Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mr piggy man

Zlurker, the piggy man wants us (society) to feel sorry for him. Poor afflicted pedophiles/MAA's
filthy perverted child lusters want to call themselves the "new niggers".

I think pedophiles are more like Nazi's! Destroyers of life!

How can society ever come to accept pedophilia? Never zlurker. Ever.
It is an insult to compare you pedophile destroyers to a race of people of any color.
Your sick distorted thinking will get you in the end.
I bet you can't sleep at night for your urge and anger eats you up.
You filthy pig.

Re: Why are we not understood?

Posted by zlurker on 2007-July-24 16:53:51, Tuesday In reply to Why are we not understood? posted by luvsyngcherries on 2007-July-24 16:03:24, Tuesday

Wish they would leave us alone....were not hurting anyone.
I agree.

But, everyone wants to feel that there is someone lower than them. Right now, for some reason, the lowest of the low are MAAs/pedophiles.

So, those people just one step up from the bottom feel the need to attack MAAs/pedophiles.

I realized a while back that MAAs/pedophiles are the new niggers. Some people also say MAAs/pedophiles are the new Jews, which is equally valid. We are persecuted for who we are, not for what we do. But really, in my town, the names of drunk drivers are regularly published in the local paper.


Again Zlurker... for some reason... pedophiles are the deviants in society. That reason is because they lie, hide, and manipulate to get close to children.
They seed nothing but pain, anger, resentment, fear, revenge...etc...all that
which is destructive instead of a full happy life for the child(ren) they offend!

Look at Zlurkers distortion!!

Pedophiles need to be locked up away from society because of the harm they do to children!
It is not worth the chance!

We must continue to write our Law makers and support one strike laws for offending pedophiles in every State in the USA!