to the song Name by the goo goo dolls, a sentence always sticks out at me
Don't it make ya sad to know that life is more than who we are...

Life is more than who
you are or what your thinking of when masturbating.
Life is more than what makes
your penis hard.

The definition of
you is not what makes you cum.

One must separate fantasy from real life!

Pedophile slimy pigs like zlurker who advocates *child love* ...and in that child love lust is in included, welcomed, and even his critique of another pedoheads grooming of the parents is free... want our children to be molested! This is who they are. what they are and what they want for our children. This is their life, their penis dictates what they believe and what they think is good for the world.

sad really.

Now ...with the recent announcement on GirlChat about Infinity's leaving, I am curious as what medical condition would cause you not to be able to be online?

Bringin IT back around pedoheads!

One way or another!

Re: depends on your goals

Posted by zlurker on Sunday, July 15 2007 at 06:07:58pm
In reply to yes imma molester posted by d on Sunday, July 15 2007 at 01:53:22am

I have had great success in blogging on MAA issues without identifying myself as an MAA. My site associated with me, zlurker, is GloriousGirls, which is down at the moment. It was first on Blogger, then on LiveJournal. It is coming back soon.

But to this day I still have blogs on blogger and journals on LJ where I promote things important to MAAs, but without identifying as an MAA myself. All this makes clear something I really knew all along: Blogger (and now LJ) discriminate against us because of who we are, not because of what we say.

The one thing I miss is the opportunity to blog on non-MAA issues under my real name. I am too worried that I would, in a wine-induced haze, sign my real name to on of my MAA blogs / journals (or the reverse). I slipped once by signing one of my LJ comments with the name I use on a different LJ journal. So sadly, my only presence online is as an anonymous MAA :-(


LOL! Look at the piggy!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Joseph Druce #1

While I do not condone murder, this is what pedophiles may look forward to after they offend a child, get caught, convicted and sentenced to prison.

Get all cozy with Mr. Druce ...pedophiles.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Parents beware!

There are pedophiles everywhere lurking in the shadows waiting to lust over and maybe masturbate whilst looking at your child, as your child is innocently playing at the local swimming pool.

Pedophiles can be everywhere, this is why you must be on the look out for them in every public place. It only takes a strong enough urge for a pedophile to molest, and if he is having a hard time controlling his urges, and masturbation is not enough he is liable to molest a child!

Here is proof from a boylover pedophile as to what they can do on a typical day...

When I came home for lunch today

Posted by ctboyfan on 2007-July-3 17:56:33, Tuesday

There were three cute boys swimming in the pool across the street from my condo.

They were maybe 11 or 12. Two blondes and one brunette. Right around my AOA, although I can always go a little younger or a little older.

I had less than an hour to stick around for lunch. So I couldn't go over to the pool. But I managed to check them out with my "boy"-noculars.

How many moree sick and telling posts from boychat do we need to know that pedophiles are the lowest scum on earth? They prey on children and molest them. They spy on children at play, and think dirty nasty thoughts.
And so many of these pedophiles are so proud to be deviant and perverted.

Like Zlurker the nasty pig.
Like Lindsay the fake accented slug
and dylon the ignorant.

Advocating pedophile propaganda, encouraging each other to lust, and enveloping young confused boys into owning the pedophile label.
They hope to seduce pedophilia into our homes, by sugar coating it and calling it child love.

Grooming older teenage boys to buy into the label allows the older pedophiles to step away so as to make a "New brand" of pedophilia. A new sexual orientation, for society to choke down and finally puke out laws to cater to their deviant behavior.

But pedophiles underestimate Society, Anti's, and Law Enforcement. They criminalize the children they molest, the police who arrest and the parents who protect.
And the funniest part of their pedospeak says that Anti's and Society are ignorant, fat lazy nazi's with no life.....because we do not agree with molesting children.

Take the stance against pedophiles molesting our children by forcing congress to make harsh laws for offenders in every state, every civilized country and on every internet server!

Write to your state politicians, check out your neighbors, teachers and Sunday school attendants.
Keep a sharp eye! Pedophiles are liars, manipulators and excellent at blending in.